Out of the Woods

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Title: Out of the Woods
Author(s): Peggy Mei-Ling Li
Date(s): July 1, 1994
Length: posted in 6 parts (13, 15, 13, 13, 11, 14k)
Fandom: X-Files/Twin Peaks
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Out of the Woods is an X-Files/Twin Peaks story by Peggy Mei-Ling Li.

It was posted to alt.tv.x-files.creative in July 1994, and was one of the first stories posted there.

It was also printed in CrossFiles in 1995.

See List of Very Early X-Files Fanfiction for similar works.

Author's Summary

"Last time, on "Twin Peaks".....Special Agent Dale Cooper had Bob within him. Can Mulder and Scully free Cooper from Bob without sacrificing their own souls?"

Reactions and Reviews

The first story I read was "Out of the Woods" by Peggy Li, an X-File/Twin Peaks crossover. This was emailed to me as I didn't have the ATXC at the time (my server only just got the ATXC a year and a half ago).[1]

[A thread on AOL Fanfic Junkies Board] also included good thread about "ancient, musty, creaky, favorite fanfics" from days gone by. Made me go look up some oldies but goodies. (My choice? "Into The Woods" [sic] by Peggy Li.) [2]


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