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Title: Backdrifts
Author(s): lisztful
Date(s): 17 February 2010
Length: ~10,000 words / 1:09:10
Genre: slash
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Backdrifts (LiveJournal)
Backdrifts (AO3)
Backdrifts (podfic)

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Backdrifts is a Merlin/Arthur story by lisztful. It was written for the Anonymity challenge at kinkelot and the story was a runner-up in the Merlin Slash Awards in the category Best Angst.

Summary: Merlin fears that Arthur has found out about his magic, but Arthur has his own secrets to keep. Warning for dub con.

eosrose podficced the story[1] as part of the podficbigbang bonus round and mellacita wrote a remix for CamelotRemix from Arthur's POV.[2]

Summary of the remix: Arthur goes further than he means to after a visit to the tavern, but it works out anyway.

Recs and Reviews

"There's a gorgeous, palpable tension threaded through this story; Arthur is angry and unhappy, and the weight of secrets is bearing down on Merlin and Arthur. mellacita remixed that story into Arthur's POV, and called it This Far, But No Further. The remix is good, too, but it definitely should not be read until after you read the original."[3]
"This is angsty, tragic, and positively delightful. When unrequited love becomes too much for Merlin, he takes up with a stable boy, who wants anything Merlin is willing to give him. The boy's willing body and undemanding affection is pretty much the only thing keeping Merlin from falling completely apart and Arthur grows colder and more and more distant from him. The hurt Arthur and Merlin are both feeling is poignant—and the resolution delightfully unexpected. Themes: arthur finds out, bottom!arthur, bottom!merlin, era - camelot, experienced!merlin, first kiss, first time, virgin!arthur"[4]


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