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Journal Community
Name: pod fanfiction
Date(s): 3 August 2005 - 22 March 2013 (last post)
Moderator: ginnytonnick, oulangi
Founder: ginnytonnick?
Type: podfic
Fandom: Podfic
URL: pod fanfiction, Archived version

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podslash was an early LiveJournal community for posting slash podfic. It was so early that their FAQ did not even mention the word "podfic", instead taking time to define the term "podcast", and required proof to be submitted for author permission:

Any author may submit and read their own fanfic at anytime. If you want to read another author's fanfic, get their permission SEND US A COPY OF IT and record away.[1]

The FAQ also grudgingly allowed gen and het:

What about Gen and Het? Yeah ok. But no bloody Sailor Moon, right?[1]

The rules post provided suggested topics beyond just posting podfic:

Posts with a link to podslash, a podslash wish-lists, lists of your *own* fanfic list available to be recorded, tips for interpretive reading, vocal exercises or other resources are acceptable.[2]

A 2006 post included a list of volunteer readers for authors to contact about recording their fic.[3]

As of 2017, the community has 1,590 posts; 4,034 comments; and 757 members.[4] The last post was for Might I Have a Bit of Earth, an MCR podfic by shiningartifact, on March 22, 2013.[5]


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