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Title: CrossFiles
Publisher: Otherwhen Press
Editor(s): Beth Bowles
Date(s): 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: X-Files
Language: English
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The cover title has the "O" crossed out with an "X."
a 1995 flyer for issue #1

CrossFiles is a gen 66-page anthology of three stories, each a crossover.

Art has been included on Fanlore with the publisher's permission.

There may have been two more issues published. A 1995 flyer says that a story for issue #2 has already been accepted: "The Vanished" by Peggy Li (X-Files/Twin Peaks) The sequel to Out of the Woods. "Is Bob really gone?"

Supposedly the Subject of Some Unwanted Attention

Putting a zine on the Net is only tempting fate. The PTB have copyright and trademark police out trolling for infringements. A woman who agents Lois Balzer's t-shirts for her put an ad for the shirts on her Web page. Soon after, she was hit with a C&D by Twentieth, telling her that they were going to confiscate all of the X-Files tees and slap her with a fine, to boot. Back in April, Beth Bowles received a C&D for her zine CrossFiles (X-Files crossovers), because she advertised on the Net using only her pressname. She looked like a professional, and Fox's lawyers went after her. She explained that her publication was a fanzine, but has heard nothing more from them on the matter.

Copyright holders have looked the other way as long as we've remained fairly low-key about zines -- but make no mistake, if we become too visible, they'll be after us. Word from Bill Hupe is that Paramount will shortly be coming down on Trek zineds -- they won't take any action against zines already in print, but no new zines will be allowed to be published. [1]


  • Out of the woods by Peggy Li (Twin Peaks crossover) ("Five years ago, Agent Dale Cooper was possessed by Bob. Now, Bob has left and Cooper's friend Mulder must find him before he chooses a new host. Illustrations by Amy Finkbeiner") (26 pages)
  • A Place To Hide by Ruth Neller ("Something is hunting the children Below. Dana Scully is looking for a place to hide with Agent Mulder and looks up her old friend Catherine. Together, they and Vincent deal with the menace Below." Another description: "Deep Throat is dead, and Mulder is injured. Scully has to find a safe hiding place, until she's sure the hunt has been called off. Can her old friend Catherine Chandler help?")

Illustrations by Bonnie Funk (Beauty and the Beast crossover) (10 pages)


  1. from a fan on Virgule-L, quoted anonymously (October 21, 1995)