Three Tasks

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Title: Three Tasks
Author(s): syllic
Date(s): 12 December 2008 - 19 December 2008
Length: 30,869 words; 2:38:38 hours
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Three Tasks (LiveJournal)
Three Tasks (AO3)
Three Tasks (podbook)
Three Tasks (Ebook Library)
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Three Tasks is a Merlin/Arthur story by syllic (30,869 words). The story was a winner in the Merlin/Arthur Fanfic Awards Spring 2009 in the categories Best Overall Fic, Best Chapter Fic and Best Arthur Characterisation and a runner-up in the categories Best Fluff Fic and Best Romance Fic. It's also a Merlin Slash Awards Spring 2010 winner in the categories Best Characterisation of Arthur and Best Romance.

Summary: Arthur is the Royal Arbiter for Suitable Suitors' Disputes. He (and his trusty companion, the golden-dragon-tasselled hat) alone can determine who is fit to woo royal servants and other assorted courtiers in Uther's court. (In light of the preceding sentence, the following may not appear to be a truthful statement, but: not as cracky as that makes it sound. Really.)

pennyplainknits podficced the story[1] and Cybel turned it into an audiobook. It is available at the Audiofic Archive. Podfic summary: "In which Arthur is the Royal Arbitor for Suitable Suitors Disputes, Merlin is the subject of said dispute, and Arthur is resplendant in lilac."

cellophane_ria made a cute illustration that shows Arthur wearing his lilac robes and Merlin carrying a small wooden chest.[2]

Recs and Reviews

  • "It sounds like it might be crack at first, what with the lilac robes and all (that Uther has reluctantly handed over to Arthur, along with the responsibilities of being 'Royal Arbiter for Suitable Suitors’ Disputes'. It is laugh out loud funny, but also shows a maturing Arthur and a sweet development of the relationship between Arthur & Merlin. In fact, I have this very strong urge to go and read it again."[3]
  • "One of Arthur's duties is to decide who gets to court servants in the royal household, and he does this while wearing hilarious lilac robes and adminstering tests to the suitors. That's all well and good, until Merlin is the object of several suitors' attentions, and then the story takes a turn into lovely and subtle and adorable and perfect, with some lines that made me laugh out loud, and we get a healthy dose of Arthur as a wise prince who just happens to love Merlin a lot. In his own subtle way. Fantastic. (I pretty much recommend all of syllic's stories.)"[4]


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