Pavlov Penis

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Title: Pavlov Penis
Author(s): derryere
Date(s): 04 March 2009
Length: 7,000 words / 49:36 min
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Pavlov Penis (Livejournal)
Pavlov Penis (audiobook)
Постельный Рефлекс (Russian translation)
Постельный Рефлекс (Russian translation, AO3)
podbook cover by eosrose

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Pavlov Penis is a Merlin/Arthur slash story by derryere (~7,000 words).

The story won the Spring 2009 Merlin/Arthur Fanfic Awards in the category Best PWP Fic. It also won the Spring 2010 Merlin Slash Awards in the "Arthur/Merlin Fanfiction" category Best Crack and was a runner-up in the category Best Short.

Summary: In which Merlin is hot for Arthur's bed, Arthur's hot for the laundry and there's this big fucking heatwave all over the place (?!)

eosrose podficced the story and turned it into an audiobook.[1] The podbook is 49:36 min long. It is available at the Audiofic Archive. Nadis translated the story into Russian.[2]


MSA winner in the Best Crack category although the only cracky thing here is the title.
"Oh, wow, this is complete sensory overload. It's like I can feel the heat and the sheets caught between my toes and everything just a little too bright. I'm amazed at how you take this simple story with just brief bouts of action and turn it into something so complexly layered and gorgeous. I am seriously in awe of your writing talent right now." (lilithilien)[3]
"What I really liked about this piece though was the pace of it. It feels like summer heat - languid yet restless, quiet, the desires simmering under consciousness. And how Arthur's body yearns for Merlin even before his mind really catches on - the whole work feels like a slow unfurling, and it is really really lovely." (epictimesthree)[4]
It's so so so perfect and hilarious and oh fully of little most endearing details like Merlin slamming the firepoker into the bedpost to wake Arthur up and Arthur going to the laundry to figure out what the hell is that scent that makes him go insane. (mossylawn)[5]
"This story is amazing in every single way. Your slow build and the gradual use of smell just completely blew me away. But seriously, the title is horrible! I almost didn't read it because the title was so off-putting! I mean, I'm glad I did. I totally tagged this as a favourite because it's that awesome." (mklutz)[6]


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