An Unnecessary Freezing of Water

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Title: An Unnecessary Freezing of Water
Author(s): Shine
Date(s): 14 March 2009
Length: 8,205 words, 53:30 min
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: An Unnecessary Freezing of Water (Livejournal)
An Unnecessary Freezing of Water (audiobook)

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podbook cover by crinklysolution

An Unnecessary Freezing of Water is a Merlin/Arthur story by Shine (8,205 words).

Summary: The next time he opened his eyes he was as cold as he’d ever been in his life.

Separated from their hunting group, Merlin and Arthur have to find their way through a snowstorm. When Arthur falls into a frozen river, Merlin goes after him to save him. Beautiful h/c story that makes the reader feel the biting chill of winter and the intense emotions right below the surface. Features a magic reveal and Merlin and Arthur sharing body heat (naked in the snow, next to a roaring magical fire) to fight off hypothermia.

crinklysolutions podficced the story[1] and it's available in mp3 and audiobook format at the Audiofic Archive. The podbook is 53:30 min long.

Recs and Reviews

It's a whole genre in Merlin fanfiction; 'Merlin is forced to reveal his magic to save Arthur'. It works beautifully in this fic and I especially love Arthur's character development. I also love that Merlin has trouble dealing with the actual trauma they've been through and the tender way in which Arthur comforts and helps Merlin took my breath away.[2]

Arthur and Merlin get lost in a snowstorm."[3]

Bring a blanket for this one. The writing is descriptive and beautiful. You're going to feel each part of this story. Hang on for the ride![4]

Sruvival 101 in the woods. It’s like sharing a tent, only without the tent but with chainmail instead.[5]


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