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Journal Community
Name: Podfic Tips
Date(s): 5 January 2008-present
Moderator: heard_the_owl, mathmusician, torra
Founder: mathmusician
Type: questions, tips, help
Fandom: podfic
URL: Podfic Tips, Archived version

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podfic_tips is a LiveJournal community that provides "Information and Advice for Podfic Artists". It was started in January 2008 after mathmusician noticed that "there's nowhere to ask for technical help generally, and nowhere to offer that kind of help either".[1] malnpudl suggested the name.[1]

podfic_tips also inadvertently inspired the Podfictits meme.

As of 2017, the community has 399 posts; 3,154 comments; and 440 members.[2]


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