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Synonyms: Glompfest
See also: glomp, fest, challenge
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A Glompfest or Glomp Fest is a specific type of gift fest created to inspire writers and artists to show their appreciation to their readers, art appreciators and supporters.


The original Glomp Fest was a Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy fest. The name of the fest was chosen to represent the writers and artists enthusiastically embracing their supporters.

Glompfest Eligibility

Glomp Fest provides the opportunity for writers and artists to be completely selfless by offering gifts in the form of fanfic and fanart with nothing in exchange. Therefore, writers and artists are not eligible to submit prompts.[1]

Who Can Be Glomped: If your main contribution to the fandom is through reading, commenting, lurking, reviewing, betaing, icon goodies, fanvid-makeage, modding, reccing, squeeing, or just in general being the reason writers and artists keep posting, you’re eligible![2]

Who Can Glomp: If you are a writer or artist, and you would like to show your appreciation to all those fabulous supporters out there, we would love your help![2]

List of Glomp Fests


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