In Porphyry

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Title: In Porphyry
Author(s): Bryn Lantry
Date(s): 1986
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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In Porphyry is a very early Avon/Blake story by Bryn Lantry.

It was first published in "touched" #7 and is online.

In the story, Avon finds Blake in a gay bar.

Most fans spell the title wrong.

Author's Notes: Online

"Printed in that dear and queer zine "touched", issue 7, 1986, editors Jane Carnall and friends. Here for the history - and for Joyce. A clumsy attempt to queer them. You notice they have to smoke silly weed to... familiarise them? Ika's cigarettes (much, much later) talk my language - and hers, and she uses them well." -- [1]

Reactions and Reviews

Unknown Date

Right now, I really couldn't pick a number one [favorite Blake's 7 story]. But if forced, I guess I would pick "In Porphyry." xBryn Lantry is a unique writer. This was one of the first stories I ever read by her and it has made a lasting impression on me. I've even memorized some of the lines. And for someone with my poor memory, that is a great tribute.[2]


My favorite Bryn Lantry story is an early one, something like "In Porophria." I read it in "touched" years ago, but can't find it around anywhere now, so will not swear to the accuracy of the title. Anyway it had Avon tracking Blake down in a gay bar, with mutually pleasing results, and little of Bryn's OTT style.[3]

Another favorite that seems to have disappeared was a Bryn Lantry story (when she just wrote good stories, and wasn't trying to show everyone how clever she is) called "In Porphry—or something like that (Avon discovers Blake in a gay bar).[4]


"In Porphyry" is in TOUCHED 7 and is a favorite Bryn Lantry story of mine, too. I like her convoluted dialogue.</ref> from Rallying Call]] #16 (January 1996)</ref>

How many of us remember the first B7 story we ever read and how it may or may not have influenced us? The very first B7 story I ever read was (should I even mention this in Lysator?) a xeroxed copy of Bryn Lantry's "In Porphyry". This was a short slash Blake/Avon story and I have never forgotten it. I still reread it every now and then, and it never fails to evoke the same mood it did years ago. I wish I could achieve in my own writing the otherworldly quality some of Bryn's stories have.[5]


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