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Name: Kinkspiration
Date(s): 2011 - 2012
Founder: marguerite_26 & novemberlite
Type: kink challenge
Fandom: Merlin, others
Associated Community: kinkspiration tag at marguerite_26's LJ
URL: Masterlist Round 1: Bestiality
Masterlist Round 2: Crossdressing
Masterlist Round 3: Slave Kink
Masterlist Round 4: Underage
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Kinkspiration is a mostly Merlin kink challenge hosted by marguerite_26 and novemberlite. Any fandom and pairing is welcome.
When we signed up for summerpornathon, novemberlite and I had planned to try to out-kink each other each week. We had a point system! And a judge!!! But p-thon prompt/time limit/desire to actually get votes restricted our ability to be as kinky as we would like.
But the thought was always there, bouncing around between us. So we’ve decided to do something else. Monthly or bi-week depending... We’re going to issue a challenge of a particular kink and a posting date.[1]

Round 1: Bestiality

The round 1 kink was bestiality. Posting date was October 18, 2011.


  • Magic Dragon by reni_m [NWS] Dragon!Merlin/Arthur
  • Dragonlord by bamphigoury [WS, non-con] Kilgharrah/Merlin
  • Slither by astridfire [NWS] pairing/fandom of your choice
  • mersula (or) look, ma, no hands! by novemberlite Tentacle!Merlin/Arthur [NWS]
  • tentacles, anyone? by oteap Gwen/Tentacles [NWS]


Pack Instinct by Marguerite_26 Merlin/Arthur [NC-17, warnings] (2.6k)
Summary: Arthur didn’t know why finding his spirit animal was important, but Merlin insisted and Arthur rarely got his way these days.
cry wolf by novemberlite Merlin/Arthur [NC-17, warnings] (1.6k)
Summary: once upon a time, merlin met a wolf in the woods. guess who?
hush now by anon Merlin/Horse [NC-17, warnings (including watersports + others listed in post)] (~1k)
Strays by mijeli Harry/Draco [R] (2.5k)
Summary: The dog lifted his head and turned, and Draco's breath caught. Could Potter smell him?
Brannon by cyus Colin/OMC, Colin/Bradley, Colin/dog [NC-17] (3.5k)
Summary: The drunken shags followed by weeks of guilt are wearing him down enough that he's just looking for a small break.
Thief in the Night by angelqueen04 Gwen/Morgana [NC-17, warnings] (1.2k)
Summary: The floors of Camelot were freezing to Morgana’s reptillian skin. Futurefic, set after Gwen becomes Queen.
Berries and Dogs by faviconyue_ix Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/dog [NC-17] (3k)
Summary: It would be just the two of them and a few dogs for the whole time. No one ever noticed that Merlin sometimes came back a little more sore, and a lot happier, than he ought to be.
I Dal Myrddin gan ei Cynffon by darksagegrl0 Cat!Merlin/Arthur [NC-17] (1.9k)
Hear the sigh of the trees by renrenren3 Caroline/Tyler Vampire Diaries [NC-17] (1.4k)
You are mine... by catarotta Merlin/Arthur [NC-17] (1.6k)
The Blessing by corilannam Merlin/unicorn, Merlin/Arthur [NC-17] (4k)

Round 2: Crossdressing

The round 2 kink was crossdressing. Posting date was November 01, 2011.


pink by astridfire | harry/draco | pg-13
my geisha by waltzing_mice | merlin/arthur | nsfw
(be adored) by novemberlite | merlin/arthur | nsfw
morgana by lamerezouille | morgana | g
male valkyrie by reni_m | arthur | g
ivory by auntshoe | merlin | r
untitled by chicago_ruth | merlin | r
feathers by altocello | arthur | g


hidden by lewisian_gneiss | balinor/hunith | pg-13
marriott downtown by cyus | jensen/bradley, colin/bradley implied | nc-17
to break and blossom by novemberlite | merlin/arthur | nc-17
the luxury of lace by marguerite_26 | bradley/colin | nc-17
slip by xthursdaynextx | merlin/arthur | nc-17
good, giving, and gwaine by junkshop_disco | merlin/gwaine | nc-17
under by mabonwitch | bradley/colin | nc-17
cherry lips by darksagegrl0 | merlin/arthur | pg-13
in which arthur is merlin's naughty student... sort of. by bloodypinkbear | merlin/arthur | nc-17
you and i by lyryk | merlin/arthur | nc-17
color study by chicago_ruth | gwaine/merlin | nc-17
for the good of the kingdom by renrenren3 | arthur/merlin | pg-13

Round 3: Slave Kink

The round 3 kink was slave kink. Posting date was January 10, 2012


Mercy by bamphigoury (Merlin/Uther) [NC-17, warnings]
The Secret Garden by waltzing_mice (Merlin, implied Merlin/Arthur) [R]
slave!Morgana by oteap (Morgana) [NC-17/NWS]
Astoria sketches by vlorahp (Astoria/Draco) [R/NWS]


Fear Me, Love Me, Do As I Say (And I Will Be Your Slave) by danceswithsocks (Merlin/Arthur) [R, warnings] [Mod :Note: Banner behind link is NWS]
Summary: He did it for Camelot and got lost along the way.
Protecting the Pendragon Lineage by marguerite_26 (Merlin/Arthur) [NC-17]
Summary: Arthur endured the Presentation and tried not to think of himself as a pawn, no more significant than the :druid slave.
Power of Blood by chicago_ruth (Merlin/Arthur) [NC-17, warnings]
Summary: AU. The druids and Camelot are at war, and Merlin discovers that Arthur's blood carries a secret.
to the victor by novemberlite (Merlin/Arthur) [NC-17]
summary: in which arthur's the victor, and merlin's the spoils. right?

Round 4: Underage

The round 4 kink was underage. Posting date was January 31, 2012. This round produced no art.


Trained to Remember by chicago_ruth Arthur/Merlin [NC-17] (7.6k)
Content: UNDERAGE, DUBCON, mind control, humiliation, watersports, spanking, prostate milking [spoilery age warning at post]
Summary: Emrys's touch fills Arthur with a warmth he's been starved for, and he's willing to do anything to ensure that Emrys keeps touching him.
Tell me How by fr333bird Arthur/Merlin [NC-17] (1.4k)
Content: Underage (they’re sixteen)
Summary: Merlin and Arthur are roommates at a posh boarding school. That's all you need to know.
A Subtle Kind Of Magic by steamyaffair Arthur/Morgana [NC-17] (1.3k)
Content: Underage. Morgana is 15 and Arthur is 14. Also, slightly dub-con due to perceived power imbalance
Summary: It was like the times when her pretty mare was in heat, eliciting desperate bugles from the palace stallions. There was power here. Power not dictated by man or law - a subtle kind of magic.
Wet by mabonwitch Arthur/Morgana [NC-17] (3k)
Content: Underage. No specific ages are mentioned, but the implication is that they are both still in their teens. Incest, but neither of them know they're siblings.
Summary: Morgana entices Arthur into doing something he shouldn't.
and whatever you want by m_frantic Arthur/Merlin [R] (3k)
Content: Underage (Arthur is 18, Merlin is 14)
Summary: Arthur absolutely cannot stand anything about the housekeeper's son. Especially when Gwaine starts to take notice.
In the Service of the King by marguerite_26 Arthur/Merlin [NC-17] (4k)
Content: age disparity, underage (Arthur’s 30, Merlin’s 15), power imbalance and coercion. Brief, though explicit moments of Arthur/OFC and Arthur/OMC.
Summary: When Arthur looked at his new servant he wondered just who thought this boy’s spirit had been broken.
How Lucky You Are by hermette Arthur/Merlin [NC-17] (3k)
Content: underage (Merlin is 13) and hints of D/s
Summary: There’s a lot Merlin needs to learn.
lupercalia by novemberliteArthur/Merlin [NC-17] (8.3k)
Content: knotting, alpha/omega trope, underage (sexual contact at 15), age disparity (15/21)
Summary: canon au. on his way to camelot, merlin goes into heat for the first time. things progress from there, as they are wont to do.


Paternal Resemblance by shutupeccles Sirius Black/Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom/Scorpius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy/Albus Potter [NC-17] (786, 2128, 2028)
Content:underage, cross-gen, age disparity – youngest participant being 15/16, identity confusion (1), dub-con (1), author’s sense of humour (2&3), angst scattered throughout
Summary: So, you're an adolescent wizard trapped in a boarding school with a best friend / worst enemy you desperately need to shag, and he just aint interested. How to ease the torment? Aside from wank over him, there's probably not a lot to do besides wait about twenty years and fuck his son, like these guys did.
Just One More Secret by marguerite_26 Sirius Black/Harry Potter [NC-17] (4k)
Content: age disparity, underage (Harry’s 15), sentient bestiality
Summary: A dog can be a lonely young boy’s best friend.
Untitled by anon Regulus/Remus [NC-17] (~1.5k)
Content: Underage: 15/17, voyeurism


  1. marguerite_26. Some Kinkspiration - Round 1: Bestiality, 29 September 2011.