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Name/s: Craze, punkpixieprince, Teh_Crzy_1, TehCrzy1, tehcrzy1
Pronoun/s: he/him/his
Fandom/s: Star Trek, Dick Grayson, TAZ, Shadowhunters, and many more
You can find me at: AO3, Tumblr, and Twitter
On Fanlore:My contributions / email me
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Hello! My name is Craze. I'm a member of Fanlore Staff (I'm the guy who writes the cheesy #ShipSunday posts; you're welcome) so don't hesitate to ask me questions about the site, either at my email or on my talk page!

As an editor and writer who's been in fandom for over 13 years, I've been in plenty of different fandoms. Currently I'm into Shadowhunters, Siren (TV series), Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place, The Expanse, The Adventure Zone, and my new favorite, Roswell, New Mexico.

If you want to help me out with any of the projects I'm currently working on (see below), please feel free!


YouTube Fandom

I'm one of the Project Leads for the YouTube Fandom Fanlore Project. If you want to help add content to YouTube fandom pages but don't know where to get started (mood, honestly), free to ask me any questions or join our discord server!

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Historical Fantasy & Related Pages

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Pages I'm Following

Things To Do

  • Generally disambig the pages and clarify between the two shows
  • Also deal with the books


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Pages I'm Following

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