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Name: MediaWest*Con 2000
Dates: May 26-29, 2000
Location: Lansing, Michigan
Focus: multi-fandom
Founding Date:
URL: 2000 History page
Archived link to the 2000 Convention Page; WebCite for the 2000 page
2000 Convention theme
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covers of the 2000 program book

Some Facts About the 2000 Convention

  • The theme that year was Y2K.
  • there were 72 dealer's tables
  • from the post con report: "We truly appreciate the patience and cooperation of the dealers as we navigate d our first year in charge of the Dealers Room. All told, it went pretty smoothly, and our sanity survived largely intact. Thanks to all our wonderful GoFers, and to everyone who pitched in when needed; we couldn't have done it without you! An extra special thank you goes out to Jane Edgeworth, for service well beyond the call of GoFerdom. One Canadian dealer was unable to bring her merchandise into the U.S. This seems to have been a case of a particular border guard being extremely overzealous, rather than any official policy. However, dealers crossing the U.S./Canada border in either direction may want to have a backup plan, just in case. - Liz Vogel & Caroline Nasal"
  • from the third progress report: "'Zine piracy will not be tolerated. Unauthorized copies of 'zines may be confiscated."
  • Xemplary and Mulder Torture Anonymous hosted an X-Philes party.
  • Fandoms represented in panels at MW*C 2000 included The 10th Kingdom, Airwolf, Alien Nation, Angel, Babylon 5, Blake's 7, Battlestar Galactica, Brimstone, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Who, Due South, Early Edition, Earth Final Conflict, Emergency, ER, Farscape, Galaxy Quest, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Homicide: Life on the Street, Horatio Hornblower, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Law & Order, Magnificent 7, Man from UNCLE, Matrix, Nightmare Cafe, Now & Again, The Others, Pretender, Rat Patrol, Real Ghostbusters, Roswell, Scarecrow & Mrs. King, Sentinel, Shadowchasers, Silk Stalkings, Stargate SG-1, Starsky & Hutch, Star Trek, Star Wars, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, West Wing, Xena: Warrior Princess, X-Files.
  • Ming Wathne hosted a panel about fanzine publishing:
    "It is a panel covering your responsibility as a zine editor what are your copyright rights what are your sale rights. What you can and cannot do in copy rights and what is happening on the net and what might happen in Congress.the last part is what are Grandfather laws and how they might affect the Archives and sales."[1]
  • Additional information about the 2000 convention can be found archived here.

Fan Q Awards

For specifics, see 2000 Fan Q Awards.

From the fourth progress report: "I want to thank everyone who nominated and voted for the 2000 Fan Q's. We had a pretty good mm out at the awards and most everyone had a good time. Thank you to my counting committee, I would never be able to get all the certificates printed by award time if you didn't help. It's amazing what good help you can get with a pizza bribe. We only had one lost certificate this year and for some reason it was a matter of being sent to the right address and just not delivered, it was returned and then resent — delivered and received. I hope everyone can convince even more people to get involved this year. There seems to be some awfully good 'zines out there and we don't want anyone deserving to be left out."

Fan Fund

The winner of the 2000 SF/Media Fan Fund was Joyce Yasner. She attended MW*C Y2K.


"Saturday night presentations will include The Sound of Reptiles, a Jurassic Park musical by Bev Grant, and Mudd's Follies, a Star Trek TOS play from the Monday Night Gang formerly known as the Monday Night Group That Meets on Sunday Afternoon. We are still looking for volunteers to man the MW'C video camera to tape the plays and Masquerade. MST3K: Every Satire Has a Beginning by Michael Emond & Jessica Ross will be performed 4pm Saturday in the Fannish Video Room."

News from the Zine Reading Room

From the post con report:

Silent Bid Auction - There was an amazing array of stuff: T-shirts, books, music tapes, posters, and many other fannish collectibles... even a working word processor. Out of 77 times, 52 were sold. We started the con with a goodly array of items but many more came in during the con, some we couldn't get put out in time. Chief among these is a "Weapons Shop of Isher" lucite long-barreled pistol w/ power cell! These will be used to start next con's auction.

Thanks to those who came to the 'Zine Room at midnight Thursday to see what I was doing and stayed till 8 am Fri. to help me pull out all the 'zines to be deleted) and to all the GoFers who worked in the 'zine room (for the first time in 2 or 3 years we had enough GoFers for all the "regular hours"). Thank you, it truly could not be done without you.

There's good news and bad news in the 'Zine Room.

Good news: Phase 1 of the "zine room redo was completed with the deletion of over 300 "zines from the permanent loan collection. With a few new 'zines added this year, the collection now has 245 'zines covering 23 fandoms with a few more fandoms showing up in the 3 extra categories of Cross-overs, Fringe Fandoms and-Multi-Media 'zines. Almost half of the deleted 'zines were taken by Ming Wathne of the Fannish Archives to be used for its " loan-by-mail" program. Thanks to the con members who drove Ming (and over 100 lbs of 'zines!) to the post office. The remaining 'zines were put out in a box at the zine room door for #1 each or whatever donation the buyer wanted to make. The money was split 60-40 between the Fan Fund and the Fannish Archives for it's shipping costs. There were also 11 items in the silent bid auction for the Fannish Archives of which 9 sold.

Bad news: Only 2 people, making temporary loans of a total of 6 'zines, got in touch with me before the con and no-one at the con. I heard from only 1 (count'em, 1) Fan Q nominee and only 1 'zine seller took advantage of the zine room's Ad Service. This is a sad change from having 85% of the Fan-Q nominated items a few years ago. Even sadder, most of the above was only 1 person: Lisa Truant-Tan. Thank you Lisa for your input.

Good news: Readership was up considerably. Bad news, while there were enough GoFers this year to staff the 'Zine Room for "regular hours," there were still not enough GoFers to keep the room open past midnight (I had to "throw out" several people at Saturday closing time). Someone made the suggestion of asking late-night readers if they would be willing to volunteer an hour or two of their time to watch the 'Zine Room so that it could stay open past midnight for their reading pleasure. Comments anyone?

Phase 2 of the 'Zine Room redo will involve rewriting of all the file cards for the permanent loan 'zines to give more info on their contents. This will be started this winter with the minor part of the 'zines that I have info on. The rest will, hopefully, be finished at the con in May.

Finally, special thanks to Sian Slade and Andre Lieven who drove from Lansing to Grand Rapids to pick up the zines from their storage site, to Keith Gruenwald who delivered them back to storage, and to Kim Vanderlaan for storing the 'zines. — Jan Gosnell

Party Suite and Other Gatherings


  • QUI-GON/OBI WAN BONDING PARTY Hosted by MWJSF, Q/O Star Wars TPM (Slash), Open to all MW*C 20 members.
  • STAR WARS CELEBRATION PARTY PART II Hosted by Siouxsie Sherman & Gissia Star Wars theme, Open to all MW*C 20 members.


  • RECON 2000 PARTY, Hosted by Purple Heart, Combat/War-genre fanfic party, Open to all MW'C 20 members.
  • TEA FOR TARRANT, Hosted by On My Wing, Blake's 7, Open to all MW'C 20 members.
  • MEET THE PRYDONIANS PARTY Hosted by Prydonians of Prynceton, Multiple Science Fiction TV & Movies, Open to all MW'C 20 members.
  • RECEPTION AND NOSH, Hosted by PJ & TAM Handfasting, Open to all MW'C 20 members.
  • STARGATE SG-1 PARTY Hosted by The Gatejunkies, Stargate SG-1, Open to all MW'C 20 members
  • X-PHILES PARTY, Hosted by MTA, X-Files, Open to all MW'C 20 members.
  • CHANNEL L UNCLE SLASH PARTY, Hosted by UNCLE Slashmailing list, private party


  • CHILDREN'S PARTY Hostedby Linnese Dawe, Open to all MWC*20 members.
  • MULDER/KRYCHEK [sic] PARTY, Hosted by Mulder/Krychek Mailing List X-Files (Slash), Open to all MWC*20 members.
  • UNCLE FAN PARTY Hosted by Channel D, Man from UNCLE, Open to ail MWC*20 members.

Other gatherings: Bubble Blowing, Saturday in the courtyard, hosted by Linnese Dawe

Masquerade Winners

A complete list of winners, with photos, can be seen 2000 History here. [2]

Judges: Valerie Kessler & Leslie Dannenburger


  • High Lethal Cuteness Award: Buffy, Cheerslayer of Sunnydale -- Kelly Jeanette Aurora Lowrey
  • Medal of Honor of the Order of Ankle-biters: Sammie the Powell -- Samantha Powell


  • Andre Lieven Memorial Punster Award: Dar the Beastmeister -- Peter Cooper
  • Literary Prize & Special Mention -- Best Hat: Mother Goose & Friend -- Linda Cuchinski, Samantha MacGoose
  • Special Workmanship Award & Prosthetic Effects: Londo's Other Keeper -- Stephanie Ellis
  • Best Presentation & Special Award -- Elegance of Design: Coruscant's House of Rowena Coutouriers Present a Royal Wedding -- Bernadette Crumb, Zena Carson, Mandi Hall, Christine Krebs-Bonder, Dora Furlong, & Lady Belladonna
  • Special Award -- Berni Special Male Audience Members Room Key Award: Dora Furlong
  • Vampire Bait Medal of Valor (& Bounce Above & Beyond the Call of School Spirit): Enslaved to the Sunnydale Cult -- Courtney Kraft


  • The Parting -- James & Debbie Casselbury

Art Show Winners

Winners are selected by popular vote.

  • Best in Show: Primal Magic by Karen River
  • Science Fiction: Zhann, Symphony in Blue by Jesse McCalin
  • Fantasy: Little Rascals by James Wappel
  • Detective: Partners by Mike Cole
  • Secret Agent: Endangered by Frank Liltz
  • Animation: This Could Be The Start of Something Big by Sandy Schreiber
  • Humor: Velvet Yoda by Larry de Souza
  • 3-D: Birds of a Feather by Susan Brummet
  • Fabric: Star Wars by Pat Winter
  • Western: One Day Out West by Lucy Seaman
  • Horror: The Crow by Mike Cole
  • Portrait: Deceiver by Frank Liltz
  • Critter: Snow Leopard by Frank Liltz
  • Too Cute To Live: Catatonic: New Years Eve 2000 by Jesse McClain

Source: 2000 Art Show Winners.

Door Decoration Awards

First Prize:

  • Sue Glasgow, Sophia Mulvey, Karen Travers, Carol Kohn- "Camp of the Horse Sisters"
  • Second Prize: Katliryn Cook -- "Crossover Grudge Match"
  • Third Prize: Jeim Bills & Michelle De Benedetto -- "Harry Potter Scene 2: Gryffmdor House"

Non-Science Fiction:

  • First Prize: Sue Clerc, Donna Chamberlain, Debbie Ramsey, Catherine Salmon - "They Needed Killing"
  • Second Prize: Sandy Hall - "Giving Lucy a Break"
  • Third Prize: Linda Jeffrey - "The Emergency! Path to Enlightenment"

Media Personality:

  • First Prize: Linda K. James- "DeForest Kelley- In Memoriam"
  • Second Prize: Barbara Fister-Liltz, Frank Liltz, Larry Tekowski, Janice Mergenhagen- "The Bayou Bijoux"
  • Third Prize: Martha Wilson, Liz S., Carolyn Golledge - "The Less Than Legendary Adventures"

A complete list of winners, with photos can be seen 2000 here.[3] A few sample doors are included below.


Vid Show

Over 90 vids from over 19 vidders/vidding groups were submitted, including vids by Central Consortium, Still Reeling, California Crew, Waldo, Leigh Motooka, Chevron & Jon, Chris & Christina, Pony Girls Productions, SiDiC, Apocalypse West, Con Dog Video, Carol Ann Rassumussen, Ella, Cindy Neidt, Sarah Adams, Space Monkey Junkie, Serendipity Audio Visuals, and Steele Inc., Atlanta Division. For a complete list of all the vids submitted see below.

2000 Winners

Song Interpretation -- Single fandom (Gen)

Song Interpretation -- Single Fandom (Slash)

Song Interpretation -- Multi-Fandom (Gen)

Constructed Reality -- Multi-Fandom (Gen)

Humorous (Gen)

  • 1st: I'm Too Sexy (Angel) by Still Reeling
  • 2nd: I Won't Grow Up by Chris & Christina
  • 3rd: Dancin' Fool by California Crew
  • Honorable Mention: The Saga Begins by California Crew (The Phantom Menace)

Credits (Gen)

Video Box (Gen)

  • Chris & Christina

Source: 2000 MediaWest*Con Vid Page[4]

2000 Vids Submitted - Partial

A partial playlist of the gen vid show was compiled by cannellfan. Not all slash vids were recorded and MediaWest*Con failed to announce the winning vidders in the slash category.

MediaWest*Con contest categories:

  • I=Song Interpretation
  • H=Humor
  • CR=Constructed Reality
  • O=Original (using mostly home video)
  • Cred=Credits.

MediaWest*Con 2000 Vid Show Entries



  • credits [winner: 3rd place]
  • "Desert Rose" Stargate/Stargate SG-1 SI
  • "Friendship" Buffy SI
  • "You Drive Me Crazy" La Femme Nikita SI
  • "They Can't Take That Away From Me" Angel SI
  • "Men in Tights" Multi H
  • "The Hamster Dance" Buffy (werewolf) H
  • "Stranger Than Dreams" Farscape SI
  • "I'm Not Supposed to Love You Anymore" Buffy/Angel SI
  • "Ode to a Friend" Farscape SI
  • "If I Fall" Buffy/Angel SI
  • end credits


  • credits [winner: 1st Place]
  • "Dancin' Fool" Multi (Pretender/Angel) H [winner: 3rd Place]
  • "I Love You" Roswell SI
  • "Sounds of Silence" Angel SI
  • "You Were Loved" Multi SI
  • "Universal Pictures Theme" Stargate SG-1 SI
  • "Nobody's Side" La Femme Nikita SI [winner: 3rd Place - Single]
  • "Gotta Catch 'Em All" Buffy H
  • "Strangers Like Me" Farscape SI
  • "If You Want Me To" Stargate SG-1 SI
  • "The Saga Begins" SW: The Phantom Menace H [Hon Mention]
  • "Bridge Over Troubled Water" Buffy SI
  • "Follow the Leader" Stargate SG-1 H
  • "You Go First" Multi H

end credits


  • "We Shall Be Free" Multi SI


  • "Somebody's Watching Me" Pretender SI [winner: 1st Place - Single]
  • "Lightning Crashes" Seventh Sign SI
  • "Stayin' Alive" Face/Off SI


  • credits [winner: 2nd Place]
  • "This Kiss" Multi SI [winner: 2nd Place - Multi]
  • "Break On Through" Stargate SG-1 SI
  • "Rocket Man" Farscape SI
  • "That's What I Get" Edward Scissorshands SI
  • "Fooling Yourself" The Matrix SI
  • "I Won't Grow Up" SW: The Phantom Menace H [winner: 2nd Place]
  • end credits
  • [also won 1st Place in Video Box competition]


  • "Is It the Girl or the Gown?" Remember WENN SI
  • "Bitch" Multi (Gates McFadden) SI
  • "Being Alive" ST:TNG SI


  • credits [Hon Mention]
  • "It's a Pig" Hercules H
  • "Once Upon a December" Quantum Leap SI
  • "Don't Wipe it on Me, Marie" Ghostbuster (film) H
  • "Beauty and the Bees" Now & Again SI
  • "You've Got a Friend in Me" Quantum Leap SI
  • "One More Mountain" Space: Above & Beyond SI
  • "Go the Distance" ER SI


  • "Side of the Road" X-Files SI
  • "Bad Reputation" X-Files H
  • "Tongue Tied" Highlander SI


  • credits
  • "Man I Feel Like a Woman" Stargate SG-1 H
  • "What I Did For Love" Stargate SG-1 SI
  • "Little Deuce Coupe" ST: Voyager H
  • "A Mother and Father's Prayer" Stargate SG-1 SI
  • "Steam" Multi SI [winner: 3rd Place - Multi]


  • "Through a Child's Eyes" KFLC SI
  • "Nobody Knows" Sentinel SI
  • "Walls" KFLC SI
  • "I Won't Say I'm in Love" Rem Steele SI


  • "Lightning Does the Work" Stargate SG-1 SI
  • "Hit the Road, Jack" Stargate SG-1 H
  • "Ships That Don't Come In" Stargate SG-1 SI
  • "Tubthumping (I Get Knocked Down...)" Stargate SG-1 H
  • "I'm Too Sexy" Stargate SG-1 H


  • "One For My Baby..." Star Trek (De Kelley tribute) SI
  • "Sloop John B" Multi (Titanic/Time Travellers) CR [Hon Mention]
  • "Time" Multi (annual tribute to late actors) SI
  • "Sweet Surrender" X-Files SI


  • credits
  • "Two Worlds, One Family" Stargate SG-1 SI
  • "A Friend to Me" Sentinel SI
  • "At the Same Time" Buffy SI
  • "Shades of Grey" Stargate SG-1 SI
  • "Broken Arrow" Robin of Sherwood SI
  • "Honey, I'm Home" Multi H


  • "Single White Female" Rem Steele SI
  • "With You" Rem Steele SI
  • "All My Roads" Rem Steele SI


  • "Enemies Like You and Me" Prey SI
  • "Falling" Moon Over Miami SI
  • "Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost" Multi SI [winner: 1st
  • Place-Multi]
  • "No Place That Far" Now & Again SI
  • "Here With Me" Angel SI
  • "Reach" Farscape SI
  • "The Power of Two" X-Files SI [winner: 2nd Place-Single]
  • "Evidence" Pretender SI
  • "I'm Too Sexy" Angel H [winner: 1st Place]


  • "Shades of Grey" Babylon 5 SI
  • "Our House" Babylon 5 SI

SLASH. All vids below were classified as Single Source Song Interpretation. The results of the Slash vid voting were not posted to the MediaWest*Con website.


  • "Love is a Battlefield" Total Recall 2070
  • "Possession" Total Recall 2070


  • "Closing Time" ST: Voyager
  • "All For You" Once a Thief
  • "I Can't Imagine" ST: Voyager
  • "Mickey" ST: Voyager


  • "Someday Out of the Blue" Velvet Goldmine

"Talk Dirty to Me" Sentinel



  • Scott Bakula: General discussion of the actor from Quantum Leap. (Gen)
  • Ioan Gruffudd: From Titanic through Hornblower, Great Expectations and Solomon a Gaenor, he's the ffabulous ffellow with the funny name. (Gen)
  • Trevor Eve: General discussion of this intriguing British performer. (Gen)
  • Harrison Ford: Where is his career headed and where would we like it to go?(Gen)



  • Fanfic Gender Gap: Are more men writing?
  • Fans in the Closet: Do our families, friends and co-workers really need to know about this stuff? (Slash)
  • Guilt Trip: Changing fandoms doesn't make you a traitor. (Gen)
  • Mars: Human and robotic exploration. (Gen)
  • Multiple Fandoms: Are we spreading ourselves too thin? (Gen))
  • NASA: Faster, better, cheaper? Is it time for a change at NASA? (Gen)
  • Science Pictionary Game: The audience is divided into teams to participate in this game. (Gen)
  • Slash and Gender Theory: Are we encouraging or subverting stereotypes? (Slash)
  • World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) Tales: Some people have interesting, amusing and humorous stories about their WorldCon experiences (Gen)

Fan Fiction

  • Alternate Universes in Fan Fiction: General discussion. (Gen)
  • Copyright and Fandom: Fanzine selling, zine copyrights and what editor rights are. (Gen)
  • Fanfic in Fanzines and on the Net: Benefits, drawbacks and a middle ground (Gen)
  • Fanzines: What?! $35.00!! - Are fanzines becoming a luxury some fans can't afford? (Gen)
  • Indexing Fandom: Is there interest in an index of small fandom stories from out-of-print zines? (Gen)
  • Relationship Fanfic: Slash and Straight - Do slash and straight Shipper fic have more in common than it seems at first blush? (Slash)
  • Slash Fiction: Domestic Discipline: love it or Hate It and why? (Slash)
  • STIFfies Awards (slash)

Writing & Research

  • Research: If the show gets it wrong, why should we bother getting it right? (Gen)
  • Research: Medical reality in Fanfic: Staying within the bounds of possibly. (Gen)
  • Research: Workshop on TV and film without the internet. (Gen)
  • Research: World War II Era (Rat Patrol fan fiction) (Gen)
  • Writing: Where do you find yours and how do you keep it? (Gen)
  • Writing: Avoiding the Mary Sue Trap with female 'guest' characters. (Gen)
  • Writing Seminar: Advanced (Gen) (2 hours)
  • Writing: The basics for beginners. (Gen)
  • Writing: Beta Readers - How to be one, how to work with one. (Gen)
  • Writing: Holy Mother Grammatica Explains It All To You (basics, samples from HMG's favorite bloopers.0 (Gen)
  • Writing: It'll Never Work Turning crazy ideas into workable stories (Gen)
  • Writing: The Lost Art - Whatever happened to 'revising'? (Gen)
  • Writing: Men Who Fight Wars and the women who write about them - military characters in fanfic (Gen)
  • Writing: Monsters and Buffoons: How NOT to write German characters in WWII fan fiction. (Gen)
  • Writing: Physician's Guide to Realistic Hurt/Comfort, or, "They can't DO that, it's against the laws of nature!" (Gen)
  • Writing Sex that doesn't make you cringe - An opportunity for fanfic writers to share tips / tricks / vocabulary (Gen)
  • Writing: So you want to do a zine? (Gen)
  • Writing: Where has all the comfort gone? - Why are so many fan writers writing angst without the comfort lately? (Gen)
  • Writer's Workshop for Stories In Progress. Bring your fiction, talk to other writers, share ideas in a workshop setting. (2 hours) (Gen)
  • Music and Writing: Do you need theme music to write by? (Gen)


  • Curling Up with a Good Computer: Given the proliferation of on-line material, is printed matter becoming a vanishing breed? (Gen)
  • Internet: Fanfiction - Proper etiquette in feedback and the effects of flames. (Gen)
  • Internet: Isn't this supposed to be fun? - Keeping personality clashes from destroying a fannish list (Gen)
  • Internet: Mailing Lists - Conventions all year 'round? (Gen)
  • Internet: negativity — Is there an online epidemic? (Gen)


  • Marion Zimmer Bradley: Discussion. (Gen)
  • Doc Savage: General discussion, including Pat Savage discussion. (Gen)
  • Walter Farley: Discussion of the author of the Black Stallion series (Gen)
  • Jeeves and Wooster (P.G. Wodehouse): Books vs. show (Gen)
  • Jeeves and Wooster (P.G. Wodehouse): How slashy are they? (Slash)
  • Anne McCaffrey: General discussion. (Gen)
  • Susan Matthews: Andrej! General discussion of this fanfic character now in professional novels. (Gen)
  • Andre Norton: General discussion (Gen)
  • 'Doc' Smith: Lensman series discussion (Gen)
  • Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings - Mythos to Movies. General discussion of the Tolkien trilogy and the upcoming feature films, (Gen)


  • Classic Science Fictions or the Early 60's: What made them great? (Gen)
  • Matrix: Two more movies! Plotlines? (Gen)
  • Galaxy Quest: Clever parody or an insult to fandom? (Gen)
  • Galaxy Quest: Clever parody or insult to fandom? (Gen) (a second sitting)
  • Star Wars: Qui-Gon loves Obi-Wan - Why we love these boys together so much. (Ge)
  • Star Wars: Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan - bringing Slash to Star Mars (Slash)
  • Star Wars - A Master and an Apprentice: The dynamics of a relationship between a Jedi Master and his Apprentice (Gen)
  • Star Wars Slash: NOT the underground fandom anymore! (Slash)
  • Star Wars: Darth Maul - what's the attraction? (Gen)
  • Supernova: When studios become the director. (Gen)


  • The 10th Kingdom: General discussion of this ministries. (Gen)
  • Air-wolf General discussion. (Gen)
  • Airwolf: Any chance of a reunion movie? (Gen)
  • Alien Nation: General discussion (Gen)
  • Angel: A successful spin-on", or a pale reflection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? (Gen)
  • Angel: Is Wesley finally finding his niche? (Gen-)
  • Angel: Doyle, his effect on the characters, his effect on fans (Gen)
  • Animal Planet: Help! I'm addicted to the Crocodile Hunter! (Gen)
  • Babylon 5: General discussion. (Gen)
  • Babylon 5: Delenn - good V bad female role model (Gen)
  • Blake's 7; The crew as a dysfunctional family (Gen)
  • Battlestar Galactica: General discussion of this sci-fi show. (Gen)
  • Brimstone: Give the Devil His Due {Gen)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Gentleman of Leisure-Giles sans tweed... is it an improvement? Or do we want him the way he used to be? (Gen)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel: Is Joss Whedon spreading himself too thin? (Gen)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike - the attraction for an important vampire. (Gen)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Giles or Ripper - why do we love them both? (Gen)
  • Dr. Who: Why wont it die? How has the whole Dr. Who industry managed to survive? (Gen)
  • Due South: Now that the show is gone where does the fandom go? (Gen)
  • Early Edition: How has it fared with the cast changes? (Gen)
  • Earth Final Conflict: General discussion of this Gene Roddenberry series. (Gen)
  • Emergency!: An ensemble show or a buddy show? (Gen)
  • ER: Has ER been saved or destroyed by this past season's changes? (Gen)
  • Farscape: Sex and relationships -just how many possible relationship subtexts can there be in one show? (Gen))
  • Farscape: General discussion of this Sci-Fi Channel series. (Gen)
  • Homicide, Life on the Streets: One year after the death or this great television series. (Gen)
  • Horatio Hornblower: How should the script writers approach the upcoming A&E films? (Gen)
  • Horatio Hornblower: Books vs. TV - Wouldn't Clayton, Kennedy & the Duchess have changed Hornblower as a man (Gen-)
  • Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Five years later, why are the fans still here? What's the allure? (Gn)
  • Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Five years later, where will the characters be? (Gen)
  • Law & Order: Plot does matter. Does character? (Gen)
  • Magnificent Seven: Historical accuracy in Tan fiction. (Gen)
  • Magnificent Seven: Seven guys, how many combinations? (Slash)
  • Magnificent Seven: Discussion of the characters. (Gen)
  • Man from UNCLE: Comeback! With so many vintage shows making a comeback, why hasn't this grand oldie been recast yet? (Gen)
  • Man from UNCLE: Can genzines stage a comeback? (Gen)
  • Man from UNCLE: How the fandom has evolved or, the rehabilitation of Napoleon Solo (Gen)
  • Nightmare Cafe: Six episodes is not enough! (Gen)
  • Now and Again: The Micheel-Theo dynamic, or any other topic that comes up This is a fabulous show! (Gen)
  • The Others: General discussion of this NBC paranormal TV series. (Gen)
  • Pretender: General discussion of this NBC series. (Gen)
  • Rat Patrol: Original characters in Rat Patrol fanfic. (Gen)
  • Real Ghostbusters: Making a cartoon series real. (Gen)
  • Real Ghostbusters: Discussion (Gen)
  • Roswell: Character discussion. (Gen)
  • Scarecrow & Mrs, King: At what point in the series did Lee and Amanda each realize they were in love? (Gen)
  • Sentinel: If you could pick one episode to hook new Slash fans, which one would it be and why? (Slash)
  • Sentinel: Blair & Jim's pasts - How has it made them who they are now? (Slash)
  • Sentinel: Jim Ellison's Dark Side - How dark is it? (Gen)
  • Sentinel: So ... who's the immature/insecure one in this team? Or, "Who's helping who?" (Gen)
  • Sentinel: Hurt/comfort as a springboard for Slash. (Slash)
  • Sentinel: Blair Sandburg future - a cop? If not, then what? (Ge)
  • Sentinel: Is Blair a shaman? (Gen)
  • Sentinel; William Ellison, abusive ogre or misguided father? (Gen)
  • Seven Days: What*s the attraction of this series? (Gen)
  • Shadowchashers: General discussion (Gen)
  • Silk Stalkings: Now that it's over, is there a future for Tom and Cassie? (Gen)
  • Silk Stalkings: The Tom and Cassie Years - Or, the fanfic has been very good for this show. (Gen)
  • Stargate SG-I: Sam & Jack- Is there a future? Are the 'regs' enough to keep them apart? (Gen)
  • Stargate SG-1: Are there more than two gates on Earth? (Gen)
  • Stargate SG-1: How well is the series following its threads? (Gen)
  • Stargate SG-I: How important is research in fan stories for this show? (Gen)
  • Stargate SG-I: Why are almost all fanfic stories 'get Daniels?' What's the attraction? (Gen)
  • Stargate SG-I: Col. Jack O'Neill, a character study of this complex individual. (Gen)
  • Stargate SC-I: How have the characters and the series changed over the last three seasons? (Gen)
  • Stargate SG-1: Hurt/comfort - why is this show so perfect for it? (Gen)
  • Stargate SG-1: How well did the series following the threads? (Gen)
  • Starsky & Hutch: After the series - forever cops or new careers? (Gen)
  • Starsky & Hutch: The first time - what do you see as the trigger for romance? (Slash)
  • Star Trek: Is the franchise really dying? How can it be saved? (Gen)
  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine: How would you have ended the series? (Gen)
  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Odo and Kira - what does true love' mean in the Trek universe? (Gen)
  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Speculation on the future of Odo and Kira following last year's season finale. (Gen)
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Discussion. (Gen)
  • West Wing: Geared towards intelligent viewers, this show gets high marks. So, how long can it last? (Gen)
  • West Wing: Josh Bartlett for President - Or, can this series make us feel something good about the government? (Gen)
  • Xena: Is she becoming less dysfunctional? (Gen)
  • Xena: The show has tried to keep fans by doing the unexpected. Is it working? (Gen)
  • Xena: Is the current direction driving viewers away? Where do you want to see it go? (Gen)
  • X-Files: The end of a new beginning? Where does the show go from here? (Gen)
  • X-Files: Why do we hurt the ones we love? The proliferation of angst, torture, hurt/comfort stories on the net. (Gen)
  • X-Files: Analyzing the Mulder/Scully relationship: How much does it depart from traditional relationships? (Gen)
  • X-Files: Annual review of the last season. (Gen)

Television (Multi-media)

  • Animation: "The Mouse, the Bunny, and Foreign Imports" - General discussion (Gen)
  • Anime: A discussion on what is, what there is, and the people we like in it. (Gen)
  • Cool Casting: Ensemble casts with their knock-out good looks and sexy attitudes can definitely make a show hotter. So, which ones turn you on? (Gen)
  • Daytime Soap Operas: Why do the producers and writers do things they know will anger long-lime fans? (Gen)
  • Eliminate the ratings, sponsors and The Powers That Be: What would you like to see on television? (Gen)
  • Hercules vs. Xena: Why was Hercules cancelled but Xena lives on? (Gen)
  • Here and Gone: A retrospect of the many short-lived series that left lasting impressions. (Gen)
  • I Heard That Song on Dawson's Creek: Music you discover through TV tie-ins. (Gen-)
  • I Knew I Wasn't the Only Person Who Liked It! Forgotten Shows, and linking up with other fans. (Gen)
  • Operations, Skinner, and Cancer Man: From minor characters to major players, why do we love these mean, lean top dogs? (Gen)
  • P.I. The New Female PI's - Smart, sexy, snappy and surprisingly adept at crime-solving: are they supplanting the traditional male roles with their fresh form? (Gen)
  • Pokémon / Anime: From Princess Mononoke to Pikachu (Gen)
  • Quantum Leap. Star Trek, Forever Knight: Can the Sci-Fi Channel give new life to old fandoms? (Gen)
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy - Programming on cable television 1995-2000. Let's discuss it. (Gen)
  • They're Not Dead, Dammit! Richie. Jenny Calendar, Doyle, et al. - What to do when your favorite character croaks. (Gen)
  • TV: Why do the writers make smart characters do stupid things'? (Gen)
  • TV: Logic and consistency in science fiction shows. Is it there? (Gen)
  • What Were They Thinking?: Lively discussion of the recent renewals and cancellations on TV. (Gen)
  • Year in Shakespeare: Shakespeare in film and television (Gen)


  • Music Videos: General discussion group. (Gen)
  • Music Videos: Aesthetics of Music Videos, or why did they use that song? (Gen)
  • Music Videos: Construction of a Music Video (2 hours) (Gen)
  • Music Videos: Introduction to Video Editing - Fannish video (Gen) (2 hours)


  • Energy Workshop: Demonstration panel of basic exercises of this Asian medicine, (Gen-13)
  • Introduction to Clinical Hypnosis (Gen-)
  • Jewelry and Metalsmithing For Fun and Profit. (Gen-) (2 hours)
  • Raising Cane Again: Live demo of fimo and clay design of fun and/or fannish objects for the art show. Audience participation is possible. (Gen)

Convention Reports


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