The Angel and the Dreamer

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Title: The Angel and the Dreamer
Publisher: Vision Quest Press
Editor(s): Lisa Martin
Date(s): 1997-2003
Medium: print
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Language: English
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The Angel and the Dreamer is a slash Quantum Leap anthology with 8 issues.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Janet Coleman-Sides

The Angel and the Dreamer 1 contains 132 pages. It was published in February 1997.

  • Fumbling Towards Ecstacy by Agnes Joseph ("I stared at her. Certainly she hadn't just said that Al was beautiful? I mean, he is, but that's not the point.") (5)
  • Lady In Red by Lisa Martin (22)
  • White Tie And Tails by Doreen Tracy (39)
  • The Road Goes On Forever by Sue Walker ("I cut the engine. Or it died. Everything seemed to stop. That couldn't happen to Sam. Godammit, not to Sam. "No.") (43)
  • A Door Ajar by Janet Coleman-Sides ("Choose clothes that complement those gorgeous shorts," she pleaded. "Admiral, you look *scrumptious* in blue.") (54)
  • The Slippery Slope by Noel Goddard (Sam and Al go hiking after Sam returns home.) (62)
  • Goodbye Hello by Debbie (69)
  • Perfect Timing by Minna Harper (73)
  • A Wedding Of Friends by Astrid Bootes ("Right," Sam called after him. "And you're not looking for your shadow either." "What?") (90)
  • Christmas Presents by Coral Jay (97)
  • Giving Thanks by Carol Zara (117)
  • Time For Us by Leah S. (124)


  • Janet Coleman-Sides (Front Cover)

Issue 2

The Angel and the Dreamer 2 Nola Frame-Gray is the cover artist. It contains 205 pages.

  • Sanity's Side by Lori Smith (5)
  • Wicked Lady by Ann Lewing (12)
  • Forever the Road Shall Take Thee by Sue Walker/Doreen Tracy (The sequel to "The Road Goes On Forever", published in The Angel And The Dreamer #1) (21)
  • Why, Momma, Why? by Debbie (96)
  • Forgiveness by Leah S. (103)
  • Love and Laughter by Lisa Martin (108)
  • Opposite Sex by Astrid Bootes (120)
  • Overture and Beginning by Minna Harper (182)

Issue 3

The Angel and the Dreamer 3 Nola Frame-Gray is the cover artist. It contains 98 pages and was published in March 1998.

  • Those Were the Days, My Friend by Sirja Stewart (4)
  • We Thought They'd Never End by Sirja Stewart (10)
  • Moonlight and Lovesongs by Doreen Tracy (12)
  • The More Things Change by Lisa Martin (19)
  • Loose Connections by Lori Smith (51)
  • Rumors by Carol Zara (58)
  • Lightning Force by Sue Walker/Coral Jay (64)
  • Reunited in Time by Noel Goddard (Sam and Al deal with the repercussions of the episode Mirror Image.) (125)
  • Adam's Rib by Agnes Joseph (137)
  • Thanksgiving by Debbie (185)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

[Adam's Rib]: The thing that I loved about Quantum Leap was the demi-mystery of each episode: why had Sam leaped into this particular person at this point in time. What I loved. too, was how that premise made this series a better choice for a crossover. Sam wouldn't know anything about the universe he was jumping into, so time could be spent explaining the 'new' universe; this story has a lot of that at the beginning, which is understandable both from the series perspective, and from the fact that this story was originally published in a QL zine.

On a technical level, I thought that the exclamation points were overused, and I'm not a real fan of the boyscout or bright boy lines, but they weren't big enough problems to make me stop reading. <g> The text was a bit dry and devoid of description; sometimes things seemed to happen in white rooms (which in QL, they actually did on occasion.) POV was established by heading each section with the name of the character whose POV we were in; not the neatest of solutions, I grant you, but a workable one. On a characterization level: this Duncan isn't exactly my Duncan, nor Sam my Sam, or Al my Al, or Methos my Methos -- but there is enough of a glimmer of who each of them is for me to go along with the characterizations, and let the flaws roll off me while I read. Although there were points where I hesitated, I wasn't ever thrown completely off-track. The story itself is pretty plot-driven gen -- for the slashers, I think we get a couple of kisses and a dream-ish sex scene. Which was fine for me, as I was primarily interested in the mystery plot. I thought that the primary relationship plot was really Sam/Al, but even though there isn't that much Methos/Duncan interaction here, there are some lovely referential bits, good solid relationship moments, even though both guys aren't on-stage at the same time. There was a decent attempt to draw parallels between Al and Duncan that I really appreciated, as well as the more typical nod to Duncan and Sam both being boy scouts; I could see strong reasons why the author wanted to do the crossover, and I was pretty happy about that.

All in all, I liked the story. It could be that my main reason for liking it was that I was a gen QL fan <g>, but I think that it's understandable even without knowing that universe. It's not perfect, but I thought it a good read.[1]
[Adam's Rib]: The story was okay, it held my interest despite my not caring much for QL but it suffered from the Mary Sueish style of writing. I mean, Sam leaps, is in a strange body, a strange situation, and the first thing he does is check out how sexy Methos is? i don't think so - just because we, the female viewer may do so, it doesn't mean someone actually in the scene would do. but it is something mary Sues do to each other and have done to them all the time.

The shifting POV didn't work for me either - this is definitely one story which could have done with sticking to Sam's POV. The Everyone is Gay aspect of it didn't help, and Methos' sudden desire to give his quickening to Mac seemed awfully contrived.

But it didn't completely suck, and these days I wonder if that's all we readers can expect. [2]
[Adam's Rib]: There were a couple of other things that I wanted to bring up in reference to this story, one of them being the use of the word 'lover'. In the 'A' plot, the fact that Duncan and Methos are lovers doesn't really seem all that important; you could have replaced the word with the term 'friend' and the story would have felt pretty close to the same; that's why I said that the main mystery plot was fairly gen.

Yet if you took out the fact that Duncan and Methos were lovers, it would have completely screwed up the 'B' plot, the Sam/Al relationship plot. When Sam leaped, he turned his memories into swiss cheese; he has big holes in what he remembers about who he is. And in the S/A plot, one of the things he has forgotten was that he and Al were lovers. So the D/M relationship is used to make Sam remember that, and without that, the storyline would fall apart. I kind of appreciated the complexity there, even though that meant a lot more of the word 'lover' than I usually like.

The other thing that I appreciated here was that the main focus of the story *wasn't* a CAH/REV/TMP 'fit-it', or an Archangel 'fix-it', but an outgrowth of the events in MG. I admit that I was a little disappointed at the end when CAH/REV did show up, but since that was often the format of a QL episode -- they'd work the entire ep on the 'main' problem, but there would be one tiny niggling thing that had to be fixed after that for Sam to leap back out again -- that I accepted it. I don't think it weakend the story to have it there, but it did make me want to anchor the story more firmly into the HL series, since she was going to use that. Before then, I was perfectly happy to have the story sorta 'unattached' from HL events. [3]
[Adam's Rib]: I can see Mac and Methos as lovers but can't quite buy into the Sam and Al. In the show, there wasn't much to work with besides the looks-Sam and Al simply couldn't touch. The only thing I found dissatisfying about this, and more so for its' sequel, was the fact that it was written primarily for the QL universe and the story line just happened to cross over with the HL universe. Personally, I would have been much happier and think it would have been that much better with a HL centric fiction. [4]

Issue 4

The Angel and the Dreamer 4 Lisa Field is the cover artist. It contains 111 pages.

  • Nowhere to Run by Khylara (4)
  • No Man a Hero by Lisa Feld (11)
  • Waiting by James Walkswithwind (34)
  • Dreaming by Lori Smith (37)
  • All the Time by Rose Mitchell (42)
  • Winners and Losers by Doreen Tracy (46)
  • Between Funs by Minna Harper (50)
  • The Measure of Love by Lori Smith (59)
  • Shade in Hell by Lisa Feld (68)
  • In the Light of the Stars by Lisa Martin (82)

Issue 5

The Angel and the Dreamer 5 contains 170 pages. It was published in September 1999.

  • A Portrait by Lisa Martin (4)
  • Fashioned in Dreams by Minna Harper (6)
  • For Love Alone by Doreen Tracy (20)
  • Every Man Has a Prize by Lisa Feld (78)
  • Glitches in Time by Noel Goddard (Sam leaps into some very familiar surroundings, with two Als.) (81)
  • All the Way Home by Lori Smith (88)
  • Fragments of Time by Aimee (109)


  • Astrid Bootes (front cover)
  • Lisa Feld

Issue 6

The Angel and the Dreamer 6

  • Aimee is the cover artist. It contains 94 pages. It was published in 2001.
  • R&R by Minna Harper (4)
  • Science Sucks by Rose Mitchell (18)
  • QL Limericks by Kylara Ingress (21)
  • Moonlight Sonata by Doreen Tracy & Caitlin Stewart (23)
  • Interlude on a Train by Khylara (53)
  • Set 'em Up, Bartender by Kylara Ingress (55)
  • Keeping the Dream Alive by Kylara Ingress (61)
  • The Worst That Could Happen by Doreen Tracy (66)
  • QL Limericks by J.D. Rush & Robin Margolin (78)
  • Let's Give Them Something to Talk About by M.J. (79)
  • Hit Me with Your Best Shot by Kylara Ingress & J.D. Rush (95)
  • Time and Love by Kylara Ingress (168)
  • A Moment by Kylara Ingress (169)
  • A Trip to Alphabet City by J.D. Rush (170)

Issue 7

The Angel and the Dreamer 7 It contains 56 pages. It was published in April 2002.

cover of issue #7
  • Escape by Rose Mitchell (3)
  • No Donna by Kylara Ingress ( 9)
  • Reflections by Noel Goddard (A Quantum Leap/Sentinel crossover. Sam leaps into Cascade with unexpected results.) (2003 SCREWZ nominee for Best Story in Quantum Leap, 2003 SIZZLER co-winner for Best Story in Quantum Leap) (10)
  • Sam's Memories by Khylara Ingress (27)
  • Tempus Fugit by Minna Harper (28)
  • The Seduction by Linda Phillips & Carolyn Mullins (47)
  • These are a Few of the Slashiest Things by Kylara Ingress (68)
  • Three Strikes and You're Home by Shamrock (69)
  • A Christmas Special by Lisa Martin (83)

Issue 8

The Angel and the Dreamer 8 was published in April 2003.


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