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Name: AOL Fanfic Junkies Board
Date(s): 1998-?
Type: Messageboard
Fandom: The X-Files
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AOL Fanfic Junkies Board was an X-Files message board.

Fan Comments

From CiCi Lean

Recs galore and such *sweet* readers to boot. Too nice a place to even think of a starting flame war, this is the genteel tea party of fanfic discussion, where bad manners are simply ignored. My last snarky post was merely giggled at and I was called "a darling curmudgeon." Pass the ladyfingers and the Earl Grey, sweeties, I've learned my lesson. (Look, even my white gloves are clean!) Latest talk revolves around XFBandit and trends in "honest MSR." (See Rant-O-Rama) [1] Also includes good slash talk from the Slash Junkies. [2]

Somewhat quiet as well, BUT still the best web-fic alert system around. Want to read the latest "works-in-progress" and save yourself the pain of hunting for updates? This is the place to be. Shalimar's latest WIP, along with a host of others, is yours for the asking, WITH nifty, "take-you-right-there" hyperlinks. Who said the new boards were such a bad thing? And it's still the home of the most "focused" fic readers around, The Primal Screamers...who are not only Lydia Bower's cheering section, but a smart bunch of *real* readers, who've "been there, done that" but are willing to give yet another MSR (and the occasional UST'y casefile) a go. AND they actually tolerate NoRomos and Slash Junkies. This place might soon become the only reason I don't leave AOL. [3]

Since my blow-up [regarding this fan's websites getting TOSed] </ref>, I have snuck back on under a borrowed screename, basically because I can't resist it. This is the *only* area of AOL I miss, and that's because the people who post here are just too smart, funny and cool. (And yes, they occasionally disagree with me, so this isn't some air-kissing exercise.) I'll admit I got a ton of support here, much to the consternation of the AOL monitors who had a miserable time trying to defend The ISP That Can't Be Defended. If you are on AOL, go Keyword: X-Files, then to the Forum, then to the General Discussion Message Boards to find the land of Angsty Readers of WIP's, Primal Screams and some awful nice folks. Tell 'em CiCi says "hi." [g] [4]


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