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Name: Glomp Fest
Date(s): 01 April 2011 - present
Founder: hermette
Type: fest
Fandom: Merlin
Associated Community: glomp_fest (LiveJournal)
URL: Masterlist
Glomp Fest.jpg
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Glomp Fest is a gift fest created so that Merlin/Arthur and Bradley/Colin writers and artists could show their appreciation directly to the people who make posting their creations so rewarding and worthwhile.[1] It is modelled after serpentinelion's Glomp Fest.

Who Can Be Glomped: If your main contribution to the fandom is through reading, commenting, lurking, reviewing, betaing, icon goodies, fanvid-makeage, modding, reccing, squeeing, or just in general being the reason writers and artists keep posting, you’re eligible!
Who Can Glomp: If you are a writer or artist, and you would like to show your appreciation to all those fabulous supporters out there, we need you![1]

Prompting for the first Glomp Fest began January 10, prompt claiming January 19, and posting April 1, 2011.[1] The Glomp Fest 2011 was wrapped up April 29, 2011.

The Glomp Fest 2012 began posting April 22, 2012.

Pimping Banners

The pimping banner art is by aqualillium and nachte. The banner by aqualillium shows part of an illustration originally created for Paperlegends for new_kate's Merlin/Arthur story Steam.

2011 Masterlist

Absence, Self from Self by scribblemoose for mintsincl (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: ~10,000.

Summary: Sometimes the truth is hard to take. Merlin and Arthur, canon-era, a few months after the end of Series 3.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words by merlinmonster for faevii (Bradley/Colin). Word Count: ~8,000.

Summary: This is just based on some kids answers to ‘What is love?’

Against the Door by zephre for quichey (Merlin/Arthur). Fanart. Medium: photoshop.

We've got kissing, making out against walls, and we could totally pretend they just came from a coffeeshop.

All Things Familiar by glimmergirl for readbeforesleep (Bradley/Colin). Word Count: ~3,200.

Summary: Wherein there is an early morning, a couple plush dinosaurs, and an early evening.

And Then They Kiss by giselleslash for kathyh (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: 5,300.

Summary: Five kisses and the one that started them all.

Arthur's Great Paper Chase by cyus for debris_k (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: 8,800.

Summary: When Arthur receives the first strange envelope, he's mildly curious. That's only the beginning.

Arthur to His Merlin by ella_bane for moonilicious (Bradley/Colin). Word Count: ~4,600.

Summary: In which Bradley James and Colin Morgan don't realize they are actually kind of married, and then they do.

Arthur, Unconscious by _grainne_ for seekintoyou (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: ~20,400.

Summary: Some quests are about much more than finding medicinal plants, mythical treasure, or large quantities of meat. Arthur is slow on the uptake, but he will get there, eventually. Canon-era AU firmly grounded in, and set after, the halcyon days of Series 1.

Avalon Hall, Room 302 by trinaest for jkrm310 (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: 2,400.

Summary: "Hi, I'm Merlin. You must be my roommate."

Before the Sun Rises by marguerite_26 for pkai7 (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: ~9,000.

Summary: After saving King Arthur’s life, a seventeen year old Merlin is asked to move to Camelot and become his manservant.

Bright like my lover's light. by rufflefeather for soledadsoledad (Bradley/Colin). Word Count: ~12,000.

Summary: Filming of BBC's Merlin finished months ago, and Colin spends a lot of time not thinking about Bradley after a one night stand he had hoped to be so much more.

Could It Be Magic by planejane for nene (Merlin/Arthur): Word Count: 12,500.

Summary: It’s early 1994, and age of consent for gay men is lowered from twenty-one to eighteen, which frees nineteen-year-old Merlin to pursue the Lesbian and Gay Society (LGSoc) golden boy, Arthur Pendragon. From the very beginning the attraction is mutual, but what they both discover as they fall head over heels, is that an even bigger freedom comes from knowing you’re truly loved, for everything you are. Author's Notes: nene asked for Heavy-duty romance, devotion, adoration. Heart-swelling, mind-blowing love but with all the difficulties that go with it.

Cruor Manuum by deamsgirl for cat_sdgirl (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: ~1,600.

Summary: Merlin kneels on the filthy forest floor, and wills himself not to cry.

For the Good of the Kingdom by magog_83 for giecast (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: 12,650.

Summary: Merlin returns from his sojourn with the druids in the company of a man who is criminally handsome. Arthur reacts in the mature and reasonable fashion you would expect.

Good News (is on the way) by derryere for denija (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: 61,000.

Summary: Arthur, a travelling businessman, decides to rent a room with the Wyllt family while in town. Hunith is charmed. Her son, Merlin, is not. Warnings: UN! DER! AGE!

The Great Pretender Isn't Just the Title of a Platters Song by rotrude for bibliokat (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: 24,500.

Summary: On the hunt for a new job, Financial Analyst Arthur Pendragon is seeking to prove himself. Pity that his prospective employer will only hire married candidates, especially given that Arthur’s blatantly single.

The Greater Bond by ravenflight21 for swk45802 (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: 15,500.

Summary: When Arthur is kidnapped by slavetraders, Merlin has only one option: to buy him. Playing Arthur’s master has its drawbacks – but it also has extraordinary compensations.

Hand in Glove by winterstorrm for chaosmaka (Merlin/Arthur, side orders of Arthur/Gwen, Gwaine/Merlin, Leon/Morgana). Word Count: 8,041.

Summary: Once inseparable, Arthur and Merlin were torn apart five years ago. When a chance meeting brings them back together their lives are thrown into chaos.

Intended by new_kate for daydreamfantasy (Arthur/Merlin, brief Merlin/Gwaine and Arthur/Other). Word Count: 17,000.

Summary: "Kids have crushes on teachers all the time. It's perfectly normal." Teacher/student, school setting, age difference (18 and 27)

Keeping Up Appearances by wanderhomeagain for chaneen (Arthur/Merlin, (hints of Lancelot/Gwen, Leon/Gwen, Leon/Morgana, and Leon/Elena) ). Word Count: 3600.

Summary: In which Elena hasn't changed that much, Merlin and Arthur are very good at pretending, and the knights serve as something of a Greek chorus. Or, that one where Merlin and Arthur have to pretend to be married to save (Elena's) face.

Laundry Letters by dysonrules for inspiredlife (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: 7,900.

Summary: Arthur attends a prestigious university and seems to have everything going his way… except for an inability to do his own laundry. (AU)

Leaving Only Bells of Lightning by shes_gone for giggling_marlin (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: 3,600.

Summary: Arthur is king, and Merlin is avoiding him. Also, it's raining.

Litany in Which Certain Things are Crossed Out by sabriel75 for charma_10 (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: ~8,000.

Summary: Sex! Drugs! Rock ‘n’ Roll! Okay… so no rock ‘n’ roll, however, Arthur gets caught in an orgy, acts like a prima donna, and learns being the better man is sexier than he ever realized. Oh and possibly believes in love at first lick. Merlin agrees with him. Author's Notes: modern AU, mega UST with resolution, happy endings, banter, bit of angst/drama/misunderstanding, arthur looking after merlin, smartass!Will, smartass!Gwaine, smartass!Gwen, dentist!Merlin, lawyer!Arthur

Love of a different kind by dk323 for deathsblood (Arthur/Merlin, past Arthur/Gwen, Morgana). Word Count: 8,142.

Summary: In Arthur’s first reincarnated life, he hopes to finally have a proper relationship with Merlin. While they couldn’t be together the way they wanted in the days of Camelot, this new modern world opens up possibilities for them. Everything is going well during their reunion until Arthur discovers that there’s one change in Merlin’s current incarnation that he can’t so easily accept.

mis en place by hermette & lolafeist for almond_days (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: 1,700.

Summary: It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake. (Or, mmm, cake. mmm, Merlin.)

Odd Mysteries by lolafeist for pippopippo (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: 2,500.

Summary: After Merlin accidentally turns himself into a woman and falls into an exhausted sleep, Arthur becomes very curious about his new form.

Oh Baby I'm A Fool For You by nu_breed for unrequited1984 (Arthur/Merlin, minor Arthur/Percy, Gwaine/Merlin implied). Word Count: 7,700.

Summary: Arthur doesn't like the new guy at all. It has nothing to do with Merlin, of course, who he isn't even remotely interested in. And if he was? Well, he'd never admit it. Not even with the aid of a lot of alcohol, karaoke and a meddling sister.

On a Dare by myashke for rodneyscat (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: ~13,300.

Summary: Merlin confidently accepts a challenge to go without his magic for one week, but will he be able to hold out, or will Arthur win?

The Pendragon Way by dreamdustmama for accioscar (Arthur/Merlin (Elena/Gwaine)). Word Count: 14,000.

Summary: Arthur answers an ad in the paper for a third flat mate, and his life is turned completely upside down. It's the best decision he's ever made.

Prime Numbers by nympha_alba for piglet76 (Bradley/Colin). Word Count: ~3,500.

Summary: Up there on stage, Colin is a stranger, and Bradley can't make himself leave. Not until Colin is familiar again.

The Secret Life of Daydreams by prplhez8 for failed_mission (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: 5,634.

Summary: Arthur Pendragon, Camelot University student, comes to terms with life and love after meeting fellow student, Merlin Emrys.

Summer Skin by tindu for kittie8571 (Bradley/Colin). Fanart.

Medium: Traditional (digital) art. Bradley and Colin making out on a couch in their underwear.

The Thing Is by emerish for fierysunrise (Merlin/Arthur, implied Merlin/Gwaine). Word Count: 4,509.

Summary: In which Arthur is jealous and gets pretty good at ignoring Merlin.

Things Fall Apart by frantic_allonsy for seekintoyou (Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Lancelot). Word Count: 5,478.

Summary: Merlin Emrys, a graduate student in the creative writing programme at Camelot University, really, completely, seriously hates his poetry professor and does not love him even slightly.

Those Who Do Not Betray Us by leashy_bebes for isisanubis (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: ~22,000.

Summary: The cost of a Pendragon heir was Uther's life, not Ygraine's. With her brother Tristan's help, she manages to cling onto the throne, hoping only for the day when her beloved son Arthur can take his place as king. When a teenage Arthur begins to sense the increasingly frequent magical attacks on Camelot, Queen Ygraine asks the dragonlord Balinor and his wife Hunith to send their son to Camelot as a tutor and companion for Prince Arthur. Then destiny takes over.

Those Who Favour Fire by darksagegrl0 for sighnomore (main pairing Arthur/Merlin | secondary/non-explicit pairings Arthur/Gwen, Gwen/Lancelot, Gwaine/Merlin). Word Count: 4,200.

Summary: For the prompt of a Future!Canon setting with Arthur as King and Merlin dealing with the Arthur/Gwen relationship.

Universal Language by fuzzytomato02 for _bettina_ (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: ~2,000.

Summary: Arthur always wanted to seduce Merlin in the library.

We're Lost, It's Cold, and There Are Dragons Out There by misswinterhill for gilli_ann (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: ~27,200.

Summary: Modern AU with magic. Arthur is relatively sure that Bear Gryllis has never had to deal with anything like the world’s most aggravating baby dragon when he was out surviving in the wilderness. Merlin thinks that Arthur has taken the whole “magic reveal” thing pretty damn well, which might have something to do with Merlin saving Arthur’s life just now when the helicopter crashed. The dragon thinks they’re both idiots.

Where We Overlap by jad for mabonwitch (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: ~11,000.

Summary: Merlin must think he's an idiot if he thinks Arthur doesn't know his secret. The trick will be getting Merlin to admit it. But Arthur has a plan, and as far as he's concerned, Destiny can kiss his royal arse.

… with careful fingers and benign by slashweaver for lambbaby (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: ~1,500.

Summary: Arthur falls in love on his first day of high school… with Merlin's fingers.


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