Quantum Quirkiness

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Title: Quantum Quirkiness
Editor(s): Kathy Resch
Date(s): 1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Language: English
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cover by Caren Parnes

Quantum Quirkiness is a 99-page slash Quantum Leap Sam/Al anthology with upbeat fiction by Laura. The cover is by Caren Parnes.

From a 1995 ad: "Sam/Al stories of a positive nature. Adult slash."

Artwork has been uploaded to Fanlore with the publisher's permission.


  • Time in a Bottle (Sam has returning from Leaping to Al.) (1)
  • In Dreams (9)
  • Coffee, Tina, or Me? (Sam's leaped into people from his own life before - but Tina??? And just how long will it take before Al figures it out.) (14)
  • Love at a Premium (Their changing relation ship, as Sam goes through his Leaps, from Samantha to Stephen King, to beauty contests and being pregnant, to electroshock therapy.) (32)
  • Voyeur (Lovers before the Project.) (50)
  • The Man in the Mirror (Sam leaps into Al- at Project Quantum Leap!) (66)
  • Blue Velvet (73)
  • Necessary Roughness (83)