Merlin Creature Project

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Name: Merlin Creature Project
Date(s): 25 Sept 2012 - 13 Apr 2013
Founder: phoenixacid
Type: Fanart
Fandom: Merlin
Associated Community: drawmelot
URL: creature project: creature (drawmelot tag)
Merlin Creature Project Masterlist (thumbnails)

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The Merlin Creature Project is a fanart project where each participant draws a Merlin-themed card of a Creature paired with a character.

The project was first proposed on September 25, 2012[1], the assignments were given out November 14, 2012[2] and the last image was posted April 5, 2013.[3] All art had to be inserted into a given template to create the finished card.


The rules were[4]:

  • Card must be completely coloured
  • Only hand-drawn digital/traditional mediums are accepted (no photomanips or graphics allowed)
  • Please don't change the background colour of the template's header and footer (templates will be emailed to you)
  • You must draw your character as the creature.
  • You'll be given more than four months to complete your artwork
  • Please submit your finished art to the comm whenever you want before the deadline


Thumbnails of the finished assignments. (Go to the Merlin Creature Project post for clickable links to see the images in full size.)

1. Aatxe - Lancelot (misspopuri)
2. Alan - Merlin (itzcoatl)
3. Bánánach - Isolde (sari5)
4. Centaur - Arthur (alby_mangroves)
5. Cerunnos - Merlin (altocello)
6. Dark Elf - Sophia (madnessisreal)
7. Diwata - Mithian (ravyn_ashling)
8. Flying Spaghetti Monster - Kilgharrah (reni_m)
9. Medusa - Morgana (goss)
10. Naga - Mordred (chicago_ruth)
11. Obariyon Yōkai - Dragoon (amphigoury)
12. Phoenix - Morgana (thedeathchamber)
13. Raven - Merlin (amphigoury)
14. Unicorn - Arthur (sugareey)
15. Zombie - Lancelot (phoenixacid)


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