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We have guidelines for some of these fandoms, so please read them first to make sure you're putting information in the right place.

This page is basically where the larger topics we're covering go. Feel free to edit this page if you've done one of the things on this list or think of something new that should be added!


  • Nerdfighteria either needs to be on the Vlogbrothers page or we need to create a [page for "Nerdfighter" as a glossary term and I'm not sure which.
  • John Green and Hank Green both have pages, but they're obviously lacking a little.
  • Particularly, John Green should have something about Hank Games and Hank Green should have something about Games With Hank, their respective lp channels.
  • The Vidcon page is basically empty.
  • NerdCon: Stories might need a page. (It's Hank's other con, with the stupider name.)
  • . . . We need a DFTBA Records page. If only because it's now turned into THE hub for YouTube merch.

Pemberley Digital

Rooster Teeth

We have some guidelines for what goes on what page, re:Rooster Teeth, so please read them first to make sure you're putting information in the right place. Don't forget to add Category:Rooster Teeth to any pages you make for this category!

  • The actual Rooster Teeth page needs more about their other content, like their podcasts and Extra Life. Also it definitely needs a section about their history as a company and "April Fool's" in relation to RT.
  • The general Rooster Teeth RPF page now exists and is lacking in any information on RPF activity outside of AH.
  • The Achievement Hunter page also now exists and could definitely use some expansion! In particular, more about the Minecraft LP and Grand Theft Auto LP that they did and any history of the fandom would be great.
  • We disambiguated Let's Play so a page for the Let's Play channel would be good.
  • Nobody has an individual page! For sure Gavin Free and Michael Jones do, but feel free to make anybody else too.
    • The Slow Mo Guys could probably also use a page, which is not exactly RT but is related.
  • RT could use some pairing pages, but particularly one for Mavin since that's the fandom juggernaut.
  • Fake AH Crew probably needs a page, since it's both a term used by Roosterteeth and a popular AU.
  • The RWBY page is out of date, so if you're up on your RWBY, feel free to edit that!
  • Red vs Blue and gen:LOCK also could use some love!
  • Camp Camp and X-Ray & Vav need pages!

Channel Awesome

  • There's sort of the beginnings of the history there, but it definitely could stand to be more fleshed out and there should DEFINITELY be more fanwork examples since all the extant ones on the page are kind of old.
  • Change the Channel needs to be created.
  • Blistered Thumbs and Inked Reality also need pages, since those were kind of separate from the main TGWTG thing at the time and both have since shut down.
  • We need a page about Blip, since the whole Blip shutdown was kind of instrumental in a lot of drama that happened with Channel Awesome.
  • Doug Walker/The Nostalgia Critic needs a page, particularly because there's a lot of specific things pertaining to just him.
  • The Nostalgia Chick/Lindsay Ellis has a page now, but it could definitely use some expansion on her current work. Particularly her "Loose Canon" series and "The Whole Plate" (her Transformers series, which could probably even warrant a page itself).
  • Other creators that should probably have pages: Linkara/Lewis Lovhaug, Phelous/Phelan Porteous, Oscura Lupa/Allison Pregler, The Cinema Snob/Brad Jones, Spoony/Noah Antwiler, Ashens/Stuart Ashen, Oancitizen/Kyle Kallgren
  • It might be worthwhile to create a page just about the anniversary specials for the site, since they were kind of a Big Deal in the fandom.

Game Grumps

  • Jontron has a page, but egoraptor and Dan Avidan also need pages, as do the rest of the Game Grumps crew.
  • The shows section could use with some updating. Ten Minute Power Hour, anybody?
  • Maybe someone could add something about compilations and how they're popular, even outside of the official "Best Of" ones, re: fandom activity.
  • It might be good to create a page about grumpaesthetics.
  • Starbomb also needs a page. (As does Ninja Sex Party but that's slightly outside the scope of this project.)
  • There's also the Dream Daddy page.

Dan and Phil

We have some guidelines for what goes on what page, re:Dan and Phil, so please read them first to make sure you're putting information in the right place. Don't forget to put Category:Dan and Phil on any pages you make for this topic!

  • The Dan and Phil page needs expansion, as well as more about fannish activity directly related to the Dan and Phil brand, especially the meet and greets.
  • danisnotonfire and amazingphil need to be expanded, particularly in the area of their lives outside of Dan and Phil.
  • Phandom needs some gen fanwork examples! Both of the history sections could also stand to be expanded further.
  • Phan also needs more about the tinhat side of Phandom.
    • There's also redlinks for all the notable shockfic on the Phan page, so if anyone knows more about those and could create pages for them, that would be great!
  • The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire (link) was redlinked a couple places so if someone could make a page for that, that would be awesome.

The Yogscast

  • Paul Sykes (Sjin) and Chris Lovasz (Sips) need pages the most, since they split off from the main group, but Lewis Brindley (Xephos) and Simon Lane (Honeydew) also definitely do.
  • Also mentioned on the main page: The Yogventures Kickstarter Controversy. It caused, uh. Some major waves in that fandom.


Theorist Media

  • AKA: "MatPat's Company that runs Game Theorists, Film Theorists, and MatPat's Game Lab."
  • The Game Theorists definitely need a separate page, particularly because of their contributions to the Five Nights at Freddy's fandom.
  • MatPat also needs a page.