The Howling (Blake's 7 story)

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Title: The Howling
Author(s): xBryn Lantry
Date(s): April 1991
Length: 4 pages
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
External Links: on AO3

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The Howling is a Blake's 7 Avon/Blake story by xBryn Lantry.

It was published in Southern Comfort #6.5

Reactions and Reviews

ok, so in this one by famous blake/avon writer bryn lantry, blake's a werewolf - and the reason he's a werewolf is because he wants to 'eat' avon and the planet has decided to show it this way. it's fun, let's not beat about the bush here - but the voices seem off so they can more easily fit in with the jokey tone of the thing. it's brisk and entertaining, though. alas, they do not get to the actual sex on screen, but i am not really in a position to complain since it's what i did in my most recent...[1]

If you can, get hold of The Howling (published in Southern Comfort 6) and At Each Other's Throats Again (published in The Other Side 5, I think). These aren't a sequence but they are companion-pieces, one with Blake as a werewolf, the other with Avon as a genetically-engineered vampire. They're also very funny, and I wish I hadn't mislaid my copies.[2]


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