Arthur, Unconscious

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Title: Arthur, Unconscious
Author(s): _grainne_
Date(s): 11 April 2011
Length: ~20,400 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Arthur, Unconscious (LiveJournal)

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Arthur, Unconscious is a Merlin/Arthur story by _grainne_. It was written for Glomp Fest, recipient was seekintoyou.

Summary: Some quests are about much more than finding medicinal plants, mythical treasure, or large quantities of meat. Arthur is slow on the uptake, but he will get there, eventually. Canon-era AU firmly grounded in, and set after, the halcyon days of Series 1.

The story could be a series of at least three separate stories and the only part that isn't quite as strong is the ending which stumbles a bit at the finish line.

Recs and Reviews

  • "A story grounded beautifully in Arthur's POV, wherein he comes to terms with what Merlin means to him, but not in a fraught kind of way. More like, it's inevitable. And also, Merlin points out how much time Arthur spends unconscious; that conversation in this story made my day."[1]
  • "That fic that's like, what SHOULD have happened, at the end of Series 1. In a world where Arthur/Merlin could happen on tv, like a huge 6-parter special Big Reveal miniseries, with adventures and friendships and all those important things slotted in, too. Taking exactly what's there in canon at the cut off of Series 1 and ramping it up to 11 in terms of humor and adorableness and emotions."[2]


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