Fools of Us All

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Title: Fools of Us All
Author(s): adelagia
Date(s): 13 July 2009
Length: 11,300 words, 1:12:02 hours
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Fools of Us All (LiveJournal)
Fools of Us All (audiobook)
podbook cover by cybel

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Fools of Us All is a Merlin/Arthur story by adelagia (~11,300 words).

Summary: Merlin accidentally makes everybody in Camelot fall in love with him. Everybody except Arthur, that is.

Arthur is immune against Merlin's accidentally spilled love potion because Arthur has been in love with him for years but Merlin doesn't know that. Futurefic and first time story.

FayJay podficced the story[1] and cybel turned it into an audiobook. The podfic is 1:12:02 hours long and available at the Audiofic Archive.

Recs and Reviews

  • "Everything, the sweetness of Arthur, the fact that he clearly misses having Merlin for himself all the time, Merlin with scruff (because seriously it just made the image of Colin doing Shakespeare flood in my mind) and just the way you write it, how Arthur is not jelaous, no of course never jealous but just royally dismayed and just...this, really. My fav: Arthur wondered if, in centuries to come, historical annals would pin his legacy down to just four simple words: King Arthur -- totally deranged. He'd have to make sure he was extra nice to Geoffrey from now on for additional insurance that future generations wouldn't look back on him in mocking hilarity."[2]
  • "It's absolutely hilarious, Arthur's voice and thoughts and random plans for what he's going to do to everyone else who ever looks at Merlin, and his black-hole mass denial, and the poetry and the lutes and the WOODLAND CREATURES OH GOD I WILL NEVER STOP LAUGHING. So it's hilarious, yeah, except it's also completely fucking ADORABLE because Arthur's a moron but he's so sweet and dumb and pining and exactly how I like him, and Merlin being all worried and not-so-secretly insecure when he thinks it's the spell, and gah, it's just awesome."[3]
  • "This story is truly priceless. It's a long fic that had me laughing and cheering and basically melting into a pool of happy fangirl goo."[4]
  • "I ADMIT. I love the whole love-potion-gone-wrong trope in every fandom. And this is extra well done! Arthur's inner monologue had me howling with LOLs."[5]


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