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Name: Xenakis
Alias(es): xenakis_, Xen
Type: fanartist, fanwriter
Fandoms: Merlin Temeraire
Communities: Drawmelot
URL: Xenakis @ DW, xenakis @ AO3, xenakis_ @ LJ

The Worg (2009) by xenakis. Story illustration done in a characteristic stained-glass style for The Mirror, The Sword and The Shield.

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Xenakis is a multimedia artist and a writer.

After being a lurker for over a decade of her fannish life, she became most active in Merlin fandom. She became most known after doing illustrations for Rageprufrock's Drastically Redefining Protocol.[1] Other popular works include her Box of Magic (the Merlin Big Bang) illustrations for derryere's Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death and Aelora's The Mirror, The Sword and The Shield stories, both pieces she did in a characteristic stained-glass style.

Late 2009, she participated in a row of exchanges or projects, including yuletide,[2] yuletart,[3] undermistletoe[4] and searain's Merlin Tarot Project.[5] Come 2010, she co-hosted Camelot_fleet's art Workshop and Merlin Artword.

She is currently a moderator of the Merlin fanart community Drawmelot on both LJ and DW, and a member of the OTW French Translation team. She occasionally betas for artworks.


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