Merlin Whizzbang Challenge

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Name: Merlin Whizzbang Challenge
Date(s): 10 - 16 September 2010
Founder: shenniefish and mcgooglykins
Type: fanfiction, fanart
Fandom: Merlin
Associated Community: whizzbangpop (mod posts)
whizzbangpost (story and art links)
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Merlin Whizzbang Challenge is a Merlin challenge that is set up like a Big Bang to bring together writers and artists. The word count is 3,500 words minimum, with a 10,000 word goal. Basically it's a challenge for people who find Big Bang a bit too long. Writer sign-ups began on May 15th, and artists a little bit later on June 15th. The stories and fanart were posted between September 10th and September 16th, 2010.

Masterlist 2010

Babe in the woods by shadecat (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: 20,121.

Summary: When Arthur and Merlin enter the woods to go hunting, the last thing either of them expected to find is a baby. Arthur is wary of the stray, especially since it seems to be garnering the full attention of his manservant. They return to the castle only for Arthur to receive the same treatment from everyone else; ignoring him to lavish attention upon the probably evil 'thing'. There's only room for one spoiled prat in Camelot and Arthur means for it to be him.
Art: pianeko. Digital art.

A Bit Like Love by inadaze22 (Arthur/Merlin (Gwen/Lance, Morgana/Leon)). Word Count: ~24K.

Summary: True love and soul mates are myths. Arthur's always believed that. Fate, however, has a different opinion on the matter, and Morgana happens to agree. Unfortunately, she's always right about these things.
Art: floridablanca. Digital Art.

by the lake of the lady (he finds them) by Eldee (Merlin/Freya, Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: ~19,000.

Summary: 2.09 AU – Merlin helps the captured witch Freya escape Camelot and he goes with her. Two years later, Merlin and Arthur meet for the first time since Merlin left. In this AU, Freya has magic though she is not cursed and she didn’t have any association with the Druids.

Castle (the rules by which we live) by kick_flaw (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: ~16,000.

Summary: Merlin knows that getting off fastest when he’s got some BDSM porno playing loud on the computer doesn’t mean he’d really like to be that bloke, gagged and bent over and bound. Right? (Modern!AU. Brief mentions of rape (in the context of rape-fantasy), BDSM and all that entails, including D/s relationships, knifeplay, bondage, painplay, orgasm denial and so on.)
Art: yue_ix. 8 images, 1 wall, 10 icons.
Cover of Castle (the rules by which we live), art by yue_ix

A Chance to Let Go by troygirl68 (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: 11,500.

Summary: It all starts with that wretched hug ... that isn't a hug. From then on, it continues to nag at Arthur - Merlin's over-familiarity and affection - until he realises that not only does he not mind, he craves it. When events conspire to temporarily keep Merlin and Arthur apart, Arthur resolves to reveal his feelings as soon as he has a chance. Only, an unexpected mishap threatens to change everything and in a split second Arthur has to decide whether to come through for Merlin, or whether to let him go.
Art: eosrose. Graphic art, podfic, and icons.

folioed by glimmergirl (Arthur/Merlin, Gwen/Morgana). Word Count: ~13,200.

Summary: When Morgana moves back home to take a job at the local university, Gwen finds herself wooing the woman with whom she'd had the worst break up five years earlier. In the meanwhile, Merlin and Arthur find themselves recalibrating their long-term relationship. A story featuring: two librarians (Gwen & Merlin), one academic (Morgana), one vaguely emo author (Arthur), a series of non-dates, thirtysomething angst, and possibly a puppy. Oh, and books. Lots of books.
Art: shan_3414. Graphic art, fanmix

The Heart of King Arthur by dk323 (Merlin/Arthur, past Arthur/Morgana, Merlin/Nimue, Gwen/Lancelot, Richard/Kahlan, The Great Dragon (Kilgharrah), Cara, Mordred, Morgause, Ygraine, Uther, OCs). Word Count: ~39,382.

Summary: Prince Arthur was saved by the Great Dragon, Kilgharrah, forever linking his life to the magical creature, after a battle that killed King Uther left an eleven year old Arthur the King of Camelot. That's when he met the dragon's Keeper, the immortal Dragonlord, Merlin. Merlin's entrance into a young Arthur's life resulted in more than the young King gaining a mentor. But Arthur's love for Merlin is left hopelessly unrequited and Arthur turns to Merlin's daughter, Morgana, as a friend, a lover... but Arthur never imagined that the child he had with Morgana would be an important piece of the puzzle to unraveling Merlin's secrets. Centuries after Camelot, Arthur is reincarnated for the first time. On the eve of his remembering his former life as King of Camelot, Arthur finally learns the truth. A story of love, tragedy, and acceptance.
Art: one_dreamery. Story cover and fanmix.

Higher Revelations (A Sonata in Words) by mcgooglykins (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: 20,055.

Summary: Arthur and Merlin are both students at the Albion Conservatorium of Music, and as different as chalk and cheese. When Merlin is assigned as Arthur's accompanist for their lunch-time concerts, they must learn to work together, and slowly they discover that their dissonance is actually a perfect harmony.

I'd Fight For You (If You'll Let Me) by vicky_v (Lancelot/Will). Word Count: 29,985.

Summary: After leaving Camelot, Lancelot comes across Ealdor at the same time as a group of raiders. He manages to fight them away but his wound means he has to remain in the village for a while. When he ends up staying with Will until he's able to move on, they find a few things they have in common, some good but others which change things.
Art: vicky_v

Learning to let the magic shine by ca_te (Arthur/Merlin, previous Will/Merlin). Word Count: 12961.

Summary:Merlin is a young warlock living in Ealdor and having some sort of relationship with his life long friend Will. He has always dreamt to go to Camelot, but since he discovered his magic his mother thought that it would have been safer to keep him in Ealdor, considering King Uther's hate for magic. Arthur runs away from Camelot and arrives in Ealdor disguised as a peasant,under the name of Alistair. When they meet Merlin's magic starts to act strange. Something starts to blossom between them, but more revelations are yet to come. And what will happen when Arthur has to go back to Camelot?

Paid in Full by capricornucopia (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: ~11,400. Modern AU.

Summary: It isn't the conventional way to go about things, but a glass of red wine spilling on a white shirt—and the promise of repayment—is as good a place to start as any. (Or, Arthur and Merlin do everything backwards, but they do it right anyway.)
Art: yue_ix. Pencil.

To Be Fools Prepared by anoyo (Merlin/Arthur). Word Count: 10,067. Future!fic, established relationship.

Summary: Arthur and Merlin go on a quest to save villagers who have been turned into a beast, but aren't quite prepared for all the things that this "quest" entails -- namely: mermaids, forest spirits, and gods. And, really, it is a day that ends in "y," isn't it, so Arthur really ought to have started to expect that what Merlin considers an easy solution just, well, should be taken with a grain of salt (or the whole damn shaker). (The concept for this fic was "the worst quest ever" and "Arthur making a mermaid cry." Uhm. Yes.)
Art: reni_m. Pencil, slight computer adjustments.