Cassie Welles

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Name: Cassie Welles
Occupation: forensics expert
Location: Cascade
Status: alive
Fandom: Sentinel
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Cassie Welles is a recurring character in The Sentinel, a forensics expert who works with Jim and Blair. She was in the episodes: "Dead Certain," "Breaking Ground," "Mirror Image."

Most Fans Are Not Fans of Welles

Fans seem to generally dislike Cassie. While she is bright and capable, she also tends to overstep some boundaries, both between Jim and Blair, and in the expected role of her job. Other fans feel she has been unfairly treated simply for being a smart woman in a traditionally male job. It probably didn't help any that there were rumors that Cassie was going to be a more regular character, perhaps as a romantic interest.

A fan in 1998 proposed that [Welles, and Megan Connor, were Mary Sues:
[Megan Connor] was not the first character in the show that some viewers read as Mary Sue; beautiful, young, "technically brilliant" forensic pathologist Cassie Welles appeared in "Dead Certain" in 1997 and also earned this label, primarily for the way she "turned Jim and Blair into extras on their own show. [1]


Cassie gets little action and is pretty much paired with nobody.

Some Fiction Involving Cassie

  • Delayed Impact by Arianna ("When Jim looked at Cassie, he saw a dangerous woman, one that could get them killed if they weren't very careful. The idea of Sandburg dating her, allowing her to play her little buddy-buddy game, made his blood run cold. She was using Blair, pure and simple, and that didn't sit well with him. Not well at all.")
  • A Certain Similarity by Azar ("Jim has a theory about Blair's affinity for Cassie Welles.")
  • Similar Features by the Media Cannibals (Tape 3). A vid treatment of the idea where one slash BSO falls for a woman with a marked similarity to the other BSO. The vid focuses on the similarities between Cassie and Blair and Jim's reaction to both of them.
  • *Like Touch, Like Love -- Kylie Lee and The Grrrl -- Cassie plays a starring role.


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