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See also: cowriter, beta, Queer Minstrel Show, fannish drift
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This term refers to a given fan's "pair" or "partner" in fandom. Although the dyadic language sounds romantic (maybe especially to slash and femslash fans), the fanpair relationship isn't necessarily sexual. A fan and her fanpair are friends who share a fandom in a deep way. They may beta each others' fanfic or vids or share co-creator status on fanworks. If one member of a fanpair falls in love with a new fandom, and the other partner doesn't share the obsession, the tenor of the relationship is liable to change.

A non-binary example is the Webrain: [1]

The term may no longer be in general use; fans today do refer to braintwins, fannish best friends, partners in crime or, of course, betas or cowriters.