A/B Slash: A Chronological Listing by Nova

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Fandom: Blake's 7
Dates: mid-1980s to 2005
See also: A Guide to Blakes 7 Erotica

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On December 27, 2013, Aralias posted to her Dreamwidth journal Nova's list of all known fiction with a consummated Avon/Blake relationship in printzines up until the year 2005.

See this dreamwidth post by aralias [1] for more information and statistics.

Several of the names below have been redacted as per request to Fanlore.

Aralias's Comments

…. a while back i wrote to list-maker and fic-writer extraordinaire nova to see whether she had ever finished the b/a survey executrix refers to in her ship manifesto. the answer, sadly, is no, but what i did get (apart from the opportunity to say the 'to tell the truth' is excellent and probably my favourite B/A thing to the author) was.... *drum roll* a list of all the B/A fic in all the zines in all the world, arranged in chronological order. when you see me referring to how many B/A fics were published in a certain year on crack_van, this is the list i was referring to.

anyway - she's given me permission to post it online, so here it is. there is probably a more appropriate venue for it out there on the internet, but i can't think of it at the moment. i'll link from fanlore.

n.b. i've had to tangle with 'rich text' in order to preserve as much of the formatting as possible. but... i hate rich text, and i can't work out how to get rid of all massive line returns. i do apologise. you can download a pdf version from here, but i trust DW and LJ to still be here in 30 years, and wanted a version to stay here as well as online.

Nova's Comments

To the best of my knowledge, this list includes all the slash stories and novels centering on the pairing of Avon and Blake that were published in paper zines from the early 1980s to 2005. In other words, I am confident that I have identified all the stories and novel whose main subject is the beginning, continuance or ending of a sexual relationship between Avon and Blake.

However, there are a number of subgenres which occupy an ambiguous position within this genre. Sarah Thompson in her invaluable zine A Guide to Blakes 7 Erotica includes the category ‘uc A/B’ or unconsummated sexual attraction between Avon and Blake. The stormy relationship between Avon and Blake is canonically one of the main narrative drives of the TV series and the love underlying their antagonism is the subject of many Blakes 7 gen stories, so to my mind uc A/B is closer to gen than slash and as a result I have in general excluded stories in that category from this list. The same goes for stories about comic orgies with only a brief, routine reference to A/B; slash stories about another pairing for Avon or Blake (most commonly Avon/Vila) with only a cursory and/or routine reference to past A/B; stories where Avon and Blake’s relationship was part of the background to another pairing (often Tarrant/Vila) and stories that were crossovers with other fandoms. (Although I can’t claim to have been rigorously scientific in my culling: I suspect both Sarah Thompson and I have excluded stories that another list-compiler would have included and, of course, vice versa.)

My list is basically drawn straight from Sarah Thompson’s Guide to Blakes 7 Erotica, although I have left out four crossover stories that she included. Sarah’s list ends in 2000 but by that time I was actively involved in B7 fandom and I was able to complete the list. Sarah helped immensely with the process of tracking down the stories, not least in referring me to the late Joyce Bowen and her comprehensive collection of B7 slash. I was also helped by Pat Fenech, Julia Jones, Sally Manton, Judith Proctor and many other fans, including a friend of one of the NSW Slash Sluts who was moving out of B7 fandom and gave me her entire collection, which formed the basis of my own: my thanks to everyone.

The stories are grouped chronologically. Under each heading I first list the stories that can only be identified by the year of publication and then I indent the column and list the stories that can also be identified by the month of publication within that year.

BENCHMARKS: The first known B7 slash story is Mindfire, a circuit story written in 1979. The first known B7 slash story published in a zine is ‘Licence’ (Jarvik/Tarrant) by Oriole Alma Throckmorton in The Big Boys Book of 1001 Things to Do with a Federation Blaster, August 1983, illustrated by Jean Sheward with an editorial by Lillian Shepard.

1984: 2 stories (2 zines)

[5 Emanuelle stories, undated but mid 80s]

1985: 4 stories (2 zines)

1986: 11 stories (6 zines)

1987: 15 stories (5 zines)

1988: 21 stories (6 zines), 1 novel

1989: 33 stories (9 zines), 1 novel

1990: 47 stories (11 zines), 2 novels

1991: 41 stories (7 zines)

1992: 23 stories (10 zines), 1 novel

1993: 72 stories (14 zines)

1994: 54 stories (16 zines)

1995: 40 stories (13 zines)

1996: 8 stories (4 zines)

1997: 14 stories (4 zines), 2 novels

1998: 41 stories (6 zines)

1999: 25 stories (8 zines)

2000: 32 stories (5 zines)

2001: 24 stories (3 zines)

2002: 21 stories (4 zines), 1 novel

2003/4: 31 stories (6 zines)

2005: 30 stories (2 zines)

[1 story undated - Heroes]


1993: 72 stories

1994: 54 stories

1990: 47 stories, 2 novels

1991: 41 stories

1998: 41 stories

1995: 40 stories

1989: 33 stories, 1 novel

2000: 32 stories

2003/4: 31 stories

2005: 30 stories

1999: 25 stories

2001: 24 stories

1992: 23 stories, 1 novel

1988: 21 stories, 1 novel

2002: 21 stories, 1 novel

1997: 14 stories, 2 novels

1987: 15 stories

1986: 11 stories

1996: 8 stories

1985: 4 stories

1984: 2 stories


Heroes 1. US. Evelyn Green, ‘Avon.’

NB: Heroes 2 is also undated but Heroes 3 was published in 1994.

Mid 80s

  • E-Man-Uelle 4. UK, mid 80s. [NB: E-Man-Uelle 3 published in 1984]
    • Coyote, ‘Partners in Pain.’
  • E-Man-Uelle 6. UK, mid 80s.
    • McNeil, ‘The Dersan Hut.’
  • E-Man-Uelle 8. UK, mid 80s.
    • Bryn Lantry, ‘Puppeteer’. (Early draft, not included.)
  • E-Man-Uelle - Short Stories. UK, mid 80s.
    • M.C., ‘The Phoenix and the Unicorn.’
    • Temple, ‘Nights.’


(2 zines, 2 stories)


(2 zines, 4 stories)


(6 zines, 11 stories)


(5 zines, 15 stories)

  • Blake’s 7: The Other Side 3. Au, 1987.3.
  • Blake’s 7: The Other Side 4. Au, 1987.
    • Ellis Ward, ‘A Form of Comfort.’
    • Bryn Lantry, ‘The Haunting.’ [2]
    • Greg Dales, ‘The Naked Truth.’
  • Touched 10. UK, 1987.7.
    • Ingrid Montrose, ‘A Very Improbable Story.’ (A/B, A/V)
  • Resistance 1. US, 1987.9.
    • Catherine Bell, ‘Lay Your Bet.’
    • Dovya Blacque, ‘Absolution.’
    • Natasha Solten, ‘Drowning.’
    • Natasha Solten, ‘Fifty-fifty.’
  • Southern Lights Special 3.5. US, 1987.9.
    • Northwest Smith, ‘A Question of Balance.’
    • London Bates, ‘Avon’s Law.’
    • Bryn Lantry, ‘Fugitives.’
    • Paula, ‘Affirmation.’


(6 zines, 21 stories, 1 novel)


(9 zines, 33 stories, 1 novel)


(10 zines, 45 stories, 2 novels)


(7 zines, 41 stories)


(10 zines, 23 stories, 1 novel)


(14 zines, 72 stories)


(16 zines, 54 stories)


(13 zines, 40 stories)


(4 zines, 8 stories)


(4 zines, 14 stories)


(6 zines, 41 stories, 2 novels)


(8 zines, 25 stories)


(5 zines, 32 stories)


(3 zines, 24 stories)


(4 zines, 21 stories, 1 novel)


(6 zines, 31 stories)


(2 zines, 30 stories)


  1. ^ "reference link".
  2. ^ Actually Blake/OMC story with background Jenna/Cally, not really B/A