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Buddyslash is the term for slash between characters who are friends, or more often, partners (see Buddy Cop Fandom) in canon. Slashers who like buddyslash usually take the canonical closeness they see on the screen—which may often verge on actual textual obsession, co-dependency, or claustrophobia (see Canadian Shack)—and extend it into a romantic or sexual relationship.

Notable buddyslash pairings include Starsky & Hutch, Bodie/Doyle from The Professionals, Benton Fraser with either Ray from Due South, Jim/Blair from The Sentinel, etc.

The word buddyslash is not usually applied to slash for female characters who are friends in canon (e.g. Xena/Gabrielle).

The opposite of buddyslash is enemyslash, in which the canonical obsession takes quite a different form.