A Question of Charity

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Title: A Question of Charity
Publisher: AAA Press
Author(s): Penelope Hill
Cover Artist(s):
Illustrator(s): Joan Jobson
Date(s): May 1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Language: English
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a flyer which was both distributed separately and included as a page in the zine: "In which Sam hunts for lost treasure... and Al lays a ghost..."

A Question of Charity is a gen Quantum Leap 63-page novel by Penelope Hill. The print is very tiny.

The artist is Joan Jobson.

From the zine: "Editor's note: the original draft of this story was set near the end of the Quantum Leap timeline as seen in the series. Mid-edit we discovered that it had to be set in 1998-pre The Leap back or A Leap for Lisa. However, we continued to refer to Ziggy as "she" throughout: Ziggy, to us, will always be Deborah Pratt, and we like her that way!"


“...Al bit back a curse and kept his eyes on the figure in front of him, praying that Ziggy didn’t lose it before he figured out what might be going on. It did not register until much later that, although the scenery had flickered, she had not. He was paying too much attention to her eyes to notice that kind of detail. She, in turn, was looking at him with wary concern; she raised a shock when her hand failed to make contact - and then yelped with alarm herself as her palm impacted against his chest.

“Everything fizzled, all at once. Sparks spat from the handlink, images flickered wildly around him, and the light flared into a dazzling brilliance; he dropped the handlink with reflective pain and threw his free hand over his eyes. When he lowered the protective palm he found he was standing completely alone in the empty Imaging Chamber...”

Sample Interior