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Name: Charlotte C Hill
Alias(es): Eclipse, Maggie Hall, Sharon Idaho, Dawn Woods, Susan Smithson
Type: author, vidder, moderator, retired 'zine publisher, convention concom
Fandoms: ST:TOS both K/S and Spock/McCoy_(TOS), Starsky and Hutch, The Professionals, Wiseguy, Highlander (Methos, anyway <g>), Magnificent 7, Stargate Atlantis, Burn Notice, Almost Human, MCU (Bruce_Banner/Tony_Stark)
Communities: Drinking n' Fighting, Write 'em, Cowboys
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Charlotte C Hill is the pseudonym of a long-term slash fan who started out in Star Trek: TOS and as of 2015, landed in the MCU. By 1988 she found Starsky & Hutch and The Professionals, when she met Megan Kent, her fan pair of over 3 decades. Together Charlotte and Megan published Manacles Press, a fanzine press that published Concupiscence, McPikus Interruptus, Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink, and special collections and novels through the 1990s. As a way of classifying her story styles, she used various pseudonyms, including Maggie Hall, Sharon Idaho, Dawn Woods, Susan Smithson, and others.

In 1991 Charlotte and Megan started Escapade, a slash convention which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2020.

Once a prolific slash author, she contributed to Manacles' regular zines, and has written in Almost Human, M7, The Professionals, Space: Above and Beyond, Wiseguy, Buckaroo Banzai, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Once a Thief, Blake's Seven, and Star Trek: TOS among other fandoms. In M7, her favorite obscure fandom, she owned the Drinking n' Fighting mailing list, co-moderated the Write 'em Cowboys writers' fic list, and was the co-archivist of the Drinking n' Fighting archive.

She has contributed to Media Cannibals as a vidder.

To this day, she is contemplating writing the seminal Burn Notice Sam/Michael story.


Other Fannish Activity

  • The first story she ever published online was Apprentice to Journeyman in SW:TPM. The worldwide web inspired her first real pseudonym change and a brief flurry of others, until she eventually settled on Charlotte.

Bibliography (incomplete)

Most Manacles Press zine contributions are not listed herein.

Almost Human

Magnificent Seven

  • Tascosa Rules (2012)
  • First First Times (2009)
  • When Words Are Broken I (2009)
  • Things that Define You (2008)
  • Adult Ed (co-auther farad, 2008)
  • Birthday in the Life (2008)
  • Long Haul (2008)
  • Fighting Smoke (co-auther farad, 2008)
  • Honeymoon (2008)
  • America the Beautiful
  • Fractured (The Skip Trace Universe starting story)
  • Touchstone (Skip Trace)
  • The Big Score (Skip Trace) (2006)
  • What Counts As a Win (Skip Trace) (2008)
  • Waiting Games (Skip Trace) (2008)
  • Are You In? (with Fara Driver) (Skip Trace)
  • Home From the Holidays (Skip Trace) (2007)
  • Anniversary (2007)
  • Words 4 (101 words)
  • No Love For Solitude (2007)
  • Things That Go Bump (2007)
  • America the Beautiful (2006)
  • Obligations (2006)

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (as Susan Smithson)

Once A Thief

  • Director's Orders

The Professionals

  • Blue Skies (as Maggie Hall)
  • Facets II: Stolen Moments (as Maggie Hall)


  • Facets

Miscellaneous Fifty-Fifty Buckaroo Banzai Batman


  • The Bonanza Theme Song (Highlander, the four horsemen)
  • Send the Marines! (Tom Lehrer, S:AAB)
  • Too Much Love Will Kill You (Brian May/Wiseguy)