List of X-Files Fanzines

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This is a list of fanzines that have X-Files content.

Gen & Het

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
The A-Files A-Team/X-Files/Nowhere Man crossover Sockii Press 1996
April Fools crossover with Xena Unicorn Press
Available Light het novel Kathy Resch 1995 or before
The Beastman Cometh - Simon Logan Crossover with Beauty and the Beast 1996
Crossfiles crossover anthology
Cursum Perficio gen novel
Dragons of All Sizes
EcXFstasy het MacWombat Press
Enoch Arden - Julie Harrington het Otter Limits Press 1997
eXotica Star-Borne Press 1996-1997
Gulliver - Emily Brunson het 1995
Incident UXP 1994
In the Shadow of X gen Star-Borne Press
Intriguing Possibilities Straight Up Press 1995
Layup het zine for David Duchovny characters Hanger X Publishing 1995
Man's Best Friend het Del Floria's Press
The Maze Otter Limits Press 1997
The Memory, The Truth gen, het Star-Borne Press
The Mole gen 1995
Moments of Truth Unicorn Press
untitled MSR Fanzine MSR 2019
Neon Straight Up Press
Red Speedo Diaries het anthology
Reemergence: The MIA Affair xover with MUNCLE
Sanctuary 1995
Sculldoggery Scully/Doggett
Shadows het MacWombat Press
Skinwalker Criterion Press
The Spirit of Friendship het, AU Unicorn Press
Strong Enough multifandom 2003
Taming the Unicorn het 1996
Travels With Mulder 1995, 1996
Washington X gen Unicorn Press
The X-Files Special Gen Collection Neon Rainbow Press
The X-Files (zine) gen New Leaf Press
X-Philes (zine) 1994
X-Rated X-Files het
Y2K het novel Unicorn Press


Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
The Adversary M/Sk
All I Want for Christmas M/Sk
Bayou - TM Alexander M/Sk The Presses
A Beacon in the Night M/Sk 2005
The Best Lies - Cody Nelson M/K 1995
The Bright White Place - N. Nivling
A Change of Heart
A Crack in the Hearthstone
Alex Through the Looking Glass Mulder/Krycek/Krycek
Double Exposure M/K, some M/Sk IIBNF Press 1997
Exposure M/K, M/Sk, Sk/K, Mac/Vic IIBNF Press 1997
A Fish Called Krycek - Sarah Bellum M/K, AU IIBNF Press 1997
Il Traviato M/K 1997
Indecent eXposure all stories feature Krycek IIBNF Press 1999
I Still Have Plans to Go to Mexico
Leather and Armani M/K
M/K Ultra M/K Maverick Press 1998
The 9th Invocation - TM Alexander 1996
Over eXposure M/K, one Sk/K IIBNF Press
Requited M/Sk Duet Press
Safety M/K 2000
Second Grace M/K
Sex Files M/Sk 1997
The Song of Sounds M/Sk, M/K Star-Borne Press 1998
Sympathy for the Devil M/K, some Sk/K IIBNF Press
The Cat Came Back
The Gift of an Enemy - Sylvia M/K Teeny Gozer Production 1998
Unrequited - Stormy Stormheller Iron Duet Press 2004
Whatever Gets You Through the Night multifandom 1997
The X-Files Special Slash Collection Neon Rainbow Press 2005
X-Plicit Fantasies M/K, M/Sk Maverick Press 1997-1999


German zines