The Gift (Star Wars TPM story by Fionnabair)

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Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan Fanfiction
Title: The Gift
Author(s): Fionnabair
Date(s): 23 January 2000
Length: 172k
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
External Links: The Gift, Epilogue (Master & Apprentice)

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The Gift is a Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan story by Fionnabair.

Summary: A nomad is offered an unusual gift at a banquet concluding a successful trade.

Recs and Reviews

I have a soft spot for AU stories, and usually give them leeway in characterization that I wouldn't give a piece set in the GFFA. But I can see Movie!Qui-Gon right away, and after a time, ConfidentKickAss!Obi as well. Fi's descriptions of the tribe and their way of life, contrasted with evil city-dwellers Palpatine and Maul are very well crafted. She gives life to the mostly cardboard Council members from TPM, and creates an appealing OC as well. And it's angsty. Goes without saying :-)[1]
The Gift -- Fionnabair -- Yet another spin on the slave au.[2]


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