Harry/Draco Glompfest

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Name: Harry/Draco Glompfest
Date(s): 2010
Founder: alaana_fair, dysonrules, sesheta_66
Type: Glompfest, Fest
Fandom: Harry/Draco
Associated Community: serpentinelion (LiveJournal)
URL: 2010 Masterlist
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The Harry/Draco Glompfest was created to inspire H/D writers and artists to show their appreciation directly to the people who make posting their creations so worthwhile.

How to be glomped: If your main contribution to the fandom is through reading, commenting, lurking, reviewing, betaing, icon goodies, fanvid-makeage, modding, reccing, squeeing, or just in general being the reason writers and artists keep posting, you’re eligible![1]

How to glomp: If you are a writer or artist, and you would like to show your appreciation to all those fabulous supporters out there, we would love your help![1]

Pimping Banners

The pimping banners are made by phoenixacid using artworks by red_rahl and sepsku.