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Name: hermette
Fandoms: Bandom, Harry Potter, Merlin, Merlin RPF, One Direction, Panic! at the Disco, Teen Wolf
Communities: Glomp Fest, kinkelot
URL: hermette (AO3)
hermette (LJ)
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hermette is a fanfiction author, reccer, creator of fic and podfic banners, fest organizer and participant in fannish collaborations.


In Merlin fandom she participated in the Merlin Holidays gift exchange, the High School Merlin fest, The 'Make them do it' Comment Fest, the Merlin Wankfest 2010, Kinkspiration and was the founder of the Glomp Fest and The Great Merlin Wet Fest. She was also a moderator for kinkelot, a monthly kink-themed Merlin challenge community.

Her story To Look, Perchance To See was a Runner-Up in the "Best Drabble" category of the Merlin Slash Awards in 2010.

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