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Journal Community
Name: Drawmelot
Date(s): 12 March 2009 (LJ)
16 May 2009 (DW)
Moderator: yue_ix, littlemute, xenakis
Founder: yue_ix
Type: Fanart
Fandom: Merlin
URL: drawmelot (Livejournal); archive link
drawmelot (Dreamwidth)

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Drawmelot is a Merlin fanart community on Livejournal and Dreamwidth. The community is dedicated to drawn fanworks, both digital and traditional (or mixes), with no preference as to genre, pairing, rating or style. This includes alternate universes (AU) and drawings of the actors from the Merlin cast. Drawmelot is open to both fanartists and fanart appreciators alike.

In addition to posting fanart members can also post recommendations, ask questions related to drawing Merlin fanart, offer drawing resources, request feedback on pieces (including requesting art betas), or link challenges where fanart is allowed.

Community projects