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Name: Yue_ix
Alias(es): yue_ix, Yue KX, ykx
Type: fanartist
Fandoms: Merlin, Guardian (webseries), Teen Wolf...
Communities: Drawmelot
Other: Masterlist and info
URL: yue_ix (Dreamwidth) / yue_ix (LiveJournal)
yue_ix (AO3)
ykx (deviantArt) / yue_ix (Tumblr)

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Yue_ix is an artist, writer, podficcer and moderator in various fandoms, such as Merlin and Guardian.

In her own words, she likes to "lurk, comment, draw, and sometimes write."[1]

Fannish Contributions


Yue's fanart consist of standalone art and work created for challenges and fests where the art is sometimes a collaboration with other fanwork creators as illustrations of their work or fanfiction or podfic covers.

For the 2009 Box of Magic story On the Knob Training she created a wrap-around bookcover with a blurb on the backside that makes the story look like a romance novel. She also collaborated with xenakis on an illustration for Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death which was written for the same Big Bang.

For the 2010 Merlin Whizzbang Challenge story Castle (the rules by which we live) by kick_flaw she created 8 images, including the cover, 1 wall, and 10 icons. She also created 3 images for the story Paid in Full by capricornucopia. Still in 2010, for Paperlegends she created 6 pencil drawings for The Apple Grove by piscaria.

For the 2011 podficbigbang, she did podfic cover art for 3 podfics: Little Wooden Boy and the Belly of Love written by new_kate and read by sophinisba, Sweeter Dreams written by Tierfal and read by helva2260, and Castle (the rules by which we live) written by kick_flaw and read by itachitachi.

She once combined her writing and her art in The Neverending Legend which was made for the reel_merlin round in 2009 and is a AU fusion with the movie The Neverending Story.


Yue is a frequent contributor to multivoice podfic projects. Examples include:





For her Onfindan illustration Slaughtering Foul Creatures she won the 2010 Merlin Slash Awards in the category Best Humour (Fanart: Arthur/Merlin), A Late-Night Kiss won Best Companion Piece (Fanart: Arthur/Merlin) and Daisies won Best Digital/Mixed Media (Fanart: Gwen/Morgana).

Her team "Envy" won the 2009 run of Summer Pornathon.


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