Lovers' Leap

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Title: Lovers' Leap
Publisher: Bodacious Press (in the zine a fake press name was used: "Do I Offend Press?")
Date(s): July 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Language: English
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Lovers' Leap is a 155-page slash Quantum Leap anthology of stories plus a poem and some cartoons and photos with slashy captions.

The art is by AH, Nola Frame-Gray, Mysti Frank, Seraph, and Wolff.

The publisher name and the names of the editors and some of the writers and even the typists are fictitious, making correct attribution difficult.

This zine was the second slash Quantum Leap published.

Attribution and Rumors of Harassment

The zine was advertised and sold by Bodacious Press, but it appears to have a more complicated background. A fan in May 1993 asked another fan: "I've heard that there will be another issue of "Lover's Leap". I wonder if they'll still be underground. It makes it hard to find out about zines that way." [1]

This, and the tongue-in-cheek press name used in the zine itself, "Do I Offend Press?", was due to stress and rumors about producing slash fanworks in this fandom. A fan wrote:

Yes, it's disconcerting to have no editorial information in a zine — but then again LL almost didn't go through, as there were rumors of Donald Bellisario coming down on anyone who put out Sam/Al slash zines. Nearly everything is incognita -- as I look over my contributor's copy of LL, I think that only cartoonist Nola Frame-Gray and I used our real names in the zine. Which means I'll never get professionally published ever again, I suppose... [2]


  • The Trip by N.E. Slashfan (5)
  • The Weaver of the Cloth by Boobs O'Lotte (11)
  • Interlude by Deliah Katt (21)
  • What May Be by Erzulie (31)
  • One of These Nights by Deliah Katt (37)
  • Miles to Go by Bill Jigglestaff (40)
  • Left at the Altar by Sarah Clay (41)
  • The Fantasy by Misty Mayfair (49)
  • Ever-Decreasing Circles by Amanda Hermann (57)
  • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by Thorberta Miles (59)
  • Leapin' Lizards by Jane Mailander (""Leapin' Lizards" is the very first QL story I ever wrote, slash or straight. Back in February 1991, I wrote "Leapin' Lizards" as my contribution to a slash story round robin letter; the opening paragraph was pretty much for the benefit of non-QL fans in the round robin. I'd never read a QL fan story before then, and just went from how I figured Al and Sam would behave from what I saw on the screen.... A "talk dirty to me, Al" approach seemed the logical solution to Sam and Al not being able to touch. And I tried to keep the two men in character. Sure Al's a sex fiend--but he's also very tender with people he loves, such as Beth and Sam. (And for all the sexual jollies we get out of it, the true heart and soul of slash is the emotional conjoining, isn't it?) I had a lot of fun imagining just how dirty Al could talk to professional prude Sam without turning him off." [3]) (73)
  • Never Sleep Alone by Misty Mayfair (79)
  • The Letter by Al Calavicci (111)
  • Disappointment by P. Allan Edgar (114)
  • I Want Your Sex by Roger D. Nobb (115)
  • The Time of Our Lives by Gypsy (125)
  • I Come To You in Gentle Need by J.W. (156)


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