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Name: quercus
Alias(es): Lemon Drop, Mira, Mirabile-Dictu
URL: fiction is here, in 2010 it was all moved to Archive of Our Own
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quercus is a fan writer.

See Lemon Drop's Fanfic.

Regarding their name: "I used to be quercus, then I was Lemon Drop, and now I'm quercus again. Then I became Mira..." [1]

"quercus wrote X-Files and SG-1. Lemon Drop wrote Sentinel. She's the same person. She is also Mira, Mirabile, and Mirabile-Dictu." [2]


quercus's Thoughts on "Meridian"

From February 2002:
On Monday, February 4, 2002, I finally saw via squinty vision the SG-1 episode Meridian, Daniel Jackson's final episode on Stargate SG-1. That episode. The one in which he dies/ascends/whatever the hell happened.

Okay, I cried a bit. I've carried the sadness around with me for several days now. I'm a bit puzzled by why such a wonderful character would be so misused by the writers and producers of SG, but hey -- I have no inside information, I'm the wrong demographic, I have no power. I'm just another middle-aged woman who gets off writing and reading about Jack and Daniel exploring their complex relationship.

The only power I have is as a writer of fanfiction, a much-despised genre. Only my husband and three close friends know how I spend my free time, and one of those friends I met because I write. So how much power is that?

Well, it's just enough power that I can keep Daniel alive/unascended/whatever the hell happened. I can do that. And so I have.

In my world, Meridian never happened, and SG-1 remains intact. If I ever do write a post-Meridian story, I will label it clearly (and as you can tell from my index of stories page, I'm not big on labeling).

Just wanted y'all to know. [3]


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