The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes

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Title: The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes
Author(s): Stakeaclaim
Date(s): 07 June - 20 October 2009 (FanFiction.Net)
25 October 2009 (Livejournal)
Length: 73,000 or ~80,000 words / 7:53:56 hours
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes (FanFiction.Net)
The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes (Livejournal)
The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes (podfic)
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The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes is a Merlin/Arthur story by Stakeaclaim (73,000 or ~80,000 words). The story was originally posted to FanFiction.Net as a WIP and later reposted to Livejournal. It is linked on many Merlin recommendation lists.

Summary (LJ): In which Arthur attempts to teach his knights, his knights attempt to woo Merlin, and Arthur is definitely not jealous...

Summary (FF.Net): In which Arthur is out of sorts. His manservant leaves a lot to be desired, Morgana is scary, Merlin's 'luck' is becoming too noticeable, his knights need to learn some lessons, and they're beginning to act very strangely. Arthur blames Merlin.

beccaleelee podficced the story for the 2011 podficbigbang[1] and eosrose compiled the audiobook.[2]

Recs and Reviews

"Arthur's knights decide that Merlin is just what Arthur needs and come up with a plan to make Arthur see this, too. Of course, it's Camelot, so things never do go exactly to plan... The knights are well developed characters with very distinct personalities, and it's easy to see that they care about both Arthur and Merlin. The Merlin/Arthur interaction is very well done and in character."[3]
"This fic starts like a quietly babbling brook. Through a lot of little things, some serious, some humorous, we learn a lot about Merlin, Arthur and his knights. It's the kind of story that's fun to read but also easy to lay down for a while and pick up later to read on. And then near the end of chapter 8 things kick into gear in breathtaking fashion and it's then you realize just how much you've started to care about all these characters and there's no way you're going to stop reading from there!!"[4]
"The really unique thing about this fic is how the author draws you in despite Arthur and Merlin not really being the main focus, but more the theme (really, it's the perfect balance). The fic's POV jumps around (which is a little irking, but was done well enough that it didn't bother me as much as might [sic]), but actually focuses on Arthur's knights. [...] I usually *hate* the idea of an original character becoming a main character. I'm not sure how she did it, but she made me adore this fic despite it having a few things that usually turn me off in writing (including the occasional typo)."[5]


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