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Title: Outatime
Publisher: Alvyren Press
Author(s): J. Robert Holmes and Mary Holmes
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1991, 1999
Medium: print
Fandom: Quantum Leap/Back to the Future
Language: English
External Links: Online version and and here, too and the online sequel
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Outatime is a gen crossover 86-page novel by J. Robert Holmes and Mary Jean Holmes It was edited by Mary Wood who revised it in 1999.


The author's summary:
Sam Beckett had lived through many unusual lives ever since he'd first stepped into the Quantum Leap project accelerator, but for all the strange and peculiar things he'd experienced, there was one firmly unchangeable constant on which he could rely: It was absolutely, positively, unequivocally impossible for him to ever Leap outside his own lifetime. Of this, he was completely sure. Until he Leaped into Dr. Emmett L. Brown... and his heavily modified, time-traveling DeLorean. Now, stranded in his own future -- specifically the year 2015 -- Sam doesn't know why he is where he is or how to get back where he belongs. Al and Ziggy don't know how to find him or how to get in contact with him. Doc Brown is annoyed at having his first trip through time so rudely interrupted. And Sam is in trouble. Big trouble....

Reactions and Reviews

Three out of five stars. Sam leaps into Dr. Emmett Brown in 1985 just as the DeLorean hits 87 miles per hour. While he's trying to decide whether to slow down, it hits 88 and he's somewhere (when) else. Outside the Project's parameters, Ziggy can't locate him right away. Dr. Brown is intrigued by the project, figuring out a great deal of what has happened to him, and offers to help. The story follows both Sam's adventure in 2015 and Al and Dr. Brown working at the Project. Gushy (yes, that's how they spelled it this time) comes across as very different from what little we've seen of him on the show, reporting Al to the committee for letting Dr. Brown work on their equipment and trying to stop them changing the system with Dr. Brown's suggestions. Other than that, it's a good adventure story, fitting right in between Back to the Future #1 and #2. [1]


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