Broccoli Test (glossary term)

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Synonyms: Living in Each Other's Pocket
See also: psychic bond, Soulbond, Cut One and the Other One Bleeds, So Married, Vulcan Mind Meld
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The Broccoli Test is a shorthand term for some characters' almost psychic understanding of each other.

The term came out of a humorous real-life situation. Sandy Herrold and her friend Charlotte were in a grocery store together (1994 or shortly before) [1], at opposite ends of the produce section. Both were heavily into The Professionals at the time. Sandy tried to communicate to Charlotte that she should pick up some broccoli without shouting across the store at her. No amount of pantomiming and mouthing of the words could get the point across to Charlotte, so Sandy told her later, "Doyle would have known Bodie wanted him to pick up some broccoli with just a raise of his eyebrow!"

Thus, Bodie and Doyle would have passed the broccoli test. It is frequently shorthanded even more to "have broccoli" -- a pairing is said to have broccoli if it can be proven in canon that they understand one another well enough to pass the test.

The phrase and the story became a sort of accidental meme on LiveJournal years later after Gwyneth Rhys wrote about it in her post The broccoli test, and her preferences for pairings that pass the Broccoli Test.

Other fans began writing about how or why their own pairings would pass or fail, or what other test their pairings would create.

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