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This is a list of Merlin podfics. All podfics are available in mp3 format. Some podfics are also available in m4b (audiobook) or m4a format. An updated list can be found here.

Title Author Reader Details Format Length Year
Above and Beyond lamardeuse villainny Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:08:51 2009
Absence of Blade; Watching TV; At a Performance phantomreviewer eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:14:29 2009
Action Figures! [anthology] SolarCat eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:16:31 2010
Age Old Fandom Cliché, An gyllenhaalic01 eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:13:18 2010
All That You Can't Leave Behind mrsleary eosrose Bradley/Colin AU m4b, mp3 01:08:32 2009
All The Laughter From Before waldorph waldorph Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:40:54 2009
All The Small Things elandrialore rhea314 Bradley/Colin mp3 00:10:46 2009
All This Earth's Frame Shall Stand Empty latenightcuppa chiak Gen mp3 00:04:00 2010
And Eyes Without Speaking Confess black-eyedgirl rhea314 Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:14:22 2008
And I Am Alive thisissirius sleepy_orange Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Morgana AU mp3 01:44:58 2010
And None But We Can Be Such Kings janne_d thisissirius Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:48:04 2008
Angry Sex mariana o'connor eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:05:54 2010
Arcane Asylum new_kate sophinisba Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 12:42:34 2012
Archers and Lemonade pennyplainknits pennyplainknits Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:06:22 2010
At Dawn just_imriel eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:02:08 2010
At the End of the Path to Nowhere cherrybina calliglad Arthur/Merlin/Morgana/Gwen mp3 00:09:32 2010
Avalon dreaming_athena dreaming_athena Merlin/Arthur, implied Gwen/Arthur, Gwen/Lancelot mp3 00:05:17 2010
Backdrifts lisztful eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b 01:09:10 2011
Be So Bold and Be So Bold (The Boys' Own Remix) sophinisba and significantowl sophinisba Gwen/Morgana, Merlin/Will m4b, mp3 00:33:16 2010
Beautiful Game valderys eosrose Bradley/Colin m4b, mp3 00:35:55 2009
Beginning's End cat_77 cat_77 Gen, reincarnation mp3 00:10:08 2010
Beltane astolat Winkingstar Merlin/Arthur, preslash m4b 00:06:44 2009
Beltane astolat FayJay Merlin/Arthur, preslash m4b 00:08:55 2010
Beltane Cycle, The astolat FayJay] Merlin/Arthur m4b 03:01:11 2010
Bird of Passage emei sophinisba various pairings mp3 00:11:44 2011
Body to Body phantomreviewer eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:09:09 2009
Books pariahcam iichristinll Lancelot/Merlin mp3 00:05:24 2011
Box, The anonymous sophinisba Gwen/Morgana AU mp3 00:16:56 2010
Bradley James' Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse: The Mall Edition giselleslash lunchee Bradley/Colin m4b, mp3 00:21:55 2010
Breath Before Our New Beginning, The such_heights winkingstar Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:05:47 2009
Building Destiny srin sophinisba Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:05:06 2010
Candle flames and Fires lastling dreaming_athena Gwen/Morgana, Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:10:05 2010
Candles toestastegood eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:02:35 2010
Card 'Verse slowdead lunchee Bradley/Colin AU m4b, mp3 02:06:50 2010
Caress me with laughter emei emei Gwen/Morgana, Morgana/Morgause, Gwen/Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:05:55 2010
Castle (the rules by which we live) kick_flaw Itachitachi Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 01:53:59 2011
Castle (the rules by which we live) kick_flaw Susan Voight Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 01:50:12 2011
Chance To Let Go, A Troygirl aka Flying_fox eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 01:21:44 2010
Change for the Better sophinisba sophinisba Gwen/Morgana mp3 00:04:55 2010
Change is a Cycle Like a Fairytale a8c_sock dreaming_athena Merlin/Arthur AU, reincarnation mp3 00:15:12 2010
Change of Engagement phantomreviewer eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:11:17 2009
Chessboard lastling sly hostetter Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:03:44 2010
Come Crashing In zarah5 nu_breed Bradley/Colin m4b 00:40:09 2011
Coming of Age astolat FayJay Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:43:00 2009
Companionship mythras_fire eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:03:57 2010
Conversations with a sorceress archaeologist_d chiak Gen mp3 01:24:01 2010
Coping Mechanism accede eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:05:45 2010
Crown of the Summer Court, The astolat FayJay Merlin/Arthur m4b 02:30:43 2009
Curious Incident of the Harpies in Broad Daylight, The kaydee falls lunchee Gen mp3 00:22:01 2010
Damsel in Distress thehoyden twilight Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:31:06 2009
Days, Once and Future lolafeist pennyplainknits Merlin/Arthur, Arthur/Gwen mp3 00:11:46 2011
Defenders of the Realm lamardeuse FayJay Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 05:53:12 2009
Desperate toestastegood eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:02:48 2010
Despoiled astolat eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b 01:18:32 2011
Destinies Entwined [filk] wickednotevil wickednotevil Merlin/Arthur filk mp3 00:05:29 2010
Destiny (the soggy part) magog_83 Lunchee Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:07:24 2011
Destiny Revisited lavvyan winkingstar Merlin/Arthur, John/Rodney (SGA) m4b, mp3 00:17:38 2008
Discordance selena helva2260 Gen m4b, mp3 00:13:27 2010
Discovery SolarCat eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:08:48 2010
Distance Between, The lefcadio (aka arislanchan) eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:20:35 2010
Donna Noble, King of Camelot netgirl_y2k lunchee Gen, Doctor Who crossover mp3 00:11:24 2010
Downpour slightlytookish yue ix Gen mp3 00:01:49 2010
Downward Spiral, The galahadwarhorse sly hostetter Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:26:54 2009
Drastically Redefining Protocol Rageprufrock revolutionaryjo Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 04:25:36 2010
Drastically Redefining Protocol Rageprufrock Lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 05:33:16 2011
Drastically Redefining Protocol & Wedding Extra Rageprufrock Lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 05:52:05 2011
Drastically Redefining Protocol Wedding Rageprufrock revolutionaryjo Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 00:16:42 2011
Drastically Redefining Protocol Wedding Rageprufrock Lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:18:49 2011
Dreams fortassetu sly hostetter Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:16:17 2009
Dwell in Possibility glim sophinisba Merlin/Gwen, Gwen/Morgana, Merlin/Gwen/Morgana mp3 00:16:04 2011
Easy There syllic revolutionaryjo Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 04:41:49 2010
Efficient seperis fleur rochard Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:07:08 2010
elevator elevator take me home schmoooop toodelicious Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Lancelot m4a 00:32:36 2010
Endless Midnights kagedtiger jenwryn Merlin/Arthur, Doctor Who crossover m4b 00:06:27 2010
Epistemology SolarCat sly hostetter Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:06:49 2009
Exile in Albion, An astolat FayJay Merlin/Arthur m4b 01:31:55 2010
Experienced lolafeist sophinisba Merlin/Uther mp3 00:53:59 2011
Fairy Tales corona rhea314 Merlin/Arthur, Morgana/Arthur, Gwen/Arthur mp3 00:09:02 2008
Farewell dreaming_athena dreaming_athena Merlin/Morgana mp3 00:04:04 2010
Farewell, My Lover eosrose eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:01:15 2010
Favorite astolat Fleur Rochard Merlin/Arthur m4b 01:34:21 2010
Fealty pennyplainknits pennyplainknits Gwen/Morgana mp3 00:08:08 2010
Fencing AU [anthology] phantomreviewer eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 01:17:56 2009
Fire in Her Hands, Or, Merlin, the Shakespearean Heroine in Boy's Clothing emei emei Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:17:38 2010
first farewell, The givemethebook dreaming_athena Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:01:18 2010
First Kiss tacitus_3 eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:02:01 2010
First Up Against the Wall (the grease and diesel oil remix) netgirl_y2k jaebi_lit Gwen/Morgana AU mp3 00:27:02 2011
Five magical creatures Arthur didn't kill seperis fleur rochard Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:02:48 2010
Five Secrets That Ought to Be Kept (And One for the Road) rageprufrock revolutionaryjo Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:29:45 2010
Five Things Colin Learns While Filming Merlin timetraveled dreaming_athena Bradley/Colin mp3 00:16:55 2010
Five Times Merlin Couldn't Take His Eyes Off Arthur seperis fleur rochard Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:04:03 2010
five ways arthur almost found out about merlin, but didn't - and one way he did seperis fleur rochard Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:03:41 2010
Flatmate Wanted netgirl_y2k jaebi_lit Gwen/Morgana AU mp3 00:07:23 2011
Foible phantomreviewer eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:07:37 2009
Fools of Us All adelagia FayJay Merlin/Arthur m4b 01:12:02 2010
For My King fluffy_goddess eosrose Lancelot/Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:04:11 2010
For the Love of Arthur’s Armour, and Working Out the Kinks slightlytookish and themadlurker sophinisba Merlin/Arthur, Merlin/Arthur’s Armour m4a 00:09:34 2010
For You, My Liege, The World eosrose eosrose Merlin/Arthur pre-slash, Arthur/Gwen, Gwen/Lancelot m4b, mp3 00:17:43 2009
Forsaking All Others magog_83 fishwrites Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:33:16 2010
Foul! breea1 dreaming athena Bradley/Colin mp3 00:36:01 2010
Four Gwen/Morgana AUs sophinisba, srin and gnimaerd sophinisba Gwen/Morgana AU m4b, mp3 01:03:15 2010
Four Times Arthur Was Seduced By Magic, and One Time He Wasn’t (the five things remix) Harlequin (aka Slashweaver) sophinisba Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:29:19 2010
Four Times Merlin and Arthur Didn't Fool Anyone and One Time They Did x_merlin rhea314 Merlin/Arthur m4a 00:08:40 2008
Four Times Merlin and Arthur Made It Work (and one time they didn't) flash_indie euphoric_aria Merlin/Arthur, reincarnation m4b, mp3 00:13:24 2009
Four Times Merlin Cock-Blocked Arthur, and One Time He Didn't oxoniensis eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:28:28 2010
Fulfillment grim_lupine eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:02:40 2010
Give In, Oh Sweet Surrender inane_rational lunchee Merlin/Arthur, Merlin/OMC m4b 01:16:27 2010
Glory Hole tetsubinatu sophinisba Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:09:27 2010
Gnawer of the Moon vissy chagrined Troll (Lady Catrina)/Uther mp3 00:03:03 2010
Go-Between such_heights helva2260 Arthur/Merlin/Gwen m4b, mp3 00:10:56 2010
Goldeneye fahye eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:13:32 2010
Gwen/Merlin and Gwen/Morgana giftpack various authors sophinisba various pairings m4b, mp3 01:10:34 2011
Hello Darkness, My Old Friend nahara eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:26:36 2010
Hidden Rubies and a Line of Salt fresne fresne Uther/Great Dragon mp3 00:06:00 2010
History of Two Conversations (On Paper), The takadainmate threequarters Merlin/Arthur m4b 01:14:28 2010
Honorable Intentions smilebackwards lunchee Merlin/Gwaine; Arthur/Gwen mp3 00:17:44 2011
Honeymoon rageprufrock revolutionaryjo Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:10:49 2010
House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand, A eosrose eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:02:12 2009
How to Woo a Princess, But Win a Lover Instead ravenflight21 eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:22:03 2009
Hunt, The novemberlite erica_schall Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 01:36:31 2012
If You'll Be My Star, I'll Be Your Sky waldorph eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:30:38 2010
Imminent Domain mrinalinee kaizoku Arthur, Morgana, implied Arthur/Gwen mp3 00:02:04 2010
In Shining Armour cherrybina eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:14:15 2010
In The Bones wholly_crepe dreaming_athena Bradley/Colin mp3 00:16:06 2010
In The Bones - Epilogue wholly_crepe dreaming_athena Bradley/Colin mp3 00:11:39 2010
In Time Of Trial Shine FayJay Merlin/Arthur m4b 04:08:07 2010
In Which Arthur Learns That There Are Always Consequences drjenny88 eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:18:32 2009
Incentive Plan lamardeuse villainny Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:10:21 2009
Indulgence allwithwings miss snow fox Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:32:56 2011
Injukyoshi astolat tatsumaki Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:10:35 2009
Intended new_kate Lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 02:09:00 2012
Interlude 1 knowing shadows lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:09:58 2010
Into His Own sarcasticchick regonym Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:50:19 2010
IT out_there eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:04:59 2010
It's How You Take Them Off significantowl sophinisba Merlin/Gwen mp3 00:09:41 2011
It Started at the Frat Party tierfal dreaming_athena Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:28:36 2010
It Wasn't A Kiss allira_dream eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:01:30 2010
Job Orientation seperis eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:23:20 2010
Journal of Geoffrey the Cat. Aged 3 years and 5 months, The magog_83 lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:12:00 2010
Just Friends meri_sefket sophinisba Merlin/Gwen, Merlin/Arthur, Morgana/Gwen mp3 00:11:51 2011
Keeper tierfal jenwryn Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:02:51 2010
Keepsake rageprufrock revolutionaryjo Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:24:58 2010
Keepsake rageprufrock twilight Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:34:06 2010
King's Command, The Ras Elased rhea314 Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:07:32 2008
Kiss Me mariana o'connor eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:04:03 2010
Kiss: An Album pennyplainknits pennyplainknits Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Morgana; other fandoms: SPN, Inception m4b, mp3 00:36:55 2010
Knights Have a Thousand Eyes, The stakeaclaim beccaleelee Merlin/Arthur m4b 07:53:56 2011
Lady Catherine comes to Camelot magog_83 lunchee Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:21:26 2010
Language of Courtly Love, The winged dreams eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:04:01 2010
Leashed riventhorn lunchee Merlin/Arthur mp3 01:30:11 2010
Let's Call the Whole Thing Off Solarcat helva2260 Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:08:53 2010
Lies and (Really) Unexpected Truths dreaming_athena dreaming_athena Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:07:55 2010
Lights go out, here I go again HalfFizzbin jelazakazone Merlin/Arthur mp3 0:26:03 2013
Lights Passing on an Evening Train ladyflowdi villainny Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:03:44 2010
like grabbing my heart and taking my breath pandatwirls lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 01:16:46 2010
Lines and Boundaries shona lunchee Merlin/Arthur, Merlin/Others AU m4b, mp3 00:43:24 2010
Little Revelation, A misslucyjane eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:05:15 2010
Little Wooden Boy and the Belly of Love new_kate sophinisba Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 01:29:33 2011
Loneliness grim_lupine eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:03:12 2010
Lord Drake's Bequest pennyplainknits pennyplainknits Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 00:59:33 2009
Lost a Gesture and a Pose srin eosrose Gen m4b 01:17:50 2011
Lot Like Life, A shinybug dodificus Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:49:24 2011
Love is a Grave Mental Disease knowing shadows lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:19:56 2010
Manhandling daria234 eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:02:42 2010
Meeting the Minister magog_83 Lunchee Merlin/Arthur, Harry Potter fusion mp3 00:25:30 2011
Men Are Idiots draykonis rhea314 Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:04:59 2008
MERLIN Moonythestrals emptybackpack Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 01:06:25 2009
MERLIN & A Random Collection of Firsts Moonythestrals emptybackpack Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 01:44:33 2009
Merlin Drabble Anthology: Volume 1 [anthology], The various authors eosrose Merlin/Arthur (mostly), 33 ficlets m4b 01:59:08 2010
Merlin in Hogwarts verse [anthology] crazyboutremmy eosrose Merlin/Arthur, Harry Potter crossover, reincarnation mp3 00:29:09 2010
Misrule thehoyden twilight Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:36:07 2009
Moment of Surrender christycorr dreaming_athena Arthur/Gwen, Arthur/Merlin, Gwen/Lancelot, AU m4b, mp3 02:03:17 2010
Momentum RurouniHime mothlights Merlin/Arthur mp3, m4b, streaming 00:22:04 2013
Mount Badon brown_betty jadesfire2808 Gen m4b, mp3 00:23:45 2009
Mr. Emrys and the Prat (and the Brat) beccaleelee beccaleelee Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:16:15 2010
Natural Occurrences in Order of Need to Live writing2death beccaleelee Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:29:22 2010
Neck-Scarf toestastegood eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:02:44 2010
Never to Burn lolafeist alli Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:16:30 2011
Night to Remember, A xaritomene rhea314 Merlin/Arthur m4a 00:08:50 2009
Nimueh shiegra rhea314 Gen mp3 00:02:23 2011
Nomen est Omen silkmoth101 fishwrites Gen mp3 00:04:37 2009
Not In This Land Alone torakowalski crinklysolution Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 04:10:29 2011
Obeisance casspeach rhi cauldrie Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:37:21 2009
Of Greatness minor_hue lunchee Merlin/Arthur, Arthur/Knights m4b, mp3 00:13:06 2011
Of Pants, Pranks and Incidental Courtships xenakis pennyplainknits Bradley/Colin m4b, mp3 00:27:14 2010
Oil Paintings skellerbvvt such_heights Gwen/Morgana mp3 00:21:28 2010
One Too Many at the Feast kick_flaw eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:02:08 2010
One Where Gwen and Morgana (and Merlin) Save Arthur From Being Eaten By Bears (the multi-accent remix), The netgirl_y2k Mei aka briar_pipe, yue, emei, anonymous, and yue ix Gen mp3 00:06:16 2010
One Where Merlin Goes to Princess School, The mcgooglykins chiak Merlin/Arthur, Morgana/Morgause, Lancelot/Gwen, Freya/Leon mp3 00:35:46 2010
One Where Uther Had a Cow, The SolarCat eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:08:41 2010
One Where Uther Had a Cow, The SolarCat sly hostetter Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:11:04 2010
One Where Uther Had a Cow and the Sequel [anthology], The solarcat and laurie eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:20:25 2010
Over the Top eosrose eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:02:00 2010
Pairing: Pendragon/Merlin Anonymous Lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 02:36:17 2011
Paraphrase rageprufrock eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:26:31 2010
Pastimes & Lifestyles netgirl_y2k sophinisba Gwen/Morgana m4b, mp3 01:43:06 2010
Pavlov Penis derryere eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:49:36 2010
Pendragon Guide to How Not to Date, The mariana o'connor lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 01:47:09 2010
Persistence of Light, The elsewhere_kels / euphoric_aria elsewhere_kels / euphoric_aria Gwen/Morgana mp3 00:01:05 2010
Polishing Buttons skellerbvvt eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:34:56 2010
Possession lemniciate eosrose Lancelot/Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:03:45 2010
Possession vampiric_mcd eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:09:40 2010
Pianist!Merlin 'Verse [anthology] grim_lupine and mythras_fire eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:09:49 2010
Ping, Bing, Dong plain_jane08 eosrose Bradley/Colin m4b, mp3 00:19:27 2010
Prince and the Captured Moon, The signe (aka oxoniensis) eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:41:52 2010
Prince's Bride: a tale of true love and high adventure, The dreaming_athena dreaming_athena Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Morgana m4b, mp3 01:05:30 2010
Prince's Man, The demon_faith eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:15:27 2010
Prise De Fer phantomreviewer eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:09:56 2009
Protect Me From What I Want netgirl_y2k sophinisba Morgana/Morgause, Arthur/Gwen mp3 00:23:10 2011
Prove All My Hypotheses minor_hue Lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 01:45:00 2012
Question of Consent, A alcetis eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:02:30 2010
Quickening Days Fahye euphoric_aria Merlin/Arthur m4b 02:23:13 2010
Quickie merihn eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:05:55 2010
Radiant Under Every Sort of Light zarah5 eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 06:32:05 2012
Random Love and Menswear Extra magog_83 Lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:09:32 2010
Raw Head and Bloody Bones writteninhaste writteninhaste Gen m4b, mp3 01:07:35 2009
Reciprocation astolat ciudad Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:49:59 2009
Red Silk and By A Thread lolafeist and trojie lunchee Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:18:32 2011
Red Window Frames magog_83 lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:47:06 2010
Rock That Spoke a Word (An Animated Mineral It Can Be Heard), A spuffyduds helva2260 Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:05:29 2010
Roman Man's Guide to Courtship, The crazyboutremmy fishwrites Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:04:59 2009
Rose By Any Other, A srin sophinisba Gwen/Morgana AU mp3 00:16:06 2010
Safeguard Solarcat eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:42:45 2010
Same Page, The xaritomene eosrose Bradley/Colin m4b 00:26:45 2009
Samhradh Grian, An [Gaelic] glinda glinda Gwen/Morgana mp3 00:00:59 2010
Secretary, The gnimaerd sophinisba Gwen/Morgana AU mp3 00:28:53 2010
Secrets at Dawn shiny_starlight helva2260 Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:12:10 2010
Sequel to The One Where Uther Had a Cow, The laurie eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:11:43 2010
Services Rendered rageprufrock revolutionaryjo Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:32:36] 2010
Seven Deadly Sins [anthology] lilian_cho dreaming_athena Gwen/Lancelot, Uther/Ygraine, Gen mp3 00:07:23 2010
Seven Magpies syllic Lunchee Merlin/Arthur m4b 03:15:01 2010
Shut Up angelqueen04 eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:01:59 2010
Sick Leave waldorph ibactress Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:05:22 2009
Silk and Silk (The Strange Magic Mix) glim and Glinda sophinisba Gwen/Morgana m4b, mp3 00:13:50 2010
Sleep, Sweet Prince eosrose eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:05:44 2010
Slip of the Tongue merry_gentry eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:03:55 2010
Smitten chicaintcheap eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 01:19:20 2010
Snap Point raspberry pop eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:11:10 2009
Snow Day slightlytookish yue ix Gen mp3 00:01:58 2010
Something To Talk About aleathiel toodelicious Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:15:46 2010
Spell Backfires on Merlin, A earthquakedream eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:03:48 2010
Spelunking SolarCat eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:03:14 2010
Spiders Can Play Cupid Too timetraveled nianeyna and fangirl productions Bradley/Colin mp3 00:10:39 2009
Spoils merry_gentry eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:02:27 2010
St James's Park i_claudia lest_we_ship Merlin/Arthur, Good Omens crossover mp3 00:09:11 2010
Stars Have Gone So Far, The jenwyrn jenwyrn Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:07:06 2010
Stars Speak, The Purpleyin chiak Gen mp3 00:02:42 2010
Steam new_kate pennyplainknits Merlin/Arthur m4b 03:40:43 2010
Story of Love and Menswear. Edited for Clarity by Arthur Pendragon, A [[[magog_83]] lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:46:08 2010
Stripped Bare chicago_ruth sophinisba Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:12:39 2010
Student Prince, The FayJay FayJay Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 15:09:00 2010
Sword and the Faith, The novembersmith regonym Gen m4b, mp3 00:05:37 2010
Sword in the Stone, The lavvyan eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:04:58 2010
Tail of Two Kitties 'verse [anthology] stuckinspokane lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:39:06 2010
Tale of the Sea Serpent, The Seperis eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b 01:36:26 2011
Target Area phantomreviewer eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:12:51 2009
Teaching the Indie Kids to Joust Again aja dreaming_athena Bradley/Colin mp3 01:09:25 2010
Teaching the Indie Kids to Joust Again - Epilogue suaine dreaming_athena Bradley/Colin mp3 00:04:25 2010
Ten out of Ten for Subtlety misswinterhill eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:33:22 2010
Terrible Jabberwock, The wickedmuffin athena Bradley/Colin mp3 00:42:39 2010
That Shall Achive the Sword astolat FayJay Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:37:21 2009
Theoretically Sexy emei emei Merlin/Arthur AU, background Gwen/Morgana mp3 00:14:58 2010
There's Always That slightlytookish eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:03:17 2010
These Things, I Thought They Only Happened In Movies With Arnold Schwarzenegger suaine eosrose Bradley/Colin, Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:19:48 2010
They Come In Threes roga lunchee Kris Allen/Adam Lambert, American Idol crossover mp3 01:23:20 2010
They are all that Remain lolafeist calliglad Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:14:55 2011
Thin Chain of Next Moments, The blincolin calliglad Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:14:00 2010
This Forgotten Space hermette pennyplainknits Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:13:56 2010
This hide and seek makes me an addict syllic pennyplainknits Merlin/Arthur, reincarnation, NSYNC m4b, mp3 00:22:13 2009
This Was Not In The Job Description ifyouweremine eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:14:17 2009
Those Deep Places svilleficrecs rhea314 Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:21:50 2008
Threat to Camelot acetamide eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:22:37 2010
Three Castles rageprufrock eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:35:23 2010
Three Tasks syllic pennyplainknits Merlin/Arthur m4b 02:38:58 2009
Three things Merlin doesn't know about Arthur, but will do, eventually seperis fleur rochard Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:04:57 2010
Three Years and Six Months 'verse [anthology] pasty_pants lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 01:39:48 2010
Three Years and Six Months pasty_pants lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 01:09:23 2010
Throw-In rageprufrock revolutionaryjo Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:12:52 2010
Ties spiny eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:05:55 2010
Tintagel seperis dyaoka Merlin/Arthur, Nimueh/Ygraine m4b 02:13:41 2010
To Be Known sometimessophie rhea314 Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:19:14 2009
Tower, The astolat eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:20:50 2011
Treason Me lest_we_ship lest_we_ship Gen mp3 00:02:56 2010
Treason to Us janne_d thisissirius Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:25:12 2010
Trompement; Chinese Food in Ealdor Block phantomreviewer eosrose Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:13:47 2009
Trouble With Unicorns, The astolat smallearthcat Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:16:05 2010
Trust (lay down your burdens) such_heights sophinisba Arthur/Gwen mp3 00:06:27 2010
Truth is a Beautiful and Terrible Thing, The flaggerbasted dreaming_athena Merlin/Arthur, Harry Potter crossover mp3 00:14:46 2010
Truth Is a Whisper seperis crinklysolution Merlin/Arthur m4b 02:55:08 2010
Truth Is a Whisper seperis villainny Merlin/Arthur m4b 02:59:23 2010
Truthspell (hard n' fast) vensre Lunchee Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:25:09 2011
Truthspell (soft n' slow) vensre Lunchee Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:25:49 2011
Two Weeks Notice Ras Elased Jenna Corinth Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 04:17:36 2010
Unbroken Thread, The dayari sophinisba Merlin/Arthur m4b 01:08:00 2011
Under No Condition misssnowfox misssnowfox Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:04:21 2010
Universal Language, The srin sophinisba Gwen/Morgana AU m4b, mp3 01:29:54 2011
Unknown Side Effect elandrialore rhea314 Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:12:38 2008
Unnecessary Freezing of Water, An shine crinklysolution Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:53:29 2010
Untitled [Gwen/Merlin-with-breasts] srin sophinisba Merlin/Gwen, Gwen/Morgana mp3 00:08:59 2011
vengeance built me hastily thoracopagus calliglad Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:29:51 2011
Virgin Sacrifices Aren't What They Used To Be lamardeuse FayJay Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, m4a, mp3 00:48:58 2010
Voice of an Angel, The ali-chan eosrose Gen m4b, mp3 00:06:28 2009
Vows SolarCat eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:04:29 2010
way out is through, the derryere jenwryn Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 01:05:28 2010
We're a Storm in Somebody Else's Teacup paperclipbitch twilight Merlin/Arthur AU m4b 11:11:25 2009
Week The Sassy Pose Came To Camelot, The magog_83 lunchee Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:22:20 2010
What Dreams May Come hils eosrose Gen m4b, mp3 00:29:52 2009
What Happened When the World Fell Apart iambickilometer aphelant Gen AU m4b, mp3 01:57:07 2009
What If? rose_walker22 eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:13:26 2009
What Looks Like Crazy hermette nu_breed Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 01:45:53 2011
Wheels on the Bus, The hulubululu euphoric_aria Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:14:49 2009
When Trust is a Thing Not Given aelora eosrose Merlin/Arthur m4b, mp3 00:48:07 2010
When Winning Feels Like Losing eosrose eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:01:05 2010
Wherein Colin is Bradley's Baby-Momma ifyouweremine eosrose Bradley/Colin m4b, mp3 00:29:57 2009
Wherein Wooing Colin Is Somewhat More Difficult Than Anticipated ifyouweremine fiercynn & slylilgoblin Bradley/Colin m4b, mp3 00:11:44 2009
Whims entangled_now/corona winkingstar Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:07:14 2008
Whispers in the Dark elsewhere_kels / euphoric_aria elsewhere_kels / euphoric_aria Gwen/Morgana mp3 00:01:05 2010
Who's Counting Anyway? phantomjam rhea314 Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:23:06 2008
Wild Honey mrsleary eosrose Bradley/Colin AU m4b, mp3 02:06:33 2009
Will's Coda pasty_pants lunchee Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:30:25 2010
Wolf Bite/Wolf Mate lady angel eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:01:19 2010
Wonder What You Are capricornucopia sophinisba Merlin/Gwen mp3 00:12:12 2011
Wouldn't it be nice to live together/in the kind of world where we belong ginnystar dreaming_athena Merlin/Arthur AU mp3 00:10:43 2010
Yes I'll Go with You sophinisba sophinisba Gwen/Morgana mp3 00:01:19 2010
You Have My Heart, Okay? slowdead snowbab Bradley/Colin AU mp3 00:14:08 2010
You Say Tomato and I Say Tomahto, and Let's Call the Whole Thing Off aeroport_art, Solarcat helva2260 Merlin/Arthur m4b 00:27:23 2010
You Say Tomato and I Say Tomahto aeroport_art helva2260 Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:18:33 2010
You're a Part Time Lover and a Full Time Friend alcetis eosrose Merlin/Arthur mp3 00:02:37 2010
Yours alcetis dreaming_athena Merlin/Arthur AU m4b, mp3 00:53:02 2010