The Sacrifices Arc

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Title: The Sacrifices Arc
Author(s): Lightning Wave
Date(s): September 2005-January 2007
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: on, on Skyehawke, Yahoo!Group,, lightning's journal

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The Sacrifices Arc is an epic Harry Potter AU by Lightning Wave. It is famous, among other things, for being several million words long. It consists of seven stories and tells the story of Harry and his twin brother Connor, who is considered to be the boy who lived. The story also features Slytherin!Harry, Snape as a mentor for Harry and several other clichés. In fact, reworking clichés was the author's goal:

I've tried to take several clichés (among them Harry being Sorted into Slytherin and having a twin brother who is deemed to be the Boy-Who-Lived) and write a story that's both good and has rounded characterization.[1]

During the time the stories were published, the author wrote approximately a chapter a day and posted it afterwards.[2]

The Stories

  • Saving Connor (~ 75.000 words)
  • No Mouth But Some Serpent's (~150.000 words)
  • Comes Out of Darkness Morn (~ 265.000 words)
  • Freedom and Not Peace (~ 630.000 words)
  • Wind That Shakes the Seas and Stars (~ 1.000.000 words)
  • A Song In Time of Revolution (~ 910.000 words)
  • I Am Also Thy Brother (~ 700.000 words)


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    A lot of people have asked me this, so I'll put the answer here in case anyone's interested in it: Yes, I did write this story as I went. I wrote a chapter a day, usually, though sometimes a short unnumbered chapter or a second one was posted on the same day. I had an outline, but a large part of the process has been working live without a net.

    Accessed 25 October 2009