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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Past Tense
Author: Merrin & Miss Kitty
Dates: 2007 - 2013 (Wayback captures)
Fandom: Hockey RPS, CW RPS, Supernatural, J2, SG-1, SGA, Sentinel, LotR, NSync, BSB, O-Town, Harry Potter, Imaginary Heroes, Alias
URL: (Wayback link)
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Past Tense was a site with slash fanfiction by Merrin, Miss Kitty and Causeway. It also featured recommendations by Merrin and later also recommendations by Miss Kitty. Sometime between January and October 2008 Causeway's fic was added to the site.

The site's subtitle was "@happier endings."

Merrin's Fic

"My fandoms, while not as various and sundry as I want them to one day be, are more various and sundry than they once were. So I've helpfully separated them into their concordant parts. In descending order of most recent fandom . . ."

Hockey RPS

  • Never Lived a Time Better Spent In Love -- Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin -- The one where they're retired and married and living it up domestically in Canada with their adopted Russian orphan. (9559 words)


  • Mildred: A College AU -- cowritten with causeways -- -- It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Jared in possession of his heterosexuality will immediately switch teams upon enrollment in college and first contact with Jensen Ackles. (62131 words)
  • The First Annual Padalecki-Ackles Christmastime Extravaganza -- J² -- On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… (10151 words)

Supernatural Fic

  • Everything Changes, Everything Stays the Same - Sam/Dean - Post deal, they fall into something they've never done before. (6791 words)
  • This Is How - Sam/Dean - A (offscreen!) threesome leads to some new discoveries. (1910 words)
  • The Road - Sam/Dean - Post apocalypse. Draws heavily on Cormac McCarthy's Pulitzer Prize winning novel of the same name. (4015 words)
  • The Deer Woman - Sam/Dean - Written for the spn_50states challenge, the boys hunt a ghost in Oklahoma, my new state of residence. (1514 words)
  • Under Your Skin Feels Like Home - Sam/Dean - Epilogue for Demons Made Me, Sam breaks through the last of Dean's barriers. (3417 words)
  • Demons Made Me Spill My Guts Like a Girl - Sam/Dean - Don't let the title fool you, it isn't a lighthearted fic. (Also, it wasn't my idea.) Dean gets possessed, mayhem ensues. (19810 words)

Stargate SG-1 Fic

  • The Lie That Jack Told - Jack/Daniel - Lame title, I KNOW. I wrote it in an hour! Cut me some slack! Body swapping, SG-1 style. (1327 words)
  • Such Holes Are Pierced - Jack/Daniel - Tragedy occurs and Daniel goes on walkabout. (1132 words)
  • Two Or Three Things I Know For Sure - Jack/Daniel - An AU of that blissful episode in season six where Jack is not in SG-1 and Daniel is not dead. (1427 words)
  • A Recital of Intimate Works - Jack/Daniel, Carter/Teal'c - Character study, based on The Things They Carried. (3673 words)

Sentinel Fic

  • Kinks - Jim/Blair - Jim tries to show Blair what it's like. (1320 words)

LotR Fic

  • The Rest Is Silence - OMC/OMC - So, round about the sixth viewing of RotK, I realized there were men waiting up on the mountain to light the beacon. And in the way of things, I figured that must get kind of boring. (6669 words)
  • Water for Lies - Elijah/Orlando - Elijah Wood cannot tell a lie. (2009 words)

NSync Fic

"Also linked under here because I don't know where else to put it: Silvercharmer's popslash because I led her to the dark side, and she saw that it was good."

  • The One With the Rhyme About Butter - chris/Joey - Chris is superstitious, Joey is not. (1950 words)
  • Linger (The Joey Mix) - Joey/JC - Can't find the original anymore, but this here's the remix. Joey and JC are together, it is not going well. (620 words)
  • Stadium Seating - Joey/Lance - Written for Secret Santa, Joey and Lance fall in love (slowly! over time!) in a stadium. or a series of stadiums, actually. (1685 words)
  • In the Mood - Joey/JC - Once upon a time, Silvercharmer and I were very ambitious and wanted to write a ficlet for every mood. Here's where you find what we actually got around to.
  • Stories in the Key of X - various - Supposed to make me write every pairing. It didn't.
  • Undergoing - Chris/Joey - Chris finally hits puberty. (3037 words)
  • Love and Other Lies - Joey/Lance - Period piece, Joey the British Lord (what!?) falls for the actor playing Juliet onstage. Sounds crackish, it's not. (Or it's not supposed to be...) (6909 words)
  • Yours Is Mine - Joey/Lance, Chris/JC, Justin/Pink - WNIP (work not in progress, as in unfinished with no plans to finish...) Apocalyptic future.
  • She Knew - Justin/Britney, Justin/Chris, Justin/Lance, Justin/JC, Justin/Joey - (Not all at once...) Study on the nature of love and entropy. Has a schmoopier ending than even I can stand. (3505 words)
  • Right Side of a Good Thing - Joey/Lance - IM fic with Miss Kitty, first days in Europe (where it probably wasn't as cold as we pretend it is.) (1508 words)
  • Magazines - Joey/JC - Schmoopy little first time fic in which Joey uses magazines to declare his undying love. (908 words)
  • Deutschland & Amerika - Joey/JC - Wherein Joey uses the cold as an excuse to cuddle and canoodle. (1791 & 2729 words, respectively)
  • Hiatus - Chris/JC - Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are. Back before it was them breaking up, it was them going on hiatus, and JC and Chris were the only ones without plans. (10688 words)
  • Pride Fought - Joey/Justin - Song fic for LFO's Dandelion. AU. Joey finds Justin CRYING on the SIDEWALK outside a nightclub and takes him home. (1455 words)
  • Sharp #2 - Joey/Justin - Song fic for LFO's Erase Her. (Get it? #2? Pencil? Erasers? Yeah...) Justin uses sex to forget his problems with Brit, which causes problems with Joey. (1452 words)
  • Boy Crush - Joey/JC - In which Joey does NOT have a crush on JC. (4268 words)
  • Long Time Coming - Rod/Kevin - On the Line Fic. Rod runs away to find that all he wanted is back in Chicago. (778 words)
  • Glitter - Joey/Lance - Inspired by Miss Kitty, who says that "To Be Able to Love" is the perfect lip synching song for any drag queen, and who has IN THE PAST referred to herself as a woman posing as a man posing as a woman. Follow that, if you can. (1717 words)
  • Sunrise From Indigo - Joey/Lance - Cowritten with Mariah. Domestic fic written to the song tracks of Sister Hazel's album Fortress.
  • Something Better - Joey/everyone - Wanted to be GSF, turns out it was something else. (449 words)
  • Here There Be Dragons - Joey/Justin, Chris/Lance, JC/Nick - Where you'll find All the Heart Can Know (25009 words) and Sources of Calm (4327 words), my dragonsync fic.
  • What You've Got - Chris/Joey - Chris breaks up with his girlfriend and moves in with Joey. (4681 words)
  • Sick - Joey/JC - Written solely to sublimate the pain of Joey missing my city because he was sick. (1861 words)
  • Superman - Joey - Life inside his own mind. (2234 words)
  • Blind Wise Man - Joey/Lance - The sequel, which has a much happier ending. (3305 words)
  • Snap - Joey/Justin - Ficlet about life post-sync. (713 words)
  • Joy to the World - Joey/Chris - My first fan fic ever, bears a passing resemblance to the X-Files ep Detour. a response to an email list ]]challenge]] by the infamous Lois Lane, who now goes by some name I can't remember, and creeps everyone out in the Potter fandom. (1454 words)

Miss Kitty's Fic

"It's nice to be able to pare down my list of Popslash. Quantity over quality seemed to be my objective while I was in that fandom."


  • Keep Coming Around -- Miss Kitty tries her hand at romance novel writing, with semi-successful results. Jensen is an unhappy vet, and Jared is the guy that walks into his office with an armful of kittens. Long read. Some people have claimed a little angst as well, but it all seems like fluff to me.
  • Just This Good -- The continued adventures of Dr. Ackles and his boy wonder sidekick, Jared. Sequel, or coda, or something to Keep Coming Around.


  • Mournful He Should Be On Wednesday -- Merrin finally breaks me: Sam/Dean post Mystery Spot.


  • The Sweet Satisfaction of Knowing the Answer -- Cumbersome title, but it works with the theme. Sean Astin/Elijah Wood. Really wonderful pairing that I have a good time with and hope to write more for.
  • Dollhouse -- A sequel of sorts to Satisfaction. Takes place quite a few years after. I don't think it quite live up to its previous story, but I enjoy it. And uh... hope you do, too.


  • A Walk Through Winter -- A personal favorite for a pairing I paid little attention to, Chris/JC. Done at the height of the kitten fanon, so JC's a little soft and synesthetic in this. (Merrin aside: I looked up synesthetic and it actually is a word. Just, you know, in case you were wondering.)
  • Don't Know What You Got -- A Justin/JC that was done, as I recall, largely in attempt to do second person POV. Probably my best and only example of a character gradually falling in love.
  • Blue Dress -- This is the fic I was best known for, and it's another that features JC. Joey/JC this time. You'd think I actually liked JC. But I don't particularly. He's just a good character to write. Especially when a fic calls for crossdressing.
  • Keep You Safe and Warm -- I really enjoy this fic, I don't know why. Probably because it's not trying to do too much. And there's a personal feel to this story due to real life experience. Joey/Justin.
  • Right Side of a Good Thing -- This was co-written with Merrin. I've only done co-authorship twice since I started writing slash, and this was definitely the better story and experience of the two.
  • More Than the Eye Can See -- A wing-fic done with Lesa's inspiration. One of the few JoLa's I ever did and really loved.
  • Scrutiny -- This is an 8 part JoLa series, and I actually can't stand it. I think it's some of my worst writing in the fandom. But people inexplicably enjoy it and I guess I have to honor that.


  • Bump in the Night -- Really bad and reductive title. This was done off the cuff, just sat down and wrote it. I wish I could still do that. Anyway, it's Nick/Howie. A pairing I still find really, very endearing.


  • Kisses in the Dark -- I hardly think I was the first to write O-Town fic. But I was one of the first. Never watched the show, but gleaned enough from others to write an Erik/Ashley.

Causeway's Fic


  • All in a Row -- They're spending the spring in Amarillo, Texas. It's Sam's senior year of high school and he's been begging to stay in one place for ages. (1,876 words)
  • Alligator Alley -- In which there is a devil alligator, a t-shirt gets destroyed and Dean is maybe a little pudgy. Future fic. (1,023 words)
  • Continue As You Were -- Sam is willing to do whatever it takes to get Dean out of the deal. Post-AHBL genderswap. (20,001 words)
  • A Foreign Language I Once Knew -- Dean's always known Sam needed him, but it takes him a while to catch on to how. (4,605 words)
  • The Last Fifty Miles/The Rule of Three -- Sam doesn't get visions anymore. That's how it starts. (30,650 words)
  • Other Lifetimes by the Shore -- Sam and Dean spend a summer in Maine. Post-AHBL. (3,795 words)
  • Parting Shot -- A while back joosetta and I were chatting about crossroads deals, specifically: What would happen if Sam went to the crossroads and the crossroads demon appeared as a guy? And this kind of snowballed from there. Post-AHBL. (4,056 words)
  • The Placement of Water and Lead -- Sam stops telling Dean about his visions. Set immediately after 2x17 'Heart'. (10,969 words)
  • A Rose by Any Other Name (Would Be Just As Gay) -- Sam and Dean spend the night at a bed-and-breakfast. With rimming. (673 words)
  • The Seven Levels of the Candy Cane Forest -- Raised by a craftsman and his wife, Sam undertakes a dangerous journey to the north to discover who he truly is--and meets someone unexpected when he gets there. About three parts fairy tale and eight parts rip-off of a rip-off of Elf. (2,750 words)
  • Singing Stories for the Dead -- It's been a long time since they walked to the tree with the blue X spray-painted on it, the point past which Sam could not go. Post-AHBL. (1,866 words)
  • Treat Her Like a Lady -- You can never tell when a conversation with a really smokin' woman is going to come back and bite you in the ass. Dean gets cursed into dating Sam. (6,042 words)
  • What Cannot Be Unlearned -- The state road winds through horse country, farmhouses with red roofs and split-rail fences. Set after 2x20 'What Is and What Should Never Be'. (1,026 words)
  • The World Gone Still -- Dean could have stopped this thing if he'd been a little faster, a little less weak—but on the last day of Dean's year, when Sam shakes him awake at 3:30 in the morning and says he's figured it out, Dean finds himself incapable of forming the word 'no'. Set after S3 but contains no spoilers past the end of S2. Experimental fic that toes the non-con line (but isn't actually non-con). (4,083 words)


  • Costarfucking: An Idiot's Guide to What Not to Do -- Fucking around with your co-star is all well and good until somebody falls in love. (16,000 words)
  • Farther Away from Where We Are -- In which Jensen goes to Texas and gets drunk all the time, and wishes he were Prometheus, because then his poor dead liver would grow back every night. Also, eventually there is J2. (17,842 words)
  • Lingering in the Golden Gleam -- On New Year's Eve ten years after the end of Supernatural, Jared goes to sleep in Los Angeles and wakes up in Vancouver, in bed with Jensen Ackles. And they've got kids. Loosely based on The Family Man, although it deviates pretty far from the original plot in places and contains no Nicholas Cage whatsoever. (21,000 words)
  • Mildred: A College AU -- cowritten with Merrin -- It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Jared in possession of his heterosexuality will immediately switch teams upon enrollment in college and first contact with Jensen Ackles. (62,131 words)
  • Wasted on the Young -- Cowritten with memphis86. Once upon a time when Jared was five and dinosaurs roamed the earth, rubber duckies appeared out of thin air and submarines surfaced in Jensen's bathtub. Also, two very pretty boys got stuck in very sexy situations. Age-regression crack fic. (15,000 words)
  • Workin' Hard for the Money -- This is the sequel to balefully's hooker fic Heart of Gold, which you'll want to read first. After Jared gives Jensen the most fantastic blowjob of his life, Jensen runs into him again, and they go back to Jensen's house and fuck. (1,807 words)

Other CW RPS

  • Some Surreal Country -- Disclaimer: Despite what every magazine and gossip blog ever has said, JC and Chace are not gay with each other. No, really, they're not. Summary: JC Chasez and Chace Crawford were totally doing it. (3,125 words)
  • Jagged and Endlessly New -- "I think I'm moving out of my apartment," Ed says one afternoon on set. They're huddling in Chace's trailer between takes. (4,054 words)

Stargate: Atlantis

  • How To Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It -- If you asked John, the part where he had to marry Rodney to save him from the poisoned brownie he ate off-world? It never happened. Set sometime in the middle of S2. (14,427)

Harry Potter

  • Draw Down the Lines -- Draco/Ginny, Harry/Ginny, and a bit of Harry/Draco. She thought he was kidding at first. Contains no spoilers past HBP. (3,875 words)
  • The Yellow House -- Harry/Draco. Five years after the war, Draco Malfoy's life is in danger. It's up to Harry Potter to protect him. Contains spoilers through HBP. (29,000 words)

Imaginary Heroes

  • Ever Moving In Our Orbits -- Tim/Kyle. Things aren't a whole lot better after graduation, except for how they kind of are. (4,117 words)


  • Kitchen Full Of Knives -- Will/not!Francie, Sark/Allison. She has been living as Francie Calfo for months now. She has had to push Allison Doren out of her life. She can’t, after all, be Francie if she is Allison. Sometimes she wonders which of them she really killed. Contains spoilers for S2. (3,747 words)

Merrin Recs

"Because life is way too short to read bad slash."


"note: all of these are jim/blair unless otherwise stated. and it won't be otherwise stated, because it's not like another pairing even exists in that fandom."

"I'm just going to list all the Helen ones. You should want to read them anyway."

Stargate SG-1

"note: all pairings are daniel/jack unless otherwise stated. however, since sex with a jaffa and a usurper (sorry, jonas) doesn't really interest me, it'll probably always be d/j."

Lord of the Rings

  • Sabotage -- Calico -- This is seriously hot. No, I mean, *seriously*.
  • Timor Mortis Conturbat Me -- mirable_dictu -- RPS. Elijah/Sean A. A little achey, and very good.
  • A Guide to Happiness -- empress_wu -- RPS. Elijah/Sean A. I feel slightly bad for liking this pairing, because I'm basically saying "yes! cheat on your wife!" but they're SO PERFECT that I don't even care.
  • The Night Season -- Achillea Millefolium -- FPS. Sam/Frodo. I love this pairing. Tolkien loved this pairing. They're so lovely.
  • By the Book -- Debbie -- RPS. Billy/Dom. The dewey decimal system. No, really. You'll love it.
  • For a Star and a Half -- Cara J. Loup -- FPS. Sam/Frodo. Really, I shouldn't have to tell you to read her. You should be doing it already.
  • Tea and Lavender -- Bill the Pony -- FPS. Sam/Frodo. Bill isn't really meant for those that are squeamish about hobbit sex, but dear LORD, it's really good hobbit sex.
  • Pretty Good Year -- Mary Borsellino -- FPS. Sam/Frodo/Rosie. I was a little squicked at first by the threesome, but it's definitely of the good. My particularly favorite chapter was 'Winter's Road'.
  • The Last Shreds of Autumn -- Merripestin -- FPS. Sam/Frodo. I love bookverse. This is very bookish.
  • Bargaining for Beginners and Warg Hunt -- Honesty -- FPS. Celebrimbor/Narvi. (craftsmen of the gate of Moria.) Oddly enough (and believe me, this is odd) I found myself a little disappointed that more didn't happen in the way of explicit... feelings. If you catch my drift.
  • The Road to Las Vegas -- Tricia -- RPS. Good things happen on the open road.
  • A Long Journey -- Cinzia -- RPS. The old men can be hot too.
  • Sense, Not Far Now, The Taste Of Salt, Shouting in the Silence -- MJ Hooper -- Little hobbits, and you think they're going to keep missing each other, but they don't.
  • Pretty Elf -- Dongaer -- RPS. Someone doesn't like to share.
  • Tennessee -- cimorene -- RPS. I'm thinking of building a shrine.
  • Waiting for Courage -- cimorene -- And this is why. Not just this one, but all of them.
  • The End of Beauty -- Tricia -- So obviously meant for each other that it hurts.


  • Joey For All Seasons -- Which was actually not a year, but it's the most comprehensive listing of the good Joey stories that I've ever found. Mostly because it was made by me. Well, me and Tess. :)
  • Map of the World -- Cherry -- Became one of those "I remember exactly where I was when I read it the first time" type things.
  • Counting Blue Cars -- Rachel -- Makes me cry. Really a lot. And I don't even like L*nce.
  • Service -- TNL -- I do love my husband. I get to tell him things like "write more!" and he does!
  • Marking It Down To Learning -- Juli -- It's JC/L*nce, isn't that weird? I actually read it and liked it. It's an AU.
  • Once in a While -- Synchronik -- One of my favorite JoeC stories of all time. Really.
  • Here We Go -- Allecto -- One of those stories that just catches you in the diaphragm, man.
  • The Model -- Heidi -- Kevin manages to not ruin the show, thank God.
  • In Between -- AmyK -- Truth or Dare has never seemed so fun before.
  • Never Before Seen -- Giddy -- For those Trading Spaces fanatics out there.
  • Mexican Moon -- Betty Plotnick -- The JoLa flagship. I will forever think of this story when I think of JoLa.
  • Off the Line -- Gale -- It's what it sounds like, but it's not the pairing you're thinking about. Gale is one of those JC/Justin types. Flamy Justin in the pink shirt, man. Good stuff.
  • Holocaust -- Mango -- Tale of the forgotten victims. Bring your hanky.
  • The Wrong Band -- Sandy -- Oddly enough, it's L*nce I can stand. Some people are able to do that. I tip my hat to them.
  • The Royal We -- Tiffany Rawlins -- An absolutely amazing piece about fantasies.
  • For Thee -- Allecto -- I may have cried for days.
  • Distracted -- Nemoinis -- Two years ago come May, Nemo "hired" me to wrangle fic out of her. This is the first I ever managed, and it's good.
  • Crunked -- Kittie Verdena -- The best gen fic out there, and so completely hysterical.
  • Lance's Girlfriend -- Jae -- I have to admit, one of my favorite things about this is the thing she didn't write.
  • Mental Boy -- Rhys -- The best of the "JC is a mental case" stories.
  • Can't Sleep Tonight -- Dayse -- Johnny Mneumonic, boyband style.
  • More Than the Eye Can See -- Miss Kitty -- I like these wings the best.

Phantom Menace

"note: ALL are obi/qui."

Sports Night

Random Fandom

Miss Kitty e Recs

"Who wants people to know she doesn't save her links much. She has set goals for herself, though, so watch this space."


Frodo/Sam, Merry/Pippin

  • Field of Cormallen - Elenya - This story becomes harder and harder to find every time I go looking for it. And as it is, I'm not too crazy about the formatting of the site I've linked to. But it's really a very sweet, beautiful, loving story of post-quest Frodo and Sam. All of the heart, less of the angst you usually find. Good stuff.
  • Moving Without Speaking - Kit Fox - I really dearly love this story. It's like a warm mug of hot chocolate, just perfectly warm and sweet but never too much. This is a Merry and Pippin with hints of Frodo/Sam and it's well-paced, funny, and has a good sex scene. This is an author I wish wrote more.
  • Cabbages and Kings - Madelyn Scott - Much rec'ed and the reason isn't hard to guess. Something about Pippin's frustrated impatience, really adorable. And it reminds me why Merry/Pippn is what you turn to after reading too many Frodo/Sam's. So exuberant and pleasant after a lot of love tinged with angst. ;) Check out Kiss Me, as well.
  • Let Evening Come - Frayach - I cannot chat this fic up enough. It's really, really something. The only downside is how woefully incomplete it is. Frodo and Sam are beautifully realized, but their arc has only just begun and seems to have stalled. Hopefully, the writer will do more with this.
  • Heat Wave - Teasel - A gorgeous bit of work. Comprehensive. In canon. Pulls no punches with Tolkein's style but manages to be an engaging read. Is not bogged down like so many other pre-quest fics. Really a good example of what I like in Frodo/Sam fiction.
  • Code of the Brandybucks - Lobelia Sackville Baggins - An addictive serial. Full of humor, and family intrigue. Terrible hot as well. A quirky, funny and enjoyable fic from a writer that's should also be read for her more serious works.



  • Timor Combat Mortis Me - mirabile_dictu - One of the fics that sold me on Seanlijah. A beautiful, beautiful fic. The long time line she gives their relationship to bloom is really effective and believable. Prose is flawless.
  • Bricolage -- mirable_dictu - A brilliant and sad Sean fic. Delves deep into the more melancholy and troubled parts of his character. Just amazing. But also really sad. A must-read, but have something happy close by.
  • To the Flame - Princess - A passion boiling over fic that comes across as very effortless. Wonderfully sexy and emotional. A good show from a very prolific writer.
  • Blue - Em - Em is my OTP soulmate. This gives me everything I love, vivid and original AU setting, insurmountable odds, Seanlijah, great supporting cast. Just a wonderful fic.
  • Burn - cimorene - Must give credit where credit is due. This fic started it all and man. Thank god it did.

Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom FPS + RPS

  • A Scratch - aleathiel - This is Troy Slash, but more to the point it's Iliad slash. Paris/Hector, though not explicit. The first incest pairing I've ever enjoyed... and it makes more sense when you remember that they were separated at birth, and Paris came back into Troy an adult.
  • No Aphrodite - aleathiel - Extra fun because this is not only Paris/Hector but Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom. In fact, the Eric/Orlando parts are really something, and a lot better than the Paris/Hector parts. Anyway. Read it. Dammit.
  • A Myth of Brothers -- blackkoda - Okay, this thing about about this fandom is that it's new and sort of not always great, but sometimes good. This story is like that. Good, but not always great. The final sex scene leaves realism to be desired, but the first half is VERY good. Eric/Orlando.

Random Fandom

  • Rum, Sodomy, and the Brand and Any Port - Barb G. - Pirates of the Carribean. Jack/Will. - I love Barb G and I love this fic, although I wish there was a third part that was a bit more clear on Jack's feelings on Will. Either way, though, tasty fic, good characterizations, awesome plot. Good, good, good. This was a brief obsession but I'm glad I came across this fic before it went.
  • Be Brave Parts One and Two - Princess - The Faculty. Casey/Zeke. - Jesus but this is hot. The Faculty Universe is nice enough, but really I just want Casey and Zeke to have sex. Not to you know... save the world or angst about having saved the world. Just... make them interesting and make them do it. This does just that.
  • An Exercise in Choice - Lelise - Toy Soldiers. Billy/Joey. - Lelise is my go-to girl for Sean FPS. Read this fic, then read her Jeremiah fics. And then her Sean RPS. She's just really something. Very, very adept with character and prose. She'll be your go-to Sean girl soon, just wait.