Past Imperfect (Quantum Leap zine)

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Title: Past Imperfect
Publisher: AAA Press
Date(s): 1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Language: English
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Past Imperfect is a gen 80-page anthology. Art by Joan Jobson.

  • Al by AM Sinclair ("I miss my friend.")
  • Waiting for the Summer Rain by AM Sinclair (We were in a back alley... somewhere, anywhere, no clues that I could see in the grey morning light. The tenements on either side were old, run down, walls cracked, windows boarded over broken glass, stairwells littered with garbage. As I watched, something large and brown whisked out of sight less than a yard a way, its long pink naked tail visible for several seconds after the rest of it had vanished.")
  • Tom by AM Sinclair ("Something Dad had said... someone acting erratically, out of character, coming out it confused, dazed... as if there was a gap in their memory. It set off alarm bells in my mind. I'd witnessed such a reaction myself, not just once, but twice. Once as a member of my SEALS unite, and once...")
  • That's Me in the Spotlight! by AM Sinclair ("I'm on a podium, perched on a table, a microphone in my hand. And in front of me is a vast wood-paneled auditorium filled with row on seemingly endless row of collapsible seating, and in the seats are people, row upon row of people, almost all of them women. Row upon row of bright, eager little faces turned expectantly up to me, waiting to hear me speak, breathlessly anticipating my words of wisdom. Boy, are they ever in for a surprise.")
  • Donna by AM Sinclair ("Remembering, remembering how it had hurt to watch him as he ran into the Accelerator, I shivered, drawing my shawl closer around myself. The Chinese shawl that Sam had bought for me at an antiques stall in Greenwich Village, a second anniversary present. Silk is for twelfth anniversaries, not for second. Had he known even then that we didn't have twelve years?")
  • Pictures in the Dark by Penelope Hill ("Darkness and choking air, the thick taste of bitter dust and velvet weight of silence wraps around me. I seem to be lying on a cold rock, its surface a texture of grit beneath my fingers. Carefully, I draw my first breath and regret it, the action triggering a reflexive cough that tears at my lungs and leaves me weak and shaking.")
  • Peacock: Angel by Morgan/Hartley ("Peacock or Angel, keeping me company/Peacock Angel, why are you following me?")
  • Distorted Reflection by Penelope Hill ("I realized too late that when his history changed, then my history changed, and the man I had known for so many years, who had supported me, and stood up for me, who had been my only companion on this endless journey rough time, might now be a stranger I would never meet.")