The Song of Sounds

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Title: The Song of Sounds
Publisher: published in the UK, distributed in the US by Star-Borne Press
Date(s): 1998
Medium: print zine, A4
Fandom: X-Files
Language: English
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The Song of Sounds is a 160-page slash anthology of fiction by Lindsey J. Shelton featuring Mulder/Skinner and Mulder/Krycek stories. The front cover is by Zyrene.

  • "Awakening the Truth" (M/Sk) While imprisoned in a Russian jail, Mulder suffers a mild sexual assault by Krycek. After returning to Washington, Mulder can no longer hide from himself his true sexuality or the attraction he's been secretly harboring for Krycek since their first meeting. [49 pages]
  • "The Other Man" (M/Sk) Skinner asks Mulder and Scully to check out a case involving the suicide of a young lawyer, Michael Jarron. Mulder wonders why, until he discovers Jarron's private journal and uncovers several startling revelations about his boss. [15 pages]
  • "Til Death Do Us Part" (M/K) Why has Alex Krycek apparently risked his own life to warn Mulder that the Consortium has finally decided to eliminate him? Set pre-"Gethsemane." [27 pages]
  • "Haunted," M/K, 9 pages
  • "Loving the Enemy," M/K, 13 pages
  • "Enslaved," an AU M/Sk, 59 pages