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Title: Spring Fling (Podfic Anthology)
Podfic Artist(s): pennyplainknits
Cover Artist: bluespirit, queenklu, bergann, hermette
Date(s): April 30, 2011
Length: ~2:22:40 minutes
File: mp3 and m4b
Based On: multiple
Author: multiple
Fandom: Multiple Fandoms
External Links: amplificathon post
anthology available at the audiofic archive

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Spring Fling is a podfic anthology that includes five podfics recorded by pennyplainknits and covering a wide range of authors. The idea behind the anthology is to first have readers listen to the story as podfic and then later read the stories, reversing the (sometimes) typical order in which fanfic is experienced. A series of four banners were created by hermette, and two of the fic writers also provided cover art.

The collection consists of five stories written by bluespirit, lavvyan, thegrrrl2002, aphelant, and queenklu.

The anthology inspired other podficcers and writers to create the Pod Together challenge, in which stories are written to be podficced.

Penny's FAQ

From pennyplainknits' FAQ:
"Well, as I may have wittered on about before and at length, I’m really interested in the way that podfic is a performance and an interpretation of a text, but also a valid creative and fannish outlet in its own right. I’m sure many podfic artists have met with the assumption, as I have, that all we are is human screenreaders. Some of you may remember Kiss, which was a little album of podfic kisses I wrote and recorded last year. Kiss was one attempt to look at what happens when podfic is the primary way to experience the story.

A few months ago I had a idea to do a similiar sort of podfic project, with myself as the reader, and the stories created by the talent people on my flist. Partly because collaboration is awesome! And partly because I was interested to see how it would work from the point of view of the author, knowing that they were creating a performed piece. And partly, again, to try and promote the idea of podfic as a valid fanwork, not just an alternate format. 5 wonderful responded and together we created the recordings I’m going to post over the next few days.

All the authors beta listened to the recordings, and made suggestions and gave comments. I really enjoyed the challenge of recording the stories, and I’ll talk a little bit more about that in each post. I also asked each author about their process in writing stories to be performed, and you’ll see that in the posts as well. I had a great time recording all of them, recorded in three new fandoms, got to play around with different voices and inflections, and recorded everything from tiny vignettes to 16,000 word epics.

The stories exist only as podfic at the moment. There is no text, because I want people to experience them aurally first. After a month has passed, you’ll be able to read the fics- so I’m not holding them hostage! I really hope you’ll enjoy the stories as much as I did, and please please let the authors know, either here or in their journals, if you did. Podfic doesn’t get a lot of comments and I’m cool with that, but they worked so hard that I don’t want them to feel forgotten!"[1]


The complete listing of stories, summaries and fandoms can be read here.



"I just want to say that I'm so excited for this - I love your interpretation of the fics you read, and I'm really intrigued by the idea of sort of 'stand-alone' podfic. It's like a complete circle back to the old traditions... Thanks for taking up the banner! Can't wait..."[2]
"This project is so fucking cool, Penny. I hope it gets picked up and adopted by other readers and maybe collectively in some fandoms. It's just such a wonderful precedent to set. I know this idea is something you've been passionate about for a while now, and I am so appreciative of you trailblazing for the rest of us."[3]
"....it's like bringing the idea of storytelling back to its origins, when stories were recited out loud rather than written down and read. i have no idea if enough people on my flist would be interested in writing for this kind of thing, but now i kind of want to find out. (i write with an ear to how the story would sound read out loud - i read it to myself as i go along - but i have no idea how many other people do it that way, and now i'm curious what other writers' responses would be if they were to write something specifically to be podficced, and not read on a screen.) "[4]
[On "Let the Rain Kiss You"]: "Wow you have an awesome storytelling voice. It's amazing how you capture everyone's personalities in their dialogue. Each voice is nuanced but still in tune with the timbre of the overall story. Your Danny is perfect! You even nailed his ranting with the sputtering that sounds both annoyed and adorable! Then Steve's all fond and content. *hearts*"[5]
[On "People around you smiling out loud'}:"First, I listened to this while doing busywork (cleaning the house a bit, doing some yard work), and I was never distracted even once. Sometimes when listening and doing stuff like that, I find that I have to stop and rewind a bit because either my mind wanders or I lose track of who said what. That didn’t happen here at all. I was basically riveted the whole time, and felt very focused even as my hands did other things. Even with the small bits that didn’t have immediate dialog tags, I was never confused and I knew exactly who was speaking. The pacing was perfect, even aside from appropriate pauses. I heard somewhere (NPR’s This American Life, I think) that things written for the radio need to “move along” every one or two minutes for the reader to stay focused. I don’t think that’s necessarily true, but (as I said before) this was an especially riveting listen, so I wonder if some aspect of that was at play here."[6]
[On "Continuity']: "This is incredibly overdue, I have listened to this several times and I love your voice, and John and Sherlock's voices, and your wonderful, heartfelt reading."[7]
[On "Back To Pink"]:"You did a great job reading that story! I so love it. You have an amazing voice and you know how to use it."[8]



A CD of the anthology was included in TAMU's Media Fanzine Collection.


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