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Name: Rooster Teeth
Date(s): 2003 -
Profit/Nonprofit: Profit
Country based in: America
Focus: Gaming
External Links: YouTube Website
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This is the page for the media company and their related content. For the RPF fandom, see Rooster Teeth RPF.

Rooster Teeth is a company created in 2003 that is primarily known for their machinima show Red vs. Blue, which is based on the Halo franchise, and their LP-style content on related channels such as Achievement Hunter and Funhaus. They also produce the anime-style shows RWBY and Gen:LOCK, as well as the animated cartoons Camp Camp and Nomad of Nowhere, in addition to podcasts, gaming news content, and sketch-style videos featuring Rooster Teeth employees.

Every year, Rooster Teeth also hosts a charity livestream called Extra Life.

On March 6th, 2024, the news broke that Warner Brothers were shutting down Rooster Teeth[1] and that options would be explored for Red vs Blue, RWBY and Gen:LOCK.


Rooster Teeth RPF

For more information, see Rooster Teeth RPF.

Rooster Teeth has a fairly large RPF fanbase, mainly centered around the Achievement Hunter and Funhaus YouTube channels.


For more information, see Gen:LOCK.

Red vs. Blue

For more information, see Red vs. Blue.


For more information, see RWBY.

Discussion & Controversy

  • Treatment of employees, working conditions, workplace culture. Issues with crunch time, unpaid overtime, downsizing, etc.

Fan Communities

Rooster Teeth fan communities are based mostly on Tumblr, where they experience a great deal of activity.

Here is a brief list:

Additionally, fanworks are often posted to AO3.

Notable Fanfiction

Notable Fanartists

  • Mallius is particularly known for Minecraft Kings Series art, and GTAV art which was used for an official Achievement Hunter poster.
  • Padalickinggood, originator of the popular Hybrid AU and SpookyScary AU.
  • Laurin, originally known for tweeting quick art of RT Podcast topics which was often featured during the same live podcast, Laurin has since been hired by Rooster Teeth.
  • Someoneudontknow5, known for Minecraft Let's Play art and the RT Baby AU.
  • Zerotation
  • Starexorcist

Fandom Controversies

Officially, there is no Rooster Teeth company policy regarding RPF fanworks, but they are allowed and even endorsed by individuals within the company.

Controversy in the Rooster Teeth fandom instead centers around the behavior and actions of the Rooster Teeth employees. Several major incidents between the fandom and the company have occurred, including Portal House/Connect the Hots and Cards Against Humanity. Both incidents are documented and discussed extensively on the blog Feminist Roosterteeth. The AH Trigger Warning Archive exists to help fans avoid content like that which sparked these incidents.