The Adversary

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Title: The Adversary
Author(s): Xanthe
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 23 December 2000 (online)
November 2003 (zine)
Medium: print
Fandom: X-Files
Language: English
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cover by CDavis
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The Adversary is a M/Sk slash X-Files novel by Xanthe. The story was first posted online in December 2000, and in November 2003 it became available as a zine, distributed by Agent With Style. The story comes with heavy warnings attached.

The online version is 132,000 words long and features a cover by CDavis and several manips by Mika.

Author's summary:

Mulder is abducted, and subjected to repeated rapes and torture, during which he becomes emotionally and psychologically involved in a deadly battle of wits with his torturer. There are high stakes, as the prize for winning is the possession of Mulder's soul — and his future... Mulder is forced to confront his past, unravel his complex relationship with Skinner and face up to his own psychological demons — and, in the process, find a way to defeat his adversary.


Spookys 2001 Winner for:

Mulder In Jeopardy Silver Sutures 2002 award winner for:

  • Best Novel
  • Best Psychological Muldertorture