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Pairing: Merlin/Uther
Alternative name(s): Uther/Merlin
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Merlin
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Low
Other: UtherxTheBoys
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Merlin/Uther is a rare slash pairing that tends to be dark and sometimes non-consensual, although in 2010 there has been a trend toward making more consensual Merlin/Uther. Some fans are drawn to the uneven power dynamics between King Uther, who hates magic, and the young servant Merlin, who is loyal to Prince Arthur but struggling to keep his magic secret. Some fanworks imagine that Uther knows about Merlin's magic and uses the threat of execution to force Merlin to obey him, although canon does not show that Uther knows.


  • The LiveJournal community UtherxTheBoys accepts fanworks for Merlin/Uther, Arthur/Uther, and Arthur/Merlin/Uther.
  • Several of the most popular Merlin/Uther fanfics were originally written for the kinkme_merlin kink meme where they could be requested and posted anonymously.

Example Fanworks